Apparently, having all the money you want, the reality fame you desire, and the plastic surgery you covet isn't always easy for housewives of the Bravo franchise.  Just ask Real Housewives of Miami's Lisa Hochstein who is still battling it out with a preservationist society over her Florida dream home.  The grass isn't always greener, y'all!  🙂

While the majority of her face and body is fake, I think Lisa's personality is as real and as sweet as it gets for these shows.  She and her surgeon husband have been at odds with local groups regarding a house on Star Island, and I feel badly that she's being put through the wringer to keep the home they've purchased.


Local Miami news station WSVN reports on Lisa's debacle at the mansion located at 42 Star Island.  While Lisa and her husband have purchased the property and plan to "renovate" it from the ground up, preservationists hope to have the home designated as a historic landmark so that can't happen.  

Wednesday evening, the group took their fight to City Hall to plead their case to Miami Beach commissioners.  At the meeting, public officials refused to pass a resolution that would not deem the home as historic.  In other words, they didn't not NOT make it a landmark (follow me?  Ha ha!) so the process to designate the home will be ongoing.  

The meeting lasted over two hours and dozens of preservationists were in attendance, with one telling the station, "There is no question that the property is of historic and architectural value."

After the meeting convened, a reporter asked the couple, "You live in a beautiful home. I don't think there are many people that feel bad for you, but do you feel picked on?"

Lisa's husband replied, "I am picked on. Everything that has happened today has not happened in the history of Miami Beach."

Citing he's followed all the applicable laws, codes, and regulations regarding the 1920s mansion worth an estimated $9 million, Dr. Hochstein continued, "I'm just tired of being punished for following the rules, and doing every single thing that every citizen of Miami Beach has had the right to do up until now."

It seems there is no end in sight, as many more meetings will take place to determine what's next for the mansion.


[Photo Credit: Twitter]