Basketball Wives’ Shaunie O’Neal: “We’re Not Perfect, But We’re Better”


Words can't even describe how much Basketball Wives' Shaunie O'Neal grates on my nerves.  She doesn't own her inner mean girl, and she lets Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman do her bidding while she sits back feigning clean hands.  This season is going to be no different, I presume.

However, on Monday's premiere, Nostrils promised to be more outspoken and not hold back in what she's thinking.  Did I miss the part where she promises to be arrogant to the point of making me nauseous?  Because she is.


In a recent interview with Sister 2 Sister, Shaunie talks about the power she holds when it comes to casting.  Of course, she makes sure to share that she's not the one to blame for the final decision.   I can just picture her nostrils flaring as Shaunie talks about the makeover she gave to BBW's Los Angeles counterpart.  Oh, and that whole "we're going to change our bad behavior" media blitz we've been experiencing lately?  I wouldn't hold hold my breath if I were you!  Check out an excerpt below and let me know if I'm overreacting…

Are you surprised that you’re now five seasons in?

No. If you had asked me this after season 1, maybe even 2, “yes,” but now that we’re here and it is season 5, I get it. I get why we keep coming back. I get that we are interesting enough to care what happens after we end one season going into another. With 5 seasons of us, we’re able to grow with that show… We’re going a different avenue this season just because of growth in itself, and that’s natural. That’s what we’re supposed to do, especially with having something to watch ourselves. We tend to function as adults everyday and just stay in habits and things like that because there’s nobody there to pull your coattail or there’s nothing there for you to look at yourself and say, “This right here, I need to work on this.” We happen to have a TV show that shows us those flaws and things that we have to work on in our lives. Although there have been plenty of things we’re not proud of, plenty of moments that we definitely wish that we could take back, but we’re able to say, “Okay, girl. Here we are 37, 38-years old, and we gotta get this together,” and that’s what we kinda do. We’re working on ourselves. Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not going to be a season of the best situations or the best decisions. We still are working through them, but I will say we’ve grown tremendously, and you’ll see it.

Tasha Marbury is the new addition, but a lot of women have left the show. How much do you have to do with their exits?

In some cases, I had a lot to do with it. In other cases, I didn’t. It goes beyond me, beyond an Executive Producer. It goes beyond a production level to a network level. When it goes that far, it’s out of my hands.

For those who say they’re fed-up with “Basketball Wives,” how would you persuade them to tune in?

Those people that say that, I really don’t say anything to them to be honest. That’s their opinion. If you’re going to tell me you’re not going to watch “Basketball Wives,” but you tune into some of the other shows on the same network, it’s a little contradictory to me. If I were to try to convince somebody to watch, I would say that this season, there is growth. There is a whole lot of growth. There is some change in some people. Don’t look to see a bunch of Mother Theresas ‘cause that’s not happening, but you do see growth. I am very proud of season 5 of “Basketball Wives.” It’s growth and it is some change there. We’re not perfect, but we’re better.

There’s been a lot of talk of cast members “turning over a new leaf.” What will surprise us?

I don’t know that everybody’s turning over a new leaf. I think that’s been exaggerated a little bit. Like I said, there’s growth. I don’t think anyone on the cast has completely turned into someone new. I think there are surprises on who has grown some balls all of a sudden this season. There’s just growth. There’s a little regression in some moments, too, in some folks, but overall, there’s growth. There’s no one coming out brand new. I can’t say they’ve turned over a new leaf completely. It’s turning.

Is “Basketball Wives: LA” returning?

L.A. is coming back. They’ll be starting to tape in August. We’re getting a facelift thing done to L.A….actually, done. It’s not being done. It’s done. Expect some new cast members, not all.

Is there anything else you want to add about season 5?

I’m very proud of this season. We’re growing and learning and don’t expect us to be brand new, but it is some growing. I think and I hope that our viewers will still tune in and still be proud, despite there won’t be a table flip, but understand that after 5 seasons you have to grow, with or without TV. We’re dealing with that. It’s real reality stuff happening.

I hope all of you Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans realize that Shaunie just called you hypocrites for watching that on VH1 but boycotting her brand of entertainment.  Honestly, I don't blame you one bit!  I get paid to watch or else I wouldn't give these women the time of day…except maybe during a Sunday afternoon marathon.  😉


[Photo Credit: VH1]