Abby Lee Miller Dislikes The Dance Moms In Real Life As Much As She Does On The Show!


You know, I always thought Dance Moms was totally scripted, but it seems that the disdain the mothers and Abby Lee Miller share for one another is very real.  Unless Abby is acting in her everyday life, she really can't stomach Kelly and Christie…and Kathy for that matter!

At a Master Class featuring Abby in Philadelphia, some of Abby's girls perform before Abby teaches a conference room full of hopefuls.  After the session ends, the reality star takes questions from the group.  She leaves nothing out when dishing about the show, the network, and the dynamics of cast.  Lucky for us, one of the young dancers in attendance captured the entire Q & A on her cell phone and posted the video to YouTube.  I'll be curious to see how long it stays up on the site!


Abby is everything you'd expect when addressing the group.  Her answers to some of the audience questions are pretty juicy!  She shares that each show airs approximately six weeks after it's filmed.  The day before this dance class took place, the episode with the patriotic flag dance debacle was taped.

There is certainly no love lost between Abby and Christi.  She tells the group, "Christi was on her way out of the studio before the show was cast.  You know what happens when you take a rubber ball and you throw it on the ground…that's Christi's story.  She was getting expelled from the studio when she was cast on the show.  Now they're under contract with Lifetime and I can't get rid of them…believe me I've tried.  When I realized that I couldn't get rid of them, I also realized that they can't quit, so it really doesn't matter what I say to them."

She adds, "Kelly's two kids really don't dance at my studio, or anywhere else either.  They're only there to shoot the show.  All the kids who are on the show have been in my studio since they were baby ballerinas."

Abby believes that working with students she's helped mold is what makes her show work so well.  She states, "That's why Dance Moms: Miami didn't work."  Abby shares that the children featured on Miami weren't the teachers' kids…they auditioned dancers from several different studios to compile the team.

Additionally, Abby claims that Lifetime took her idea for a Dance Dads spin-off.  She had hoped to do a spin-off show with male dancers and their fathers.  However, instead the producers took the boys who sent in audition videos for the upcoming season of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition and compiled Kathy's Candy Apple dance troupe.

When asked if Maddie is her favorite, Abby cites a boy named Mark is currently at the top of her list, followed by a few more dancers who aren't featured on the show.  She reminds the dancers, "The favorite is the kid who comes in ready to work.  Hair's up, the dress code followed.  The ability to learn.  You never miss a class…The kid that wants it.  That's the favorite kid."

Speaking on the moms' careers, Abby scoffs, "Work?  They don't do anything! They watch me work…they get mad when I'm yelling at their kid, screaming at their kid.  But they watch me tell their kid over and over the same thing."

One of the girls asks if Kathy is actually capable of teaching dance.  Abby explains, "Kathy was a member of Dance Masters of America–it's frightening to say that–and she's like an okay beginner, intermediate ballet teacher.  She doesn't teach any acrobatics, any gymnastics," adding, "She was a colleague and a friend of mine originally when she came to audition for the show–she was the first one cast too, by the way.  What happened was she didn't want to play ball anymore."  The producers then set it up for Kathy to compete against the ALDC and allowed her to cast her own dancers whick irked Abby to no end.

Abby also reveals that the moms are required to watch the lessons for the series, saying, "Yes, that's part of the show.  The moms don't have jobs.  Kelly worked at the Clinique counter for about two weeks after high school and then she started planning her wedding because she had nothing left to do.  And she carried Brooke on her hip until she was like ten, eleven years old.  She used to leave Paige in the car and just forget about her."  Um yikes!

It sounds like Abby's dislike for Kelly is as deep-seeded as it seems!  This behind the scenes peek at Abby pretty much mimics exactly how she appears on the show!


[Photo Credit: Lifetime]