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Does Abby Lee Miller get meaner with each passing second on Dance Moms? Seriously Lifetime, repetitive hatefulness is getting a tad boring! I guess they throw in some Cathy and her Candy Apples for some change, much like last night, but it's so formulaic it's ridiculous!

It's time for the pyramid, and poor Payton hobbles in on crutches after her incident last week. She lands on the bottom, and Abby accuses her of hurting her ankle by fooling around in the wings, not from tripping over a chair like she claimed. When Leslie challenges Abby for calling her daughter a liar, Abby kicks her off the team. Leslie is happy to go…she doesn't want to subject her daughter to any more of this. Well, that proves Leslie isn't as crazy as I thought she was. As poor Payton shuffles out, Kendall takes her place on the bottom for being so late to the competition. A teary Kendall offers up an apology card to Abby which is quickly dismissed. Nia is third from the bottom and Abby "compliments" her for blending in and not being the subject of her ridicule. As Nia quietly thanks her, Holly wonders just what her daughter has to do to move further up the pyramid. Brooke rounds out the bottom rung for missing some choreography.


Chloe is fourth, and Abby once again accuses her of changing up the order of dancers a few weeks ago. Chloe finally admits that she was happy to go last to size up her competition. Do I think she really did that? No. Do I think she's just learned to placate Abby's rants? Yup. Paige is third, and Abby has nothing but praise for her. MacKenzie is in second for her winning (but easy to forget according to Abby) solo, and–you know the drill–Maddie is on at the top of the pyramid. The group number is called The Witches of East Canton. Maddie will be playing the good witch, while all of the other girls will dance as evil witches, channeling their mothers for inspiration. The two solos go to Kendall and Chloe in a battle to be Abby's number two dancer behind Maddie.

Over at the Candy Apples' studio, Cathy is proud of her new team. She's doing another boy dominate team with some You Tube sensation siblings for good measure. Unfortunately for Cathy, her moms like to use social media, so her surprise secret weapons are all over Instagram. How is she going to shock Abby now? She bans cell phones and Facebook and pouts about her misfortune. Back at the ALDS, Abby wants Chloe to channel Miley Cyrus. Jill and Christie are at each other's throats as their daughters are pitted against one another. The following day, Jill asks Abby if she's had a chance to read Kendall's note. Nope. No way. Not going to happen. Abby can't be bothered with the kindness of children. She can't be serious, can she? 

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At rehearsal, Abby reveals the Candy Apple's boys team. She thinks that her girls have only been winning on the coattails of Maddie and her perfect choreography. Melissa, Holly, and Kelly are over the tension between Jill and Christie, but no one is surprised that Abby is stirring the pot among the ladies. The Candy Apples certainly bring out the worst in Abby…and it' ain't pretty! She is insulting those poor girls left and right, and the mothers are all in agreement that the group dance is sub par at best. While working on Chloe's solo, Abby summons Christie to video Chloe's rehearsal so that she can practice later. Jill thinks that Kendall's solo is too fast and too busy. It's not the easy lyrical number that Chloe usually gets. Chloe gets all the breaks, and she's got a costume. Jill whines about how unfair it all is. Christie reminds Jill that the competition is tomorrow and Chloe's dance isn't even finished yet. After rehearsals, an overworked Kendall is crying that she doesn't want to do this anymore. 

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The troupe arrives in Virginia for the competition. Cathy tries her hardest to get under the ladies' skin to no avail. Jill can't believe Chloe's luck…she last again! She also takes great offense when Chloe comes out in a flowy costume and Kendall looks like a Debbie Gibson wannabe in a Swatch Watch ad. Kendall does a great job with her routine, but Cathy is insulting her the entire time. Jill turns around to call out Cathy's bad behavior. Um pot? Meet kettle. Chloe's dance is close to perfect, and you can tell she's so proud of herself…as she should be. 

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Cathy's Candy Apple group number is impressive, but it's not anything super special. Before the ALDC girls perform, Abby tells her girls that they aren't really ready to compete against the Candy Apples. She then pulls Maddie aside and apologizes that she is always forced to carry the other girls. She promises Maddie that she'll find her better teammates and urges her to consider the group number to be her shining solo. Poor Maddie looks horribly uncomfortable, and I can't blame her a bit. It's so awful and passive aggressive. The girls costumes look incredible, and the routine goes off without a hitch. They look amazing. Abby is in total shock. During awards, Kendall places second to Chloe's first in the junior solo division. Thankfully, the ALDC edges out the Candy Apples for first prize. Cathy leaves the auditorium before the girls can be announced. She refuses to subjected to Abby's gloating. Kendall gets railed for being out shined by Chloe, and Holly is appalled to learn that after such a big finish Abby is still looking to replace the girls.


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