Meet The Cast Of Bachelor In Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise cast

ABC has announced the cast of Bachelor in Paradise – well, there are some familiar faces, though not as many old school Bachelor Pad fame whores as I was expecting, and some not-so-familiar faces. I honestly had to look up two of the "biggest stars" because I couldn't remember who they are. 

Per the press release: "Some of Bachelor's biggest stars and villains are back. They all left the Bachelor or the Bachelorette with broken hearts, but now they know what it really takes to find love, and on Bachelor in Paradise they'll get a second chance to find their soul mates."


"The group will live together in Mexico, in an isolated romantic paradise, and over the course of seven episodes we’ll follow these former bachelors and bachelorettes as they explore new relationships. America will watch as they fall in love or go through renewed heartbreak. The romantic dating series will feature new twists, shocking surprises, unexpected guests, and some of the most unlikely relationships in bachelor/bachelorette history, plus all the usual romance, drama, and tears we’ve come to expect from the Bachelor."



But is this everyone? No according to Reality Steve, who tweeted, "This is not entire cast – at least 10 others r out there. Says 3 more from Andi's season, bringing their total to 13. There's over 20 people out there. No way this is their whole cast."

Only time will tell if Steve's information is correct. My gut tells me it is because I for sure expected to see more fame whores like Courtney Robertson, Chris Bukowski, Michelle Money, Kalon McMahonTierra LiCausi, & Jef Holm.

Bachelor in Paradise kicks off Monday, August 4 on ABC.


Photo Credit: ABC