Duck Dynasty Recap: A Gentleman’s Bet

duck 2

It's been a whole week since I got to spend quality time with Phil, Willie, Jase, Uncle Si, and the rest of the Robertson crew.  Sure, I've had my reruns, but I so look forward to Wednesday nights now thanks to Duck Dynasty.  Last night was no different.  Whether the warehouse boys were convincing Si to pay out his last dollar over a gentlemen's bet or Jase wearing out his welcome at Willie's house, the episode went by too quickly.  Sidebar, I love how Jep is always referred to as "Willie's Other Brother."  

Jase and Missy are renovating their kitchen, so Jase and the kids will be bunking with Willie and Korie.  Thankfully, Missy is out of town, so she'll have to miss whatever debacle will surely ensue this weekend.  Meanwhile, after a heated race between two toy woodpeckers, Godwin, Martin, Jep, and Si are betting on who can knock down red solo cup pyramids, and Si is doing his best to hustle the warehouse crew.  Jep can't believe that Si and his father are related…after all, Phil was almost a quarterback in the NFL, and Si couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.  


Willie is happy that the cousins are having fun together making tee-pees in the den, but he's not thrilled that Jase has commandeered his favorite chair…or that the only couch cushion not being used in the fort building is soaking wet.  Oh, he's also not keen on the fact that Jase is watching a baseball game he was recording.   Willie doesn't want to know who wins yet! Jase finds it beyond weird that his brother would record a sporting event to watch later…he compares it to recording election day results and assuming you won't hear who's president until you decide to watch it.  Not gonna happen!   

The following morning, Jase is up at the crack of dawn cooking a massive slab of steak with a hearty side of eggs.  He remembers as child growing up with so many boys that you if you didn't eat early, you didn't eat.  He reveals that Willie was always the first one up to make sure he got plenty of breakfast.  Speaking of Willie, he groggily comes downstairs to see what all the commotion is about, and I almost don't recognize him without his trademark flag bandana.  'Merica!  Jase doesn't see what the big deal is…it's only 4 a.m. after all!  Willie is especially disappointed to learn that Jase has scorched his coveted Wagyu beef.  

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After failing to knock down any red solo cups, Si has upped the ante.  He convinces Martin, Godwin, and Jep to accompany him to the batting cage.  Jep is happy to wager a dollar that his uncle won't be able to hit a ball…he certainly can't throw one!  Si knows the real money is in side bets.  Unfortunately for Si's wallet, no matter how many times time a dizzy Martin circles the bat with his forehead to the handle, he's still able to connect with the ball.  Likewise, he loses money as Jep swings blind-folded.  The baseballs are clearly as defective as the solo cups.  This, Si reveals, is not his ultimate hustle.  That will come when he cons Jep into Indian leg wrestling with Phil.  

Back at Willie's, his son Lil' Will and Jase's daughter Mia watch as Jase unloads a cooler full of foul smelling fish.  More foul smelling than his morning catch is the dead beaver hanging out in the kitchen sink.  Willie is on the scene, and he knows his wife is going to have a major problem with the giant rodent bleeding out in her pristine kitchen.  Korie isn't terribly phased by the beaver, but the hundreds of crawfish that Jase is storing in her master bathtub have got to go.  She will not, however, allow her husband to kick his brother out of the house.

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Si, Godwin, Martin, and Jep head to Phil's house where Jep formally challenges his father to an Indian leg wrestling match.  Do what, son?  Jep repeats his challenge and is disgusted to hear that the only wrestling Phil does these days is with Miss Kay.  Phil is too old for these redneck games.  Plus, Jep is by far his most delicate son.  Si is distraught.  How is ever going to win back his dollar?  Wait, what?  Si wants a dollar?  Why Phil has just the bet.  He wades the boys waist deep into the swamp and bets them each a dollar that they can't get a rowboat unstuck from a high tree.  He imparts the wise words that if you ask a redneck to work, you'll be sorely disappointed, but if you bet him he can't do something…well, then you're guaranteed it will get done!

That evening, Willie approaches his brother about chair-hijacking, the before dawn cook-off, and, of course, the beaver.  Jase can't believe it–his own brother wants him to leave?!? Um, no.  As much as Willie wants to give Jase his walking papers, family is family.  Back in the swamp, the guys are working together to lasso the rowboat out of the tree.  Si has finally earned that dollar with some gusto!

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Willie walks into his kitchen, and it looks like a crawfish bomb has exploded.  It's the last straw.  He goes looking for Jase, but he finds Missy and Korie doling out gallons of tea and lemonade.  Jase has put on a lowcountry boil for the whole family.  Willie can't believe his brother's gesture, and he goes in for a hug which Jase does his best to avoid.  Hey, if Willie'd known Jase would run from hugs, he could have chased him out of the house yesterday!  As the episode draws to an end, Willie prays over their feast and remembers why he is so thankful for family.  


[Photo Credit: A&E]