Dance Moms Recap: Clone Wars

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Is it me, or is Abby Lee Miller getting more and more orange with each episode of Dance Moms

As always, we start with the pyramid and a hefty dose of insults about the group's third place finish. Abby will not be embarrassed in front of the Cathy and her purse slapping Candy Apples. Peyton is the on the bottom for her tearful hair tantrum. She should be a role model and not a baby. Brooke follows for missing four counts of the group dance, and Nia is third for the bottom for slipping out of her aerial and not placing in her solo division. McKenzie rounds out the bottom row for being too rambunctious in the dressing room. Paige is last on the second row for being good, not great. Ditto for Kendall. Chloe beams when she's second on the pyramid, and it's no surprise that Maddie is in the top spot with ridiculous praise. Kendall and Chloe get solos to prove which one is truly second to Maddie. Maddie gets to rest this week…Abby is tired of her star student carrying the entire troupe. The group number is called "Just Another Number" to remind the girls exactly what they are in the studio. The girls will be dancing as Maddie's clones. Abby hopes to find more Maddie clones at her upcoming open call.

The mothers are in the viewing area, and for once they are in agreement. The theme of the group number sends the wrong message to their daughters, and third place isn't going to cut it against Cathy's dancers. Holly hopes that placing so low the week before will humble the girls into working even harder. In Ohio, Cathy is excited to have choreographer Blake McGrath compete with Abby's lyrical numbers. Black Patsy's daughter is looked over for a solo which goes to Miami's Lucas. Kaya accuses Bridgette of getting her son the dance by partying with Blake 24/7.


It didn't take long for the drama to boil to the surface among Abby's moms. The moms have learned that Jill paid for an extra private lesson where she began working on her solo before the pyramid was even revealed. Christi thinks the entire situation is unfair to Chloe, and she accuses Jill of being hypocritical for complaining when Maddie gets extra practice time. Abby wants Chloe's jazz routine to emulate the confidence of Katy Perry, while Kendall needs to be influenced by Lady Gaga. Jill thinks that a little healthy competition is good for the girls.

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In the Candy Apples' studio, Kaya believes that Blake is over choreographing the dance. While it may be wonderful and difficult, it won't look put together if the kids can't do it properly in the short amount of time. It looks too sloppy for her taste. When the other mothers refuse to have her back, she storms out of the room. Meanwhile, at the ALDS, the clones are marching right along. The moms are worried about the girls losing their individuality, but Jill thinks they all need to be exactly the same in a group routine. Abby calls out Peyton for standing out too much, and Leslie decides she needs to put her foot down and tell Abby that she's not being constructive…she's just being mean. And this is a new realization? 

Cathy is convinced that Lucas' Latin solo is just what her team needs to beat Abby's girls. I'll give it to him…the kid is super talented. At the competition, Abby has the bigger bus and the bigger entourage, but Cathy makes sure to be front and center when the ALDC arrives. Christi can see Chloe's nerves taking over, so she threatens to take away her phone if she doesn't calm down. She says she's sick of talking her daughter off the ledge when it comes to performing. When Kendall talks back to Jill, Abby yells that she will not tolerate brats. She threatens to give Maddie Kendall's solo if she cries a single tear. Abby doesn't care which of them dances better as long as they both dance better than Lucas. 

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Lucas dances first, and he's technically amazing, but the dance is boring to me. My heart breaks for Kendall who dances next. She falls out of a turn early in her routine, but thankfully she doesn't let it phase her. Abby starts talking about how she thinks the floor is sticky because Maddie could execute turns perfectly in the dressing room. Leslie speaks up that Maddie isn't wearing slick jazz shoes like the other girls. Abby doesn't take kindly to being corrected by her in front of Cathy. Chloe is every bit as confident and flawless as she needs to be. Kendall watches tearfully in the wings. Of course, after they perform, Abby reveals that it was Kendall's flub (and only Kendall's flub) that gave Chloe the confidence to do so well. She concludes that had Kendall done better, Chloe would have surely choked. Is she for real? Jill agrees. After Abby snapped at her to shut up, Leslie cries in the hallway. She's been so loyal to Abby! What gives? Melissa warns Leslie that her behavior is going to affect Peyton

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The clones' costumes are pretty awesome…they all have bar codes tattooed across their backs. Their routine is even more awesome even if it does revolve entirely around Maddie. The Candy Apples' group number is also pretty amazing. The moms are worried. Abby is worried, although she'd never say it. Kendall places fifth in her division, followed by a fourth place Lucas. Chloe places second overall. The Candy Apples group routine takes second, while the clones win the top prize. Backstage, Abby keeps her criticism to a minimum when it comes to the girls, but she has a mouthful to say to Peyton about her mother's behavior. Leslie blows up and leaves. Poor Peyton.


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