Dance Moms Recap: The Rise And Fall Of Gino

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What would Dance Moms be without the long running feud against the Candy Apples? On last night’s episode, Abby Lee Miller once again faced her nemesis while bragging about that one time she judged Dancing With The Stars. Is it just me, or do the original moms—even crazy Christi—seem tame in comparison to the new antics? 

As the girls enter the studio, Abby dubs it their walk of shame. She’s sent home her new team to rest and revel in their victory, but she’s allowed Sarah to join the original dancers because her mom stirs up so much drama…oh, and because she’s talented. Yeah, totally the second thing I just wrote. Sarah is eight years old and sporting what have to be eyelash extensions. Abby reminds Sarah that if her mouthy mom has anything negative to say, Sarah will be ousted for good. After Abby rakes the girls over the coals for being sore losers, Jill interrupts to say the team wasn’t sad to lose, but rather they felt let down by their teacher. 

Chloe is on the bottom of the pyramid for poor turns, followed by Maddie for crying in public. Kendall is third on the bottom, and Nia is criticized for not working hard enough to make up for her lack of raw talent. MacKenzie is second, and Sarah takes the top spot for performing with the winning team. Abby cackles as she reveals they will be competing in Ohio against the Candy Apples. The group number will be entitled “Broken Dolls” so art can imitate her dancers’ real life. Abby announces that the duet will be called “I’ve Just Gotta Be Kissed” and all of the girls are giggling and blushing. Maddie will be dancing with Cathy’s former student Gino.

As the girls practice the group routine, the moms are complaining that Abby is trying to paint them as sore losers. Christ-y, as a mother from the winning team, can totally see what Abby is saying. The girls were too sensitive to the loss. Across state lines, Cathy shares with Miami mom and other mom (who can keep up?) that her latest choreographers are busy with grand plans, so she has enlisted Abby’s dear friend to work with her students. She’s correctly predicted that Abby will pull from her DWTS judging stint and highlight a ballroom number.

When Gino arrives, Christ-y is livid that he will be taking the attention away from her daughter. She shouldn’t worry…Abby only has her eyes on Sarah so she can criticize her every move. Christ-y is beyond upset that Abby is critiquing her daughter who was on the winning team. Holly tersely remind Christ-y that her daughter is a guest on their team as Abby goes to see why there is so much commotion coming from the viewing area. Christi finds it laughable that Christ-y thinks she’ll get on Abby’s good side by arguing with her and throwing her under the bus.

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Cathy is one step ahead of Abby, and she plans on making her ballroom duet much more complex than Abby’s. It’s true. Abby is more concerned about choreographing Maddie’s first kiss than she is about the actual moves. Poor Maddie is mortified, and she wants to wait to kiss Gino during the actual competition performance. This isn’t how she pictured her first smooch! Both Maddie and Gino are terribly awkward, so Abby lays one on Maddie to show her it’s no big deal. Finally, Maddie pecks Gino before going running from the studio. It’s adorably scripted. Chloe is thrilled for her friend, joking that she can’t believe Maddie was the first of the girls to get their first kiss. I do love seeing these girls are friends and not competitors. Poor Gino is left standing dumbfounded while Maddie wishes he was Zac Efron.

While watching the duet practice, Gino’s dad admits he thinks his son would be a great addition to the team. He charms Abby in the studio, and the moms are actually impressed with his gumption while Christ-y seethes. When the girls move on to the group number, Holly notes that the moves are so intricate that everyone has to be in sync. Unfortunately, Abby singles out Sarah at that moment, and Gino’s dad  has Melissa nodding in agreement that Gino would be a great fit for the team. Christ-y isn’t fooled. The Bible would label Gino’s dad as a deceiving charmer, and she won’t be fooled by his lies. 

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When the team arrives in Cleveland, Abby is curious to see who Cathy’s guest choreographer is going to be. She is livid when she learns her friend is teaching the Candy Apples. Cathy loves how panicked Abby is now that she is working with Gino, the rotten apple. As she watches the pair rehearse, Abby is ready to implode. It’s pretty fun to watch. Cathy’s duet is beautiful and amazing to quote Melissa…and her daughter is about to compete against it. Maddie and Gino’s dance is adorable and entertaining, but it wasn’t nearly as difficult as Cathy’s duet. Abby blames any potential loss on Gino because Maddie was perfect. Poor Gino. 

dance moms maddie gino

The Candy Apples’ group number is great, and it makes me even more afraid of flying. That was depicting a lyrical plane crash, wasn’t it? Holly and the other moms are very worried about how their girls will compare to Cathy’s new and improved crew. The ALDC’s costumes and make-up are spot-on, and I am typing about what an amazing job Chloe is doing when She slips and falls…hard. Like a true professional, she doesn’t miss a beat, but my heart breaks for her. As she apologizes to her teammates, her friends assure her that it isn’t her fault. Melissa rushes to her daughter’s side to find out first, if she’s okay from her spill, and second, to commend her for continuing to dance.

Cathy’s duet beats out Maddie and Gino for first place, but Abby’s group number takes the top prize. I am so thrilled. Cathy is upset that her team lost to some silly doll number. Abby is relieved that Chloe’s fall didn’t ruin it for everyone. Christ-y brags that her daughter is on a winning streak, and Abby sends Gino packing for causing poor Maddie to lose. The original moms are sad to see Gino go, and the girls all hug him as Christ-y basks in what she perceives as a victory for Sarah. In the hallway, Cathy tries to get the moms to spill the gossip regarding Gino’s place on the team to no avail. She storms off after telling Christi her butt looks like a forty dollar cow. I’ll have to remember that zinger!


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