Teen Mom 2 Star Jenelle Evans Fires Her Manager; Defends Herself On Twitter Following Surgery


Teen Mom 2  star  Jenelle Evans underwent emergency surgery to remove her appendix yesterday. Last night, Jenelle tweeted (via Nathan Griffith) the above photo to garner as much attention as possible, as per usual.

"Jenelle's been in pain for about a month and I suggested before that it could be her appendix,"  Nathan later sold to told Radar.  "So I dropped her at the hospital before work.  I told her to call me if you go into surgery so I could be there for her." 

In pain for a month?  And her appendix didn't burst and/or kill her?  Jenelle's twitter followers aren't buying it. An irritated Jenelle went off, tweeting, "Been in pain for a month? Who said that? Now putting words in my mouth. U r insane."


Let the drama begin! Jenelle and Nathan obviously need to get on the same page. I really doubt Jenelle has been in any real pain for a month – she's been partying, working out, and spending time with Jace – but whatever. 

Interestingly, several on Twitter claim both Jenelle and her sister Ashleigh have said in the past that Jenelle's appendix was removed years ago. 

One of Jenelle's followers tweeted, "Jenelle went to the hospital two years ago for her appendix and Ashleigh says it was already removed!,"  and a second responded,  "A few weeks ago she was bitching and I said appendix and she said duh already removed."

Jenelle continued to defend herself.  "Reallyyyyyyyyyy upset by the way I'm being treated on Twitter,"  she tweeted.  "I mean I'm in so much pain and all u guys do is say I lie about this surgery. Like are u f–ing kidding me? Why wasn't I on twitter ALL DAY YESTERDAY?? Becuz there was obviously a reason."

Then the drama queen quit Twitter. Roughly two hours later, Jenelle tweeted, "Thanks for showing me support guys! Love all of u and again thanks for all yr kind words." She makes my head spin!

Also, Jenelle has fired her latest manager, and the reason is comedy gold! When questioned about his whereabouts through this surgery drama, she tweeted, "When your 'manager' pisses in your mothers front bushes outside u would drop him too."  


jenelle-evans-appendectomyJenelle: Oh I guess this legit documentation is false too? Riggggght!

Photo credit: Twitter