Mob Wives Recap: Wire Tapped Out

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Well, they are definitely back! Last night's Mob Wives and me thinks the new girls need to learn the pecking order…and fast!

The episode begins as Renee Graziano is taking her shoe line to Alicia DiMichele Garafalo's boutique in hopes that people want to wear stilettos sporting a hand flipping the bird. Why not? The women chat nonchalantly about the upcoming charges facing Alicia's husband who happens to be Renee's lifelong friend. He's warned Alicia not to let Renee get in her into any drama. The women compare new tattoos and talk about Eddie's amazing qualities and his rap sheet…and now Alicia's thanks to her involvement with his business. 

Across town, Drita D'avanzo and Big Ang are partaking in pedis, massages, and gossip over newbie Natalie Guercio and her drunken lunch antics. They are concerned that Renee has gotten so close with someone who may be able to derail her sobriety. Drita then reveals that she has a stalker at her make-up salon who is scaring her employers. Mid-sentence, Renee texts Drita to see if the ladies will join her and Natalie for lunch the following day. Ang is super hesitant to relive another meal with Natalie. 


Speaking of Natalie, she's having drinks with her boyfriend and she's thrilled to have been taken under Renee's wing. However, she's not keen on the older ladies judging her without knowing her very well. The more she drinks, the more she cusses about hearing Drita talk about her her, and the more she plans to confront her. That's a good plan. Meanwhile, Drita and Alicia are getting to know one another and bonding over the fact that neither had a clue of their husband's criminal dealings. Both of their husbands were leading double lives. Drita confides in Alicia about Lee's past infidelities and shares that she's learning to trust him again for the sake of their daughters. 

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Drita heads to her make-up salon, and she's terrified to learn that the stalker was just in her store earlier. Drita has major plans to pound this secret crazy's face into the concrete. She calls Lee to inform him of the situation, but I can't recap their conversation unless you just want to read a bunch of "beeps." According to Drita, she's learned that violence isn't the answer…but yes it is. Lee promises to make unknown stalker man as fearful as unknown stalker man is making Drita's employees.  

Natalie has filled in Renee on Drita's comment about her being drunk at lunch. Renee is hoping that this lunch with Drita will help clear the air. Big Ang wisely declined the invitation. Well, on the upside, Natalie shares a love of profanity laden rants with Drita, but Renee hopes her mini-me calms down. Renee knows that Drita isn't the anyone to antagonize. Drita can barely get her napkin in her lap before Natalie confronts her. Poor Natalie has no clue. She's ice cold and as cool as a cucumber. It's taking a lot of self control on Drita's part not to put Natalie's face in a plate. Natalie likes to believe she can go toe-to-toe with Drita. It's never going to happen!

At home in Philly, Alicia is listening to hours and hours worth of wire taps from five years of FBI surveillance. Her attorney is hoping that hearing her interactions will allow her to better explain her statements in context. I should add that it's these wire taps that gave the feds the probable cause they needed to arrest Alicia for embezzlement. Talking to her brother, she admits that she was naive. She tells her brother that she's heard recordings of her husband hitting on girls when he was out at strip clubs…with her brother! Her brother seems to dodge her questions, saying only that her husband was always good to her and her boys. Whose side is he on anyway?

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Renee and Drita head to Ang's to rehash the tense lunch. Ang has no issue telling Natalie to her face that she's a total train wreck. I've never seen Ang so filled with animosity towards anyone or anything. There is something about Natalie that reminds Renee of her younger self. She believes that Natalie is making a lot of the mistakes she made in the past. Of course, Renee also realizes that Natalie is going to go nowhere fast if she can't make nice with Ang and Drita, so she promises the ladies that she'll talk some sense into the newbie. She heads to South Philly in hopes of brokering a peace treaty. Renee relays Ang's statement about Natalie's wasted first impression while Natalie pretends to pick her nose. Renee lays it out for her mini-me…as long as Natalie is the face of Mob Candy, she'd better act right and stop acting like a younger, tougher, drunker Renee. Natalie complies…for now.

After listening to so many recordings, Alicia is totally tapped out (ba dum ching!), so she goes to see Natalie at the funeral home she runs. She reveals to Natalie that she is uneasy about Renee's mystery friend Carla (not Facciolo) who also works for Mob Candy. Alicia's husband promised her that he was no longer friends with ex-girlfriend Carla, but she learns through the recordings that they carried on their relationship (to what level she's not sure) throughout the marriage. Alicia even references a time that her husband dined with Carla and Renee. She wonders how Renee can be such good friends with someone who show such a clear disregard for someone's marriage vows.

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To thwart the stalker, Drita decides to get a security system for her make-up studio. As she's meeting with the consultant, the stalker she's never actually seen arrives. When she asks if he's the man who has been freaking out her employees, he takes off running and his jean shorts can barely keep up with him. I think it's less a mob connection looking for Lee and more someone with a social disorder. I'm not sure which of those is better news for Drita, but she's clearly scared the poor guy half to death.

Alicia feels the need to confront Renee about the dinner she heard on the recordings. How could her friend go to a secret dinner with her husband and another woman behind her back? Renee could have told Alicia that it's never a good idea to listen to the wire taps. When Alicia tells Renee that she heard her husband on the tap talking to Carla, Renee seems totally shocked. Then Alicia drops the bomb that Renee was there too. Let the back pedaling begin! Renee's eyeballs are bugging out and her forehead is contorting, but she won't rat on her friend's relationship, which she believes was completely platonic. Alicia doesn't care whether they were buds or were having an affair…she just can't believe her husband lied to her for so long.


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