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I hoped to never speak of Princesses: Long Island again – le sigh – but the cast cannot let it go. Believe it or not, they're still holding out hope for a second season,  begging for support on Twitter,  and teasing good stuff to come in interviews. Oy vey. Who else thinks Bravo and Andy Cohen blocked them on Twitter a long time ago?

I can see Chanel Coco Omari sitting in her little girl bedroom. Drawing hearts in her diary. Waiting for Bravo to call her.

About season two, Chanel told Wetpaint, "We aren't sure yet, but hopefully by February or March."  She added that everyone from season one would return. "There are a lot of interesting twists and turns within our group and friendships that would make for an intriguing next season, so hopefully you'll all stay tuned in to see what happens." 

So, if you guys need me, I'll be over here. Staying tuned. Waiting for something intriguing to happen. Until I die of old age.


Chanel, the ringmaster of the Long Island circus, added, "We all ended on a high note on the last episode when I brought the girls together for the Jewish New Year.  I've tried my best to accommodate all of them and keep the peace between us since then — but we have all definitely been through our ups and downs within our friendships. Friendships aren't perfect."

Sure, friendships aren't perfect, but Chanel shouldn't have to go to such great lengths to "accommodate" or "keep the peace" within a group of friends.  Grow up and/or move on already! 

Chanel revealed she's producing a web series while she waits for Bravo to call, adding,  "And I am working on my headpiece accessory line that will feature some of the unique styles I wore on the show. I love working and keeping busy until I have my own talk show one day."

In case you were wondering, Chanel is still single.  "I’ve been going on a lot of dates lately but I am not seeing anyone special just yet.  When I do, you will be the first to hear!" 

Chanel continued, "If given a second season, I would love to show that I’m not a spoiled princess sitting around desperate to get married and never work. I do want to find 'the one' and get married, have children, and be successful with my career — but I am definitely not rushing to get married just because I’m now 29 and single."

"I’m embracing 29 and feeling sexier than ever," concluded Chantel.  "I want it all and believe every woman can have it all.  I’ve been working since I was 14 years old,  but I also want people to also see more of my fun, silly side and not see me crying all the time as I did the first season. I’m still growing as a person and can't wait to share my growth with the world."

Season one of Princesses: Long Island averaged 889,300 viewers.







Chanel Omari Hopes For A Season Two Of Princesses Long Island

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