Is Real Housewives Of Miami Returning? Are Lisa, Marysol, Alexia, Adriana Already Filming Season 4?

Real Housewives of Miami rumors

Ah the power of one tweet… on Sunday, Lisa Hochstein shared a picture of herself with Marysol PattonAlexia Echevarria, and Adriana de Moura at a party. Then all hell broke loose after conflicting reports surrounding the current status of Real Housewives of Miami took the internet by storm.

From that single picture, LALATE exclusively reported the party was filmed and Real Housewives of Miami will return in the spring. This news spread around social media within mere seconds. Like a bad rash. Then Real Mr. Housewife conveniently busted out “a Bravo insider” to discredit LALATE’s report.


LALATE reported that Adriana, Adriana, and Lisa will be full-time housewives (yes, Adriana x 2) and Marysol will be a friend of the housewives. I assume one of those Adrianas was supposed to be Alexia.

The blog went on to say that producers want to add “a second allegiance of women after one ‘team’ is already signed up and filming.” Not able to quit… LALATE added that the Real Housewives of Miami was slated to get Bravo’s “second most preferred time slot” of Monday at 9 pm EST.

But a source shot down this ambitious RHOM report via Real Mr. Housewife.

“The show is NOT taping, and, as of now, has neither been renewed or cancelled,” said the insider. “It is still in limbo, but I can definitely confirm that the show is NOT taping. These four women are intentionally showing up together at events in an attempt to make it seem like the show is back on and stay relevant, but that’s just not the case. These appearances are all staged.”

The source pointed out who was missing from the supposed filming, Lea Black. “That should tell you something right there.” Joanna Krupa is missing, too, but something tells me Lea, err, “the source” was referring to Lea. And only Lea. No matter, Joanna doesn’t plan to return to RHOM if it’s renewed.

“Typically, when Bravo downgrades someone, they plan on getting rid of them,” added the insider. “Due to this, it would be highly unlikely for Marysol to possibly return as a housewife in any capacity. The general consensus of the public was that Marysol was only on the show for her mother, Elsa, and now that her mother can no longer tape the show, she definitely would not be brought back.”

Bombarded with tweets from fans begging for confirmation, Lea tweeted, “Only listen to ‘official’ sources.” She’s right. Anyone can claim to have an exclusive, but nothing is certain until either Bravo or PoP makes an announcement.

That said, I do NOT have much faith in LALATE’s reports, so I side with Real Mr. Housewife on this one. Sometimes a party is just a party. However I would love to learn more about Lisa, Alexia, Adriana, and Marysol supposedly staging scenes to keep Real Housewives of Miami fans buzzing.

ETA: Also noteworthy as a potential reason behind all the renewed buzz over RHOM: the show is debuting in the UK and some fans thought the ladies were talking about the premiere of a new season here in the U.S. 




Photo Credit: Instagram