Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson Announces Duck Commander Wines Coming This Month!


Well this news makes the wino in my incredibly happy, happy, happy! You know, usually I get a little tired of reality stars just haphazardly slapping their name on any product that will make money, but I think I'd buy denture cream or incontinence pads or even (gag!) mayonnaise if the Robertsons were selling it! That isn't to say that the Duck Dynasty crew will endorse any old thing. They clearly have a clear vision of their brand. However, their newest venture is going to become a staple at my house without a doubt!

Willie Robertson has just announced that Duck Commander Wines will hit stores this month. I. Cannot. Wait. See, I knew it wasn't just a scripted plot line when Willie decided he wanted to get more into wine and art a few seasons ago. I'm sure the varietals will be perfect for the dining room to the deer stand! Feel free to call me, Willie, if you'd like to use that tagline! 


According to People, the Robertsons have partnered with the winemakers of the Trinchero Family Estates in Napa. Their first offerings? We'll be treated to the Triple Threat Red Blend, Miss Priss Pink Moscato, and Wood Duck Chardonnay with bottles decked out in camo-inspired labels. What else?

Willie wants to prove that wine can be delicious and affordable. Aren't those things the most important considerations when buying wine? Of course, now I'll add "made by the Robertsons" to my list of wine requirements, and selling for under $10 a bottle makes purchasing the Duck Commander wine a no-brainer. 

Of the collection, Willie says, “Yuppie folks ain’t the only ones who can enjoy good wine. This is good wine for good people, and it’s made by good people."

Amen, my friend…and cheers!


[Photo Credit: Instagram]

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