Jeff Collins welcomes us back to the second half of the Dance Moms reunion and promises more audience participation.  Oh gracious!  That's the last thing I wanted.  Abby Lee Miller joins Jeff on stage and they embrace as if they hadn't filmed the first hour mere minutes ago.  They discuss the great mom walk out, and Abby blames them for running off Jackie and Sophia–as you recall, they left as quickly as they came.  Abby had hoped that Maddie and Sophia could have done a tap duet, and when questioned to which is a better dancer, Abby remains neutral.  She says she believes that Maddie dances from her heart, but Sophia has had more opportunities.  When asked about Asia and MacKenzie, Abby believes that Asia has more technical talent while MacKenzie has more knowledge of choreography.

After an audience member question, Abby reveals that the other moms are clearly jealous of Kristie 2.0's beauty.  Who wouldn't be (according to Abby)?  Backstage, Kathy's daughter Vivi-Anne shares that she never learned anything from Abby…at her mother's prompting.  Kristie heads out on stage with Abby and Jeff, and she admits that she doesn't care what the other women think of her.  Abby touts her professional teaching in a thirty minute session for making Asia a better dancer.  You can tell from Kristie's face that she isn't in total agreement, but she never voices it.  Abby brags to Jeff about Asia's sass and work ethic, and cue an Asia solo.  The kid has gumption and talent, that's for sure!  After the break, Kendall performs one of her energetic solos.  Why did this reunion need to be two hours?  Someone please remind me!


Tear-gate is revisited, and Kristie weighs in on the one time her daughter cried in the midst of all of these cry baby dancers.  Jill and Christi join Jeff, Abby, and Kristie on stage to talk about Asia's tears versus Maddie's tears.  Kristie claims that Asia was crying because she felt bad for Nia, but Jill thinks that Asia was crying because she was tired.  Hey!  News flash!  Seven-year-olds cry.  It would be a story if they didn't cry!  Why is this a segment on the reunion?  Abby is in shock that any child would cry unless they are poor and living without heat.  Christi wants to know when a crying child was a crime.  I agree.  Sidebar, Kristie 2.0 is wearing the prom dress I would have killed for back in 1994.  In the green room, all of the moms are chattering about how little girls cry…what's the big deal?  Jill reminds everyone that Asia is a "hot mess" in group numbers.  Give it a rest!


Sophia is back and dancing, and she's every bit as phenomenal as I remember.  Melissa is on stage to defend her daughter while claiming that Maddie learned a lot from Sophia.  I think Melissa is clearly miffed at the comparison that Sophia is the new Maddie.  Abby wishes that Jackie had kept her daughter in the group, and she's invited on stage to discuss her decision to leave.  Jackie shares that she didn't want her daughter to see dance as a negative thing after watching all of the women yell and fight.  Melissa hopes that people will focus on the dancers and less on the mama drama, and Abby calls her out on not appreciating what she's done for Melissa's daughters.  When Melissa starts back tracking, Abby calls her out for that as well.  Melissa can't win.  Backstage, Kathy thinks that Abby relishes in taking credit for everything.  Holly diplomatically agrees.  Abby then touts the strengths of Sophia and Maddie while undermining her other dancers.


MacKenzie does her precious Lemonade number, and I'm glad to see her foot is doing better (cough, cough).  She is adorable.  Jeff reconvenes all the moms while sequestering Abby backstage.  Holly tells Jeff that she's insulted by the way that Abby treats the ladies, but she stays because Nia is improving under Abby's teaching.  Kelly then confronts Jackie about saying that she forced Jackie out when Kelly thinks she was nothing but nice to her.  Jackie gives her a non-answer before Jeff heads to the audience to field a question about Kathy dominating the competitions this season.

Jill is all about the excuses, reminding everyone that Kathy's boys are far older than Abby's girls.  Kelly doesn't think age is a factor.  She reminds everyone that Kathy's boys were hand-picked for the show while Abby's dancers have been in her studio since they were toddlers.  Kathy cites the moms as jealous, but she admits that she'd like to poach Chloe from Abby's dancer troupe…although it's not a proposal so Christi shouldn't get excited.  One of the audience members asks a Downton Abby question, and I tune out because I may the only person on the planet who doesn't watch it.  Hey, my plate is full of reality shows!  🙂


Abby rejoins the group to go head-to-head with Kathy.  She can't get over Kathy's battery via pocketbook, and Kathy compliments Abby's dancers while insulting her weight.  Abby then calls Kathy's mother (and audience member) pathetic before telling Kathy that she's crap, and crap needs to be flushed down the toilet.  In a major low blow, Abby insults Vivi-Anne, and I understand why Abby is always hoarse.  She's a screamer.  Abby brings up the situation with Paige and Anthony, although I'm confused as to how we made that jump.  Kelly reveals that Paige is the only one who didn't dance on the reunion because she's still humiliated about what happened on the finale.  Abby states that Paige will never get better "sitting on her butt."  The women are sparring with the nastiest of insults when Jeff interrupts to introduce the final performance…Rosa Parks.  It's just as powerful the second time around.

I'll admit.  I am so confused.  What did this reunion accomplish?  It was so disjointed.  There was no resolution or closure.  Horrid.  There, I said it.  What was the point?  Geez!


[Photo Credit: Lifetime]

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