Newlyweds The First Year Recap: Surprise, Surprise


It's a month in for the couples of Newlyweds: The First YearBlair Late and Jeff Pedersen speak to gay teens, while Kim and Alaska Gedeon spar over red carpets and tufted vintage sofas.  Kathryn Bougadis is thrilled to find out she's pregnant, although she stresses when John Lagoudes shares the news before she's ready.  Tina Sugandh puts a lot of pressure on Tarz Ludwigsen to give her a baby ASAP.

Tina is extremely dramatic regarding her biological clock, jokingly threatening suicide if she can't get pregnant and accusing Tarz of having lazy sperm.  It's a bit much, and by "a bit," I clearly mean it's ridiculous.  However, I do feel badly when she gets a negative result on her pregnancy test because she is visibly upset.  Meanwhile, four weeks into their marriage, Kathryn is freaking out over a positive test.  She's teary, and John is over the moon.  He can't wait to tell everyone they know.


Also going through a life-changing situation are Blair and Jeff…or rather, just Blair.  A few weeks into their domestic partnership, Whitney Houston has died.  Blair can't handle it, and everyone he knows wants to help him through his pain–everyone except for Jeff who thinks that Blair is overreacting just a tad.  Blair is very offended.  Whitney was his idol, and he is suspicious of Jeff for not being more upset.

Kim is lunching with her father, and she shares that marriage is more work than she'd anticipated.  Because Alaska is the leader in the relationship, Kim is starting to slightly resent not getting to make any major decisions.  Her father thinks that playing second fiddle to her mother is what caused the demise of her relationship.  Kim needs to make sure that Alaska doesn't get too comfortable always calling the shots.

John is telling anyone who will listen that he's going to be a dad, but Kathryn thinks they should wait until she's three month along before sharing the news.  Her sister reminds her that people have miscarriages and wonders if the dietary chemical she's taking could have given her a false postive.  Kathryn bursts into tears because she knows she's pregnant and she doesn't want to hear all of this negativity.  Plus, she's also superstitious about the fact that John isn't keeping their news a secret.

After much convincing, Alaska has agreed to get the Harlem apartment.  However, he wants to have approval power over every purchase for their new home.  While he's in Los Angeles, Kim and her friends go furniture shopping.  She's finding the perfect things for their space, but he's not onboard when she calls to ask for permission to buy a desk.  He's not down with the price…or the fact that it's not bright red.

Tina relishes in her and Tarz's nomadic lifestyle.  Her career has taken her all over the world, and there is something comforting to them both about not being totally settled.  They are staying at their New York City apartment, and the tight space is wearing thin on Tarz.  Tina decides to spend time with her best friend and choreographer who finds it odd that Tina is thinking of giving up touring to travel with Tarz so they don't have to spend so much time apart.  Her friend is concerned that she'll get bored if she gives up her career, and he tells her that she needs to carefully consider her decision.

Blair is livid with Jeff for gardening in his pricey Dolce & Gabbana shirt, but his anger turns to sadness when they receive the RSVP from Jeff's parents regretting to their commitment ceremony.  Jeff is used to his folks' attitude, but Blair is heartbroken that Jeff doesn't have the support of his family.

Jill Zarin's fabric store has managed a Bravo crossover, and I'm sure that Jill herself is seething with jillousy.  Kim picks out a fabric to reupholster her beloved sofa, but she makes the mistake of face timing with Alaska to show him her find.  Doesn't she remember he HATES that sofa?  He won't allow it in their living room, but Kim isn't giving up without a fight.  She's surprised to find out how different their aesthetic is.  After five years of dating, Kim thinks they would have had more in common taste-wise, but she chalks it up to the fact that they didn't live together until marriage.

Wanting to help gay teens, Jeff and Blair go speak to a group of homosexual high schoolers.  Jeff is stumbling over his words, but sharing his coming out story seems to help him relate more to them.  The teens share their stories as well, and I am slightly disturbed by one girl's story of her mom offering Saran Wrap to her and her study partner.  While I'm glad that her mom is supportive of her daughter's sexuality, it's weird to me that any parent would be so chill about the idea of their high school freshman being sexually active.  There's a lot of talk about the homemade lady condom, and Blair is hilariously as clueless as I am.  After leaving the rec center, Blair surprises Jeff with a gondola ride.  These two are just precious.

A five weeks pregnant Kathryn is going shopping for a Valentine's date outfit, and John is attempting to bake brownies to surprise his wife.  He thinks she will appreciate his effort more than jewelry.  False.  It is actually super cute how excited he is to make Kathryn's favorite dessert.  Kathryn is hoping to find the perfect dress, but nothing is fitting her right.  She finds the right outfit, and she calls John to have her purchase authorized.  While he normally thinks she overspends on unneccessary items, John wants Kathryn to buy whatever makes her feel prettiest.  When she gets home, John blindfolds her.  She's touched by his gesture, even though the brownies are disgusting.  Right, babe?

Also planning a Valentine's surprise is TarzTina never expects him to make elaborate plans because he's always so busy with work.  He tricks her into meeting him for a drink at a friend's apartment, and she's amazed to find out that he has pulled together a romantic dinner prepared by the chef who catered their wedding.  She has quite a big mouth for someone with such a tiny body.  Tarz has to be hard of hearing.  After enjoying their meal, the pair head out dancing, and it's nice to see them having fun together instead of constantly bickering.

Alaska is back in New York, and he's helping Kim pack.  He's willing to help as much as he can, but he's returning to L.A. in two days.  He is acting like a total child with every passing minute, but Kim reveals he's actually acting a lot like his father.  Alaska likes being tough like his dad, and he explains that he looks like a major sweetheart compared to his father.  However, Alaska realizes that he needs to be more understanding, so he extends the olive branch by coaxing his wife to ther roof for some fresh air.

Blair is in the studio recording a surprise song to be played for Jeff at their commitment ceremony.  He's gone from boy band to married man.  Awww.  Later, while lounging in bed, Jeff jokingly brings out some Saran Wrap.  John is having brownie related tummy troubles, so he hits the bathroom while Kathryn dozes off.  Um, TMI?

Next week, Kathryn's spending becomes a bigger issue for John, and Tina and Tarz head to the doctor.  Kim and Alaska are still butting heads while Jeff and Blair celebrate at their commitment ceremony.


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