Mob Wives Recap: Renee Off The Rails

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So, the ladies of Mob Wives are officially my jam. I've always watched. I've always liked it. This season, however, I love it. I want to be friends with Drita and Ang. For real. Are they not fabulous? 

Alicia diMichele Garofalo calls Natalie Guercio to share the news that her husband Eddie is getting sentenced that day. Needless to say, she's bugging out over whether the judge will accept Eddie's plea deal. Alicia knows that the media is going to explode with this new development. Natalie is supportive but also worried for her friend. They can't help but fear the worst. On Staten Island, Natalie is meeting with Renee Graziano and air kisses ensue. Well, that's better than throwing brunch foods, right? Renee opens with the fact that their bad blood should end their Mob Candy business relationship. Natalie interrupts to say that she's known that since Renee put her in a headlock and never paid her. Renee is confused that she lost what she thought was the upper hand so quickly. Her eyes are darting all over the place like she's watching a ping pong tournament. The ladies discuss their apologies, but can only agree that Renee's was insincere…Natalie meant every word. Renee doesn't believe that Natalie's apology or her Halloween invitation were genuine. Natalie is able to keep her calm and relay her feelings without looking like a crazy person. Renee should take note. Wait…is she? Renee wonders what she can do to heal their relationship. Renee seems fine until she hears the word "loyalty." I think she may blow a gasket! Renee can barely contain her insane anger before storming out of the restaurant. Dear Natalie, shirts are meant to cover your midriff. 


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Big Ang is wearing a headdress (because, why not?) when she gets a call from Alicia with the news that Eddie's judge accepted his plea deal. He'll only be in jail for a year or two. #lucky #thisisgoodnews? Both Ang and Alicia are ecstatic and hopeful that Alicia's sentencing will go just as well. Across town. Drita D'avanzo is talking on the phone to husband Lee. They are both just too busy for face time. She blames her love for him for turning her soft when it comes to writing hard core gangsta rap. She's like a happy d*ck riding a unicorn on a rainbow. Lee has totally stolen her street cred. They pair is excited about their home renovation, and she's happy that they are the best of friends. Drita is planning a luncheon for all the ladies in hopes of mending fences. 

Renee looks like she's on the verge of a mental breakdown and she's wearing head-to-toe plaid. That's not a good sign. She's going to see a lawyer to get more insight on Junior's jail time. Her attorney's assistant is wearing a lime green dress shirt with a tone-on-tone silk tie. That's an even worse sign. Her attorney listens intently to Renee's issues with Junior, and she feeds into Renee's fears. Renee tries to explain her lifestyle, and I have a feeling this lawyer totally understands. Renee feels like a rat, but her attorney assures her that it's just establishing her protection. 

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Over clove cigarettes and pedicures, Ang and Renee are chatting about recent happenings. Ang's daughter has just gotten engaged on the heels of her son getting his girlfriend pregnant. Renee recaps her meeting with Natalie where Natalie brought up Alicia. Ang finds this conversation to be unacceptable. Why is Natalie trying to bring Alicia into their beef? I knew Ang never really liked Natalie. Of course, I still love Ang. Renee likens it to finding good places to bury the ladies she can no longer stand. Ang just focuses on her French tips. 

All of the women are convening at Drita's luncheon, and Alicia is hoping that Ang's presence will keep things calm. Drita hopes this situation will clear the air so that she and Ang are no longer put in the middle between the Philly girls and their old friend Renee. When Drita arrives, Ang reveals that Renee won't be coming and she didn't give an excuse. Drita is pissed. Renee's behavior has made Drita look like a fool, and all Alicia wanted was a chance to discuss her beef with Renee. Renee has more pressing engagements…like drinks with another friend. She tells said pal about her consultation with the lawyer. When her friend asks if she's getting support from the other ladies, Renee explains that none of them have ever been in the horrific domestic position that she's been in. She's a victim. While Renee appreciates Drita's attempts to keep the peace, she isn't keen on her old friends playing nice with the Philly girls. Wait, isn't Renee the one who brought the Philly ladies into the mix? She makes a lot of gun and bullet references because, you know, she's tough like that. 

As Ang cleans her kitchen, son AJ arrives to share the news that he's just proposed to his pregnant girlfriend. He yelled at her in hopes of throwing her off of his plan before getting down on one knee. His girlfriend was surprised. Ang is so proud of his son even if his proposal was less than romantic. Mother and son chain-smoke while talking baby plans. Across town, Drita is joining Renee for dinner to discuss her bailing on the luncheon. Drita doesn't understand why Renee is wasting so much energy on these women who she claims not to care about…even though Renee is about to pop a vein in her neck talking about them. Drita reminds Renee that she's the one who invited the Philly girls into the group, and she implores her friend to try to play nice. I love this season's Drita. We need to be pals.

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In Philly, Natalie is doing a photo shoot with clothes from Alicia's show. The women chat about Renee's no-show at Drita's luncheon. Natalie is pissed, but Alicia urges her friend not to feed in to Renee's B.S. They talk about the sentencing of Eddie and Alicia's upcoming court date. Natalie hates seeing her friend go through such a hard time. Alicia is very private with her potential prison time…not so much with her Vegas vacays. The following night, Drita welcomes everyone into her home. Natalie is beyond impressed with Drita's domestic skills. Ang couldn't care less about the ensuing drama…she just wants good food and wine! Everyone wonders about Renee's whereabouts while lauding Drita's skills as a hostess. A stone-faced Renee makes her way to Drita's house determined to stick to her guns. Drita reminds the women that she doesn't want this situation to be a gang-up on Renee. The doorbell rings, eyes are cut, and the shiz is about to get real!


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