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I know y’all have mentioned it before, but what say we pool our resources and donate to Lifetime so Dance Moms can get a new introduction sans the mother and former dancers who are embroiled in a legal battle with Abby Lee Miller. Is that too much to ask? Of course it is, just like it’s too much to ask for Abby to be kind to her students. After victory at a very suspect competition (were there any other dancers there?), Abby is hoping to find a replacement for Maddie in the event Sia wants her star student for every other music video she ever makes.

Not surprisingly, Abby brings in another new dancer to go head-to-head with Chloe. Jade will be dancing with the ALDC this week. Chloe is at the bottom of the pyramid for placing second in the solo division. We all know second is first loser. Nia follows for being the fourth in the top five. MacKenzie is third because her budding pop star status doesn’t give her an excuse to have poor posture. Maddie is second because, woohoo, she was in a Sia video that has allowed her to perform on Ellen and has been interviewed for Seventeen magazine! Kendall is on the top of the pyramid for winning the junior solo division. 


This week, Abby is concerned about competing against Studio Bleu. Abby teases a controversial group routine, but she doesn’t want it to lose this week. She decides to shelve it until Nationals. Both Jade and Chloe are given solos so poor Chloe is put in the hot seat again. All of the mothers are very concerned with the fact that Abby isn’t going to go forward with this amazing routine, and instead she is winging the choreography. Jill is convinced that Abby is putting forth a mediocre group number so she’ll have an excuse when she loses to Studio Bleu. Instead, Abby has the girls improving their phobias while Christi takes offense to everything coming out of Jade’s mom’s mouth…even when Loree is just trying to be nice. MacKenzie has a difficult time acting out her fear of bugs in two eight-counts, and she’s in tears when Abby mocks her. She goes crying to her mom who agrees with Abby that an up-and-coming pop star like Mack-Z shouldn’t be getting upset over something so silly. When MacKenzie returns to the studio, Abby bans her from the routine. 

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Loree is in the studio while Jade practices her acrobatic solo. As a fellow dance teacher, Loree silently questions Abby’s decision to have her daughter do an acro-routine. Christi is livid that Jade is getting extra practice for her routine, but Holly urges Christi to play nice with Loree. She could be good intel as to what is going on in Abby’s crazy head. Abby pays no attention to Chloe as she practices her dance entitled “We Don’t Want Your Kind Around Here.” Abby promises there is no hidden meaning directed at Christi, but if Christi wants to take it as such, that’s just fine with her!

As the girls work on their group routine, the mother determine that MacKenzie has been benched so that the girls can dance up an age category with the teen division. Studio Bleu is entering a junior group routine. As a dance teacher, Loree wonders why any instructor would purposely place a group in a higher age division. Melissa wants MacKenzie to dance, but Abby rants about how the little girl choked in her one moment to shine. Jill wishes that Loree would speak up about Abby’s plan to steer clear of Studio Bleu in the competition. 

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Poor Chloe is chatting with her friends, and they are trying to build her up as she shows concern over competing against Jade. She admits that Abby hasn’t finished half of her solo, and she’s beginning to feel defeated about always going up against the newbies…not to mention Jade is three years older than Chloe. All of the moms are concerned with the whole teen division dance, and they wish Abby would focus on preparing their daughters instead of trying to maneuver around her feared competitor. When the ALDC arrives at the competition, the moms are shocked to learn that Studio Bleu is competing with the teens. Abby blames the bump up in age groups on MacKenzie acting like a brat, but she totally messed up with her wannabe sneaky tactics. When the mothers question her decision to dance in the older age division, Abby totally ignores them.

The mothers hope that Loree’s clout and experience will convince Abby to add MacKenzie back in the group number so they can compete at the junior level. Abby refuses to admit that she made a mistake, and she announces that the girls need to learn that there are much better dancers out there for them to compete against. Her girls need to step up their game and not take the easy way out by dancing in the junior division. Loree is still worried about Jade’s acrobatic number, but the girl is a true talent. It’s amazing. Chloe is also amazing. She never disappoints in her dancing. Abby doesn’t have high praise for either soloist. 

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When blocking the group routine, Chloe clips Maddie’s nose with her arm during a turn. It’s a total accident, and both girls are fine. However, Abby rolls her eyes, and Christi gets riled up about Abby’s behavior. Chloe didn’t mean to bump Abby’s “precious one.” Christi then yells that Abby is a bitch witch, and accuses Abby of upsetting the girls right before their group number. Um, I’m going to go ahead and say that Christi played a role in that a well…Studio Bleu’s group number is impressive, but I’m not floored. The ALDC’s phobia number, on the other hand, is fabulous. Absolutely fabulous. During the awards ceremony, Chloe places sixth overall in the solo division while Jade places third. Both mom’s blame Abby…Christi because of Abby’s lack of attention for Chloe, and Loree for putting her daughter in an acro-number. The ALDC is totally robbed, placing second in the group routine to Studio Bleu.  Loree then questions her decision to allow Jade to dance with Abby’s crew. She’s used to her daughter getting first. Will Jade be returning? 


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