Married To Medicine Season Finale Recap: The Olive Branch Is Broken


The cast and fans of Married to Medicine are either firmly on one team or stuck in the middle. There's Toya Bush-Harris and Kari Wells – and Team Koya – on one side and Mariah Huq and Quad Webb-Lunceford – and Team Quariah – on the other side. Dr. Simone Whitmore and Dr. Jackie Walters – and Team They're All Ridiculous! – are in the middle.

Yes, I find Mariah to be too aggressive and extremely unlikable, but that does not mean I'm blind to Kari and Toya's antics. Do I sometimes think the snotty comments directed at Mariah are warranted though? Yes. Definitely. More than likely, if you do not like Koya, you cheer on Quariah. To each their own. If I were Kari or Toya, I'd completely eliminate Mariah (and by extension Quad) from  my life, but I get that they all need to interact for the sake of the show. Lucky us! 😉 

Quad and Gregory kick off the season finale with yet another disagreement over starting a family. He wants a baby; she wants to be a reality TV star. Quad says, besides all that "pushing, tugging, pulling, and gaining weight," there are too many issues in this group of women to bring in kids of her own. All is right in Quad's world as long as she has an audience (says me) and her dogs (says her). There's nothing wrong with that, at all, but my goodness did these two ever talk about expectations, goals, family, etc. before they got married?


Mariah and Aydin shop for medical supplies – in public – and openly talk about the fact that Aydin is not Laruen's father. Mariah thinks it's time to tell Lauren, and Aydin feels sad. Meanwhile, Dr. Jackie prepares for the grand opening of her her new spa, WOW Aesthetics. She plans to "finish your bottom" in her medical office and "send your face across the hall" to the spa.

Toya and Eugene also have a big event coming up, the launch party for NomadMD. Toya decides to not invite Mariah and Quad, because the business will look bad if anything goes wrong. Toya adds, she might be able to relate to one of Mariah's many personalities, but all of her other personalities create too much drama. 

Next, we learn that Simone wants Cecil's nephew, David, to move out of their house, and that doctors do not do their husband's laundry. Good to know! David moves out, and Simone jokes, one down, two to go! Meanwhile, Mariah and Momma Lucy talk about the situation with Lauren. First, Lucy believes Mariah forgave Toya and Kari too easily, and second, Lucy is too old to be wearing that much hair.

In addition to the new spa, Jackie works on a new educational website, Power of the Vaginal Flower, and she asks Simone and Quad for their input. Simone believes that Jackie is stretching herself too thin. On the other hand, Quad focuses solely on the website plan itself and suggests a novelty or two. Jackie surprises everyone by revealing a shocking – literally – vibrator. Quad jokingly says, Jackie is a closeted freak, and Jackie says, Quad seems different (ie, likable) when she's not being influenced by Mariah.

Jackie invites the entire Married to Medicine crew to the grand opening of WOW Aesthetics. To the camera, Kari remarks, "Quad definitely needs some kind of face mask to bring her hair forward, and Mariah, let's just book her for the entire week." Ack! Twitter explodes with comments about Kari's lips! And, Mariah adds, "Jackie's new spa is CUTE!  I mean, this is the perfect place for Kari to get her lips redone."


At the party, Kari checks in with Mariah's sister, Lake, to make sure they're in a good place. Is Kari really concerned about where she stands with Lake or is she trying to start drama? Only Kari knows for sure, but Quad immediately jumps in, telling her to let it go. Mariah feels as if Kari isn't "over" the birthday party drama (and Mariah is?), to which Kari says, "Darling, I'm over it." Mariah takes issue with Kari calling her darling; Kari assures her that it's not meant to be a put down. Mariah responds, "It's okay, darling. I understand," and she goes on to mock Kari. As always, the Queen Bee needs to be the center of attention, so she puts on a show. Simone thinks Mariah needs to stop being so obnoxious all the time. 

Lake asks what's next, and Kari spitefully makes it be known that Mariah and Quad have not been invited to Toya and Eugene's NomadMD party. With that, Kari leaves, and Mariah and Quad crack jokes whilst looking pissed off about the lack of invitation. In the end, the NomadMD launch party is a success, and Kandi Burruss makes an appearance.

Next, Kari diagnoses Mariah with paranoid personality disorder. I hope she's not being serious. Diagnosing a personality disorder is not as simple as comparing a one's personality traits to a list of symptoms. Hell, I could diagnose myself with no less than three fatal illnesses every time I Google my everyday ailments. Could Mariah have a serious disorder? Sure, I guess, but I tend to think she's simply full of herself and expects the rest of the cast to forever kiss her feet for creating Married to Medicine

Case in point, during a conversation with Simone and Jackie, Mariah says that Toya best remember WHO BROUGHT HER HERE and stop trying to turn HER friends against her.


