Forget Dancing! Maksim Chmerkovskiy Wants To Judge Dancing With The Stars

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy sure likes to keep us guessing. The dancing pro returned to Dancing With the Stars after taking off a couple of seasons off, only to win the coveted mirror ball trophy, and then hinting that he may not be returning to the ABC mega-hit.

But that was not the only surprise on this season’s finale. Head Judge, Len Goodman also seemed to hint that he would not be returning to the show, to the shock and surprise of his fellow judges and viewers at home.

That is a whole lot of hinting for one hour of reality TV. Not to mention those hints could turn the show upside down!

So now that we are heading towards the new season premiere, will Maks and Len both be back? Or is Maks aiming to take over the judges table?


According to an insider who spoke with Life & Style, that is exactly what Maks would like to see happen.

Maks really, really wants to be a judge. He’s just waiting to see what Len decides before he makes his announcement,” the DWTS insider reported.

 With this revelation, Maksim’s previous comments to Life & Style make even more sense. “Len and I will get together and think about [whether I will return],” Maks recently said. “When the season’s over, I’m depleted. I have nothing left.” Could this have been the plan all along?

 Although he could not confirm or deny what Maksim’s future with DWTS will bring, showrunner Rob Wade did recently speak to Maks about what next season could hold. “I don’t know. I’ve just come back to the show, but I was on the show in season one and Maks came on in season two, so I’ve known Maks for 10 years now and he’s a very good friend,” Wade said. “I’m absolutely hoping Maks comes back to the show. I don’t know whether it’s going to be as a dancer. I think there’s a number of different things we can talk to him about and the way he’d be involved in the show. Maks will always be part of Dancing With the Stars in some way.”

Good to know. The show would NOT be the same without Maks and his attitude. Which, BTW would be perfect for a judge!


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