Duck Dynasty’s Uncle Si Writes Si-Cology -Hits Book Shelves On October 1!


Hey Jack!  I know this news is going to make some of our readers happy, happy, happy!  I'll bet I could name a lot of folks who have already pre-ordered this little gem.  Much like his brother Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty's breakout star Uncle Si has penned what is certain to be a hilarious best seller.

Known for his stories of 'Nam, his crazy one-liners, and his ever present pitcher of sweet tea, Si has certainly won the favor of the ladies…and he writes about fan proposals in his new book Si-CologySoncie, did you ask Si to marry you? 🙂

CLICK THE CONTINUE READING BUTTON FOR MORE! describes Si's book as a compilation of his best stories, including the more than twenty marriage proposals he's received since appearing on the show.

The book also showcases some of Si's fan's favorite quips.  You have to laugh when you hear, “These hands are so fast, I can get your wallet before you know it. In a minute, you’ll be standing there buck naked and won’t know what hit you!” and, “Look here—if it wasn’t for my tripped knee, I’d be playing in the NBA today.”  Thankfully for us, he's right where he should be!

In addition to the craziness we've heard before, Si opens up about his wife (yes, girls, he's taken!) and his two children who do not appear on the hit A&E show.

Si-Cology hits the shelves on October 1, 2013!


[Photo Credit: Amazon]