Style Network Announces Two New Shows and Eleven New Projects!


If you can't get enough of the Style Network, with shows like Kimora: House of Fab, JerseyliciousGlam Fairy, and Big Rich Texas, you'll want to check out these new shows! 

Two shows, XOX Betsey Johnson and Resale Royalty, premiere Sunday, May 12 on Style. The remaining eleven titles are still under development. 

XOX Betsey Johnson –  For years, Betsey Johnson has led the fashion community with her youthful and eclectic styles, and she now gives viewers unprecedented access to her life with daughter Lulu

Betsey and Lulu have always worked together to expand Betsey’s fashion empire, but the pressures of their business relationship have created a co-dependent mother-daughter relationship. Betsey and Lulu find their deeply entangled relationship will be tested as they evolve both professionally and personally.


Resale Royalty – Follows Sue McCarthy along with her daughters, Diana and Laura, who own and operate one of the best resale stores in the country. From spectacular closet buys of posh St. Louis socialites to exclusive shopping tours across the country, Resale Royalty is an exploration of high-end fashion events, insider trends, designer insight and the highs-and-lows associated with a demanding business overseen by an eccentric staff, who are also family.

Under Development:

Crazy Beautiful – Intimate access to some of the bizarre, over-the-top and, often times, painful beauty regimens and procedures women will endure to achieve their desired looks. From achieving a 20-inch waist with intense corseting, to growing foot-long fingernails, to desiring triple-L breast implants, these individuals strive to defy the conventional standards of beauty.

The Fabulist – This humorous half-hour countdown show features tastemakers and pop culture junkies who weigh in on what is hot in the world of vacation destinations, luxury homes and fabulous lifestyles. The Fabulist will celebrate the best of the best by counting down all things fun and fantastic.

Fashion Phenoms – Kid fashion design prodigies go head-to-head with one another in a high-stakes design competition, accompanied by their parents who are learning to navigate the cutthroat world of high-fashion. These Fashion Phenoms will be pushed to the next level as they are mentored by some of the biggest designers in the business while challenged to create their own line and compete on the national stage.

Glam Squad – Executive produced by Charlize Theron. Each episode will follow three beauty teams of hair stylists and makeup artists as they vie for the same high-stakes job. Whether it’s a big budget music video, a glossy fashion magazine photo shoot, or a red carpet event, these talented glam squads are looking for the big break that will catapult their careers to the next level.

Keep the Party Moving! – The “progressive dinner” is a hot trend in home entertaining and serves as the backdrop for this fun and outrageous competition series. Event planners extraordinaire, Kristin Banta and Kevin Lee, will critique four friends as they creatively carve out each course to prove who is the best in entertaining.

Luxe Life Miami – Features the life and business of Katrina Campins, former Apprentice star and a successful high-end Miami real estate agent. She runs her business with her charming ex-husband, her controlling Cuban mother, and her younger sister. Viewers will get an inside look at the drama of helping high-end clients buy and sell luxury real estate in sultry Miami, along with the trials and tribulations of Katrina searching for true love and happiness. 

Matched by Design – This half-hour home makeover series introduces Lloyd Princeton, a high-end interior design broker who matches a very wealthy client with an A-list designer. His matchmaking process involves selecting three designers to present their unique vision for the client’s renovation. The client then makes their choice with Lloyd managing the project and ultimately, the fabulous final reveal.

Side note: This show reminds me of HGTV's Designer's Challenge. I don't know if Designer's Challenge still airs, however, Chris Harrison hosted it back in the day. 

Power House Tiana Von Johnson is the founder of a luxury real estate agency in New York, the first to be owned by an African-American woman.  She and her team of power agents sell some of the most glamorous and upscale multi-million dollar properties every day. Power House follows this team that works hard and plays even harder, where the rule of thumb is – you’re only as good as your last sale.

Reconstructing Beverly Hills – Each episode follows patients who have experienced the nightmare of plastic surgeries gone horribly wrong. From the double bubble breast augmentation complication, to collapsed nose jobs, to severe disfiguration from an amateur attempt at liposuction, Reconstructing Beverly Hills features heartbreaking patient stories and the Beverly Hills plastic surgeons who restore their bodies and spirits.

Selita – This docu-series follows supermodel Selita Ebanks as she embarks on a new chapter in her life at the age of 30. After her two-year relationship with TV personality Terrence J ends, Selita’s focus shifts to expanding her career beyond modeling to launching a clothing line.

Style Junkies – Follows over-the-top fashion-obsessed individuals as they indulge in their outlandish fashion fixations.  Whether it’s a Louboutin collection that takes over every room of a house or a beloved pet with a triple-digit couture wardrobe, this comedic series will capture fashion addicts at their finest.


Photo credit: Style Network