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Well it appears we're about to have a Sharks versus Jets situation on this season's Mob Wives, only it will be Philly taking on Staten Island, and by Staten Island, I mean Renee Graziano. Note to self, never tell a man he smells nice in Renee's presence. What a crazy episode! Does someone need to go back to therapy?  Let's get started, shall we?

At Drita D'avanzo's house, construction is going full force. She's all about renovating her home while trying not to remember that the last time they tried to remodel her husband Lee robbed a bank and ended up in jail. Big Ang drops in to see the progress and enjoys hearing that Lee is happy to be working a regular job. Drita is stressing about her oldest daughter being bullied in school, and a girls' night out with the ladies helmed by Alicia deMichele Garofalo is just what the doctor ordered. 

Alicia has finished listening to years worth of wire taps that have made her husband into a virtual stranger. She can't dwell on what she's learned though because she has to host a party for her family. She has sheltered her children from their father's antics, and she's just trying to focus on her oldest son going off to college. Alicia has grand plans to send him care packages full of meatballs and condoms. She takes her brother aside to discuss her husband's lies via wiretap. Alicia wants to confront her husband about her new knowledge, and her brother hopes that she'll realize "it is what it is." I'd knee my brother where it counts, but Alicia is happy for the support.


Renee is at dinner with her friend Nikole, and she's upset that Alicia has questioned her loyalty about Eddie's past indiscretions. It turns out that Nikole dated Eddie once upon a time as well. Who hasn't? Renee is mad that Alicia has put her in a position to choose between her old friend Eddie and his wife that she's now forging a relationship with…Renee isn't a rat, and she's not going to spill any of Eddie's secrets to her new friend. It's not her place, right? Keep telling yourself that, Renee.

The following day, Renee stops by Drita's make-up salon to have her face done for a first date. Oh please VH1, have your cameras present for this date. Renee reveals that she gave this new guy her number, he's hot enough that she'd consider a one-night stand, and he's the first dude she's ever gone out with who hasn't been in jail…that she knows of, of course. She's prepared to share her past with him should it come up in conversation. VH1 answers my prayer and we're on Renee's date. He's like a younger, hotter Russell Simmons, but he can't even order the calamari before Renee goes into over sharing overkill. Her dad's in jail and her ex-husband is a snitch of the most hated kind. Poor guy…he just wanted a nice meal.

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Alicia is still upset about what she's learned from her husband's wiretap, and she' having Ang, Drita, and Renee over for dinner to recap. She brings up Renee's involvement with her husband via federal investigating recordings. Renee isn't happy with this turn of events and she starts schooling Alicia in respect. Renee is pissed, and Ang believes that Renee would be just as upset if the tables were turned. Alicia is channeling her best Catherine Zeta Jones, and Renee has up her guard. Even Drita thinks that Renee needs to admit that she wasn't being the most stand-up friend for not being forthcoming of Alicia's husband's lies. Renee won't budge. It's the lifestyle, y'all. Alicia is yelling, Drita and Ang look uncomfortable (that's a first), and Renee is appalled that she's being put in this position. She's not a rat.

Ang's son AJ is out of rehab, and she's having lunch with him. We learn that his girlfriend is pregnant, and Ang is over the moon to be a grandmother again. She wants him to get married, but he's not feeling that sentiment. Ang doesn't know how to tell him that she is thinking of having another child-so she doesn't. Meanwhile, Alicia has received an apology letter from Eddie after confronting him about his betrayal. She shares his transgressions with a friend, and she feels badly that he's suffering. On please. Her friend isn't an Eddie fan, to put it nicely. Alicia wonders how she can reconcile his lies in light of keeping her family together. It's actually really sad to watch. 

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To thwart some bullying, Drita has enrolled her daughter in a self-defense course. It's a much more constructive solution than Drita's initial reaction to kill the bully's loved ones. Her daughter is a martial arts natural, and it's cute to see the pair interact as mother and daughter. That evening, Renee has coordinated a girls' night to reintroduce Natalie Guercio into the group. Ang is willing to forget Natalie's past drunken antics and give the mini-Renee a second chance. The shots are flowing, the women are dancing, and the phrase "you're all whores" is flowing from Natalie's lips. Drita isn't amused, but Natalie assures everyone it's just her answer to Paris Hilton's "that's hot." Renee's one time date joins the ladies, and Renee gets overly sensitive when Natalie calls her new man "delicious." Renee storms off, and I'm just as confused as wasted Natalie. I'm not a Natalie fan, but I think she was just trying to be cute.

No one is more uncomfortable than the poor guy that VH1 hired to be Renee's love interest. Renee is beyond jealous, Drita is confused, and poor date guy wonders why he's being corralled out of the nightclub so quickly. Delicious is clearly Mob Wives code for "let's do it." Renee doesn't want to be embarrassed in front of Russell Simmons 2.0. Too late. I will say it wasn't so much Natalie embarrassing Renee as it was Renee embarrassing herself. I think date guy would agree. Alicia is confused. Why is it poor form for Natalie to compliment Renee's new guy's scent but it's totally kosher for Renee to dine with her husband and his concubine behind Alicia's back? Good question.

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The next morning, a hung over Drita and Alicia meet for lunch. They can't agree on Natalie's use of delicious. Drita feels like it was the ultimate come-on, while Alicia thinks that it was just Natalie trying to compliment her friend's new man. Meanwhile, Natalie is recapping the situation with another friend, and Natalie is working on her use of the English language. Renee meets up with Drita and Alicia, and Renee doesn't find Natalie's behavior to be cute. Readers, here's a life lesson…if you find a man who is not your man to smell not horribly, don't tell him he smells nice. Instead, ask where you could buy his cologne so you can buy it for your boyfriend.  The more you know…


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