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Bethenny Frankel continues to expand her empire with the release of her latest project, a children's book called Cookie Meets Peanut. The former star of the Real Housewives of New York, opened up about her new book on her talk show — wasn't her show canceled? — and explained how the story was inspired by the relationship between her dog, Cookie, and her daughter, Bryn.

Starcasm released a transcript of the announcement Bethenny made on her show, "I am so excited because I have some big news to share with all of you – I wrote my first children’s book! And I’m so excited because it’s a passion project. I love my dog Cookie, I love my little peanut Bryn, and the dynamic between them inspired me to write this book called Cookie Meets Peanut."


Bethenny went on to explain the relationship between her furry baby and her baby inspired her to come up with the premise of the book. "It really is — when you have a dog — when you have a furry child, they’re your baby, they’re your everything, they’re your life. And then you have a baby and your dog becomes a dog. And my dog Cookie, she is 13, she is an old b*tch. And she was not having it at the time. I mean, she was cool, but she — it’s just that whole adventure about how a pampered furry child adjusts when it gets their first human sibling, and have to share their mommy for the first time. Many of you can probably relate."

Although Bethenny Frankel is a New York Times best-selling author, this is her first attempt at writing a children's book. The book, available September 23, also has something for the moms out there too, promises Bethenny. "So, basically, this is Cookie and Peanut getting into an adventure trying to cook a recipe with glitter and sparkles for when mommy gets home. And there are a lot of references for you adults, for the moms. A lot of, you know, they got to Starbarks to drink coffee and they like Bark Jacobs for bags."


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