Kendra Wilkinson Sobs In Preview For New Season, While It Is Rumored She Has Taken Her Cheating Husband Back

Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson is a wife scorned. Or at least that is what she would like us to believe when watching a sneak peak for the new season of Kendra on Top. In between sobs, a heavily pregnant Kendra asks her husband — in regards to his rumored transgression with a transexual model — “Did you think about your family when you did what you did?”

My guess is “no”, Kendra, he was not thinking about his family….if the rumors that he cheated are true. These two could be super savvy reality stars willing to do whatever it takes to bring in those all mighty ratings.


In the preview clip, Kendra sobs that when she heard about the alleged affair, “My whole life just flipped upside down,” she says in the clip. “I feel like there’s no hope.”

Or is there? Time heals all wounds right? Because despite what you see in the preview clip, Life & Style is reporting that Kendra and Hank Baskett are “100 percent together.” Yep, back together. Even after being so mad she supposedly flushed her wedding ring down the toilet. Even after she told other friends she was “100 percent done” with her marriage.

Makes you wonder. I have had my doubts from the beginning that any of the rumors were true. But would a couple in love really go that low to get ratings?

Judge for yourself by watching the preview clip below.

 Kendra on Top on WE tv on Oct. 3 at 10 PM! 

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