Whatever Happened To Love & Hip Hop’s Somaya Reece? Jackie Christie Is Helping Her Write A Book!

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Don't lie. Y'all have missed Somaya Reece since she departed from Love & Hip Hop. I know I have, and I certainly didn't have to refresh my memory as to what she looks like or the drama she caused during her tenure on VH1. Clearly it wasn't much or she'd likely still be on it!

I have to commend her from taking a break from scripted cat fights, girl drama, and drink tossing that has become synonymous with all VH1 reality shows.  But it begs the question…what is Somaya doing now?

The singer and former reality star recently checked in with the folks of The Jasmine Brand.  While Somaya is no longer gracing the small screen on L&HH, she's mastered the art of reality television stardom: do everything! Whether it's schlep a cocktail with your name on it or taking credit for some ghostwriter penning your life story, do it! I kid.  Kind of.


Of how she's been keeping busy since L&HH, Somaya reveals, "I have been working. Well you know, I’d decided that what I really needed to do is to rebrand! I needed to find a very – something that’s very not – a lot of people I guess are like, polished?"

Somaya adds, "You know, I just needed something to work for myself and to separate myself from the old Tamia, as far as the music, the look, the ‘Love & Hip Hop’ brand – I sort of wanted to come back as fitness, better music. I hear everything that’s out there, I’m not naive. But instead of sitting around and feeling sad about it or criticizing myself, I decided to do something about it because that’s just how I roll."

As for how she was portrayed on Love & Hip Hop, Somaya explains, "I really beasted hard for my dreams and the thing is that some people respected it, some people made fun of it. Those people who respected it, respected that I wasn’t sleeping around to get on – I really was like – I don’t care, I got to be home, this is my dream and I’m going to pursue it and that’s what I got to do. So that’s what I did. And I’m so hungry, I’m always hungry and I always believe that you’ve got to be a student first in order to be a boss so I’m constantly trying to find new avenues – I’m currently writing some books."

Yes.  Books.  Plural. You may be wondering who is helping her.  Somaya shares, "Jackie Christie which is a friend of mine, she’s helping mentor me with my book. She’s published many successful books and people want to hate on her but she’s a boss! She has credits so you can undermine her however you want but it’s the reality and I’m really just looking forward to just doing it. And I just took all the negative and turned it into a positive and I always will, so…"

So yeah, there's that. Joking aside, I do have to applaud Somaya's answer when asked if she missed participating on L&HH.  She responds, "Do I? No. I don’t want to miss it, I don’t miss it, I don’t – I would say that I would – looking back at it now, I experienced it then, it would be a different for me now. This time looking back, bitches can’t take me. That is the truth. So you know, it would be different now. I’m a lot informed about the brand. But I’m not regretful, that’s the one thing that I really always say – like you can’t regret being given an opportunity – it’s up to you what you do with it."

With that, I couldn't agree more.


[Photo Credit: Twitter]