Dance Moms Recap: What Happens In Vegas…


What happened on last night's Dance Moms should have stayed on last night's Dance Moms…okay, so that didn't really work, but you get the Vegas reference, right?  Abby Lee Miller is probably upset that her behavior didn't stay in Vegas, because, dare I say, she actually showed a glimmer of humanity and emotion about her fallout with Kelly.

I can't say I'm excited to see the pyramid back in action after such a nice hiatus.  The moms aren't satisfied with Abby's nonexistent reason for her past absences, but Abby doesn't care.  She didn't want to be around people who treat her negatively.  Kelly and Abby get into it over who did or didn't make a spectacle in Orlando when someone should have (or shouldn't have) moved seats.  When Kelly calls her out for acting like Kathy, Abby says that it wasn't Kathy's behavior that always rattled her, it was her reaction to Kathy's behavior that rattled her.  Has someone been doing some self-reflection?

Before Abby unveils the girls' ranking in the pyramid, Holly questions how she made her decision given that she's skipped the last two competitions.  Duh, score cards!  Paige is at the bottom because she's Kelly's daughter, but also because she needs to be a more technical dancer.  Brooke follows her sister for her recent fourth place solo.  Nia is third from the bottom…not because she doesn't try, but because it's just not clicking for her.  Kendall rounds out the bottom for being inconsistent and performing better in rehearsal than competition.  MacKenzie is on the tail end of the second tier for careless mistakes, followed by Asia who is improving each week.  Maddie takes the second spot because Abby thinks she needs to setting her goals higher.  Chloe has finally made it back to the top of the pyramid.


The group is competing in Las Vegas, and Asia gets a solo as Abby feels she has the best chance of winning a national title.  Kendall will dance a solo as an audition for a spot in the national competition.  Kelly's girls will also have solos, but she's not going to be doing the choreography.  Christi is happy for her friend's daughters, but she wonders why her daughter won't be dancing a solo after making it to the top of the pyramid.  The group number will be old Vegas rat pack style, and while Asia won't be performing in it, she will be learning and rehearsing it.

While the girls practice, Kelly gets a call from a local station that wants Brooke to come sing.  However, Kelly knows that Abby is going to be livid that it will mean her missing a rehearsal.  Gracious.  This is not how to get back in Abby's good graces.  Paige is working with the choreographer while Abby watches, and Paige shares with her mom that it was weird working with someone who praises her for doing things correctly.  Abby is hoping that Brooke's choreography will challenge her, and Brooke is nervous practicing in front of her teacher.  She does hope that dancing the solo will bring her back to the closeness she used to have with Abby.

Brooke is very nervous on her way to the interview, and Kelly can't stop chattering.  Brooke's album apparently dropped on August 13th, so I'm sure you've all gotten your copy by now.  Back at the studio, Paige is very sad to be on the outs with Abby, but she wants to be around her friends.  Melissa hates to see Paige suffering with her relationship with Abby.  Jill hopes that Kendall will shine this week, and Abby just wants her dance consistently.  Next, Abby has the girls rehearse their group dance individually, and Paige suffers from a panic attack when it's her turn.

The group arrives at the competition, Abby is nowhere to be found..but of course, she does show up this time.  The girls are getting decked out in their costumes, and I really hope that Paige is able to pull it together.  Backstage, Kendall knows how much is riding on this dance, and she's a ball of nerves.  After a pep talk from Jill, she does the dance well, but Abby is unhappy with her facial expressions and her lack of interaction with the judges.

Asia is a ball of personality, and she transforms into the sassiest of flamingos.  Brooke's solo is very graceful, but she is void of expression.  Abby knows she's capable of doing more.  Kelly hopes that Paige's desperate need for Abby's approval won't break her concentration.  Paige starts off strong, but soon she starts to forget, leaving the stage in tears. Poor Melissa is crying with her as Kelly races to her daughter.  Abby would have bet one hundred dollars this would happen.  Really Abby?

On her way out of the auditorium, Abby makes sure to tell everyone that she didn't choreograph that number.  Kelly is sobbing to Abby that Paige is terrified of her when all she wants to do is please her.  Abby hopes that Kelly now realizes that she's the best teacher for Paige and Kelly needs to play be her rules.  Kelly is basically having a break down, and, wait, what's that?  Is Abby have hint of remorse for her behavior?  Abby calls Paige aside for a confidence boost before the group number.  The group dance is very upbeat and adorable.

Not surprisingly, Asia wins first place in the mini division.  In the junior solo category, Kendall takes sixth place and Brooke scores third in the teen division.  The girls' rat pack dance takes the top spot.  Back in the staging area, Abby greets Paige with a hug and a compliment and then warns Melissa that Asia is becoming unbeatable.  She tells Kendall that she really needs to step it up before turning to Brooke and Paige to say that she hopes they will be back in class on Monday.  A terse "I'm glad we had our talk, Kelly" and she's out the door.  Maybe there's hope for those two yet!

Next week, it's the last competition till nationals, and Kendall gets upset over Jill's behavior.


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