Mariah with Simone and Jackie and Kari with Toya, Kari says, Mariah is blinded by her insanity and talks behind everyone's back. Mariah says, Kari is real "pretendy" and performs too much. Mariah still feels like Simone is on Kari and Toya's side, and Jackie begs Mariah to step up, be the better person, etc. and get rid of the cattiness and side eye. "Absolutely not," Mariah responds. "Side eye ain't goin' nowhere." 

Mariah later decides to host a traditional Deshi dinner at her home. In one breath, Mariah implies that she wants to heal and move on, and in the next breath she says that she IS the Queen Bee and will REMAIN the Queen Bee. "Some people who are envious of that role and doing everything they can to throw darts at it," she adds. "Everybody goes for the top." Mariah invites Toya and Kari to her dinner, because it's her duty as a doctor's wife to make things right, and they both accept. However, Kari calls her an insane crab in a bucket behind her back, and Toya admits that she only wants to be there for Kari's sake. 

Next, Jackie urges Quad to work out her own differences with Toya, and Kari and Duncan celebrate the grand opening of their new medical building. That morning, Kari emails Quad and Mariah, to make SURE they know that they are NOT invited. #smh They call Kari a shady palm tree, and Mariah adds, "She's trying to say we're damn ghetto. She's calling us hood." Naturally, the party has "no life to it" and is "dry" because Mariah and Quad are not there, and Mariah takes issue with Kari inviting HER friends. "Toya is on a mission to climb this social ladder in the medical community," adds Mariah. "The community that I introduced her to. She needs to remember who brought her here."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Toya also married to a doctor, who is also part of the medical community that Mariah speaks of? What makes Mariah so special? If I never hear "who brought her here" and "the nucleus of the group" and "doctor's wives" and "this isn't how doctor's wives act" again, it'll be too soon. To the camera, Quad says about Toya and Kari, "Their goal is to destroy Mariah," adding, "But I have dirt on Toya that will silence her."

Quad and Toya meet for lunch. It's a disaster. Quad accuses Toya of more beauty shop gossip, this time about her nearly canceled wedding, and Toya denies it. Quad is like, I have 1,000 people calling my phone, saying you're slandering me at the beauty shop, and Toya is like, you have one person whispering in your ear, and her name is Mariah. For the last time I don't even "do" the beauty shop. To retaliate, Quad announces that she heard Toya and Eugene drove drunk, hit another car, and left the scene. Toya is mortified, saying, "You took an innocent situation and turned it into some bullshit." 


According to Toya, shortly after her second son was born, she drove under the influence of exhaustion – not alcohol – and dozed off while stopped at a traffic light. As a result, her car drifted into another car, and she only left the scene after she supplied the other driver with her contact/insurance information. Toya asks Quad to name her source; Quad says she doesn't know. The insults fly and tempers flare before they both leave the restaurant in a huff. Toya calls Eugene, saying that she hopes Quad and Mariah get hit by a bus, and Quad calls Mariah, saying that the kitchen got too hot for Toya. Mariah adds, karma is a bitch. 

Finally, it's time for dinner at Mariah's house, and she reminds us that she is the Queen Bee. In case we forgot. To the camera, she says, "[Kari and Toya] had no circle until I drew it for [them] and showed [them] the way." Both Toya and Kari back out of the dinner. Quad and Mariah decide to wash their hands of them, with Quad saying, "Mariah has worked so hard, and she's tried to bring everybody together, but Kari and Toya are against her." Mariah adds that "those snakes" don't deserve her friendship. 

Mariah, Quad, Simone, and Jackie sit for dinner, and Mariah announces that she's not surprised (and prefers) that Kari and Toya bailed. Jackie says, Mariah's ego has been damaged. Simone asks the group, where does the problem lie, to which Quad responds, "Everyone was invited to this event, so it did not come from us." Quad says "everyone was more than welcome to come through those doors," but Mariah admits, "I wanted them here to tell them that I wanted nothing to do with them." Am I seriously the only one who hears the contradiction there? There's no olive branch being extended, here, it is broken … no longer in play … snapped in half.

Jackie doesn't like this side of Mariah, and Simone feels as if she is incapable of forgiveness and healing. 


Meanwhile, Toya fills Kari in on her lunch with Quad, and Kari says that Quad better be quiet because she has some skeletons in her closet. "Quad has a record," Kari dishes. "Mariah told me." Toya googles Quadriyyah Webb and readily finds record of an arrest for aggravated assault and a mug shot. 

To end the season: Kari repeats that it was Mariah who originally gossiped about Quad's arrest, saying, "The lady who calls herself queen is going to be very lonely. To have a friend, you have to be a friend." Toya adds, "What goes around comes around. I'm tired of them acting like they're not doing anything wrong." Mariah admits that she's tired of dealing with the two-headed snake that is Toya and Kari, adding that the friendship isn't worth the drama they endlessly create. Jackie feels for the husbands and probably refuses to participate in another season. Simone wishes for a crystal ball, while Quad says, "This circle is not forever broken, but it's going to take an act of Christ to bring these women back together."


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