Dance Moms Recap: Nia Speaks To Me

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Well, last night’s Dance Moms has less Abby Lee Miller cruelty and more happy dancers…at least among the veteran girls!  The moms enter the studio sans daughters, and Abby warns that every minute she has to wait on her dancers is another minute she contemplates another team for Nationals. Holly wants to have a dialogue with Abby regarding the unresolved issues from last week’s fight without the children involved. Holly conveys her message calmly and clearly. Of course, Abby dismisses Holly’s concerns over name-calling and derogatory comments as just an excuse not to face Nia’s failure as a dancer. She’s just the sweetest. Refusing to stray from her tried and true teaching methods of bullying and nastiness, Abby concludes that Holly is lucky that she was invited back to the ALDS. 

This week Tracey and her daughter Sarah are joining the crew. The pyramid goes quickly as Maddie was the only one who was allowed to perform at the competition after Abby pulled the group number. This week, the girls are going to Orlando, Florida to compete. Sarah has a solo, and Tracey wants her daughter moved permanently to the elite competition team. Kendall will also be getting a solo, and it will be the same routine that Maddie won with last week. Abby is a big enough person (cough, cough) to put aside her issues with Holly and allow Nia to dance the Maya Angelou solo she teased about last week.  Abby seems totally unfazed when Christi announces that Chloe will be leaving rehearsal early to get an MRI done on her foot. In the viewing room, Tracey asks why Abby is so mad at the mothers, and Holly fills her in on the tally chart.


 The group number is inspired by the Snow White and is entitled the Seven Little Dancers. It’s still up in the air as to who will be the seventh dancer. Jill finds the choreography to be too juvenile for the group. Abby calls in Kailey from one of her auditions, and Tracey warns the other mothers that Kailey’s mom is crazy. Of course she is! Sarah’s routine is an acrobatic number, and Tracey is concerned about her daughter’s chances of being added to the elite crew. I’d say it’s some much deserved worry given the “constructive criticism” Sarah receives from Abby. Holly hopes that Nia will seize the opportunity to work with Gia and James on her solo instead of Abby. 

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The following day, Kailey and her mother arrive for the group number. The girls begin rehearsing together, and Kate joins the mothers in the viewing room. Tracey is immediately out for blood with Kate. When Chloe is called out by Abby for her lacking facial expressions (is she in too much pain from her foot?), Kate is worried about a dancer competing with an injury. It could make for a horrible number. Christi doesn’t want anyone talking about her daughter…her foot is fine. When Abby comes upstairs to complain about her dancers, Kate tattles that Tracey is giving her a hard time. Tracey starts complaining about Kate thinking that Kailey will be replacing Sarah. Hasn’t she watched this show before? That’s the last thing to bitch to Abby about! Geez. Nia’s solo will also be spoken word. Abby complains that Nia isn’t projecting her voice. Holly is called down so she can hear Abby’s constructive critiques. That’s all Holly ever wanted. Abby wants Kendall to use her solo as a chance to show she can be as good as Maddie. Christi, always the bitter Betty, wants to know why Chloe isn’t getting the same treatment. 

The team arrives an hour late in Florida, and Abby is already on edge…as she should be as Candy Apple Cathy is in Orlando to train Lucas. Cathy tosses insults at Abby (and Chloe–for shame!) as the group heads to their staging area. Abby reminds the mothers that any dissension among the ranks will result in their daughters’ dances being pulled. Sarah dances first, and while she does a beautiful job, she seems nervous. Nia performs next, and I love her routine. I could have done without the spoken word, but Nia does an excellent job of projecting her voice. Her expressions are perfect. I am so proud of Nia, and she even garners an above-the-head-clap from Abby. That’s no small feat! Jill and Abby are equally thrilled with Kendall’s performance even with Cathy and cronies spewing insults from one row back.

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Back in the dressing room, Abby asks Kate’s opinion on the solos. Kate critiques Sarah, and Tracey wonders why Kate has to be so mean to her daughter. Abby reminds Tracey that she shouldn’t be questioning her decisions. Before the group routine, Cathy pokes Abby and tells her to be quiet. I’m shocked that Abby only chooses to move up a row instead of taking out a restraining order. The group number is a hokey mess, and Cathy agrees, complaining that it’s the worst dance she’s ever seen. I do agree with Jill that the girls did the best they could with what they were given. In the awards ceremony, Sarah’s solo garners fourth place with Kendall placing second. WOOHOO!!!  Nia’s Maya Angelou solo places first, beating the Kendall/Maddie solo. I am so thrilled for her. Somehow, the group number also wins first place. Holly is on cloud nine…she even hugs Abby with joy. Kate and Kailey are dismissed, and Abby promises to be in touch. Sarah gets the boot, and Tracey totally loses it. Poor Sarah looks at her mom, begging with her eyes to stop. Tracey storms out in tears before Cathy busts in to say the group routine was the dumbest dance she’s ever seen. Abby follows her out of the dressing room where she and Cathy get into a giant screaming match. Someone is going to have a sore throat tomorrow!


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