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Last night was the season finale of Dance Moms, and I don’t know about you, but I’m wondering who I’m going to spend my Tuesday evenings with now that Abby Lee Miller is on hiatus. Who will brighten my day with her cheer and positive attitude? Still in Los Angeles and prepping for Nationals, Abby has the elite team facing off with the select crew, and she’s striking fear in the hearts of both teams with the threat of Cathy’s Candy Apples. Abby then springs on the crew that Maddie may be doing solo, and Melissa states that she thinks that the other girls should have a chance to win. What? She’s finally putting being liked by the other mothers over her daughter winning every routine she enters? 

Across town, the Candy Apples are rehearsing their group routine to Chandelier as a dig to Maddie’s Sia video. At the ALDC studio, Abby is hoping that her “Amber Alert” group number will send chills up the spines of the audience, but MacKenzie’s dancing says otherwise. Abby has had it with her group routine, and she urges Maddie to practice her solo in the event she needs a slam dunk in the competition. Nia speaks up, asking why they aren’t focusing on the group number since it’s the most important. Until Nia and Mack-Z can get in sync, Abby thinks Maddie’s efforts would be best spent elsewhere. The other moms are livid with Melissa for not speaking up…I guess her need for inclusion was short lived, although the moms are kidding themselves if they think for a second they wouldn’t behave the same to further their daughters’ careers. As Holly, Christi, and Jill henpeck her, Melissa erupts into a bleeping ball of anger. I knew you had it in you, girl! 


As Kamryn practices her solo, Abby hopes that she can become her go-to when Maddie is off being spectacular. When Christi and Abby get into it, Christi realizes that Abby’s revenge will be to make sure that Kamryn beats Chloe. As if on cue, Abby storms back into Kamryn’s rehearsal and announces that Kamryn must beat Chloe. Abby then accuses Chloe of no longer being passionate about dance. As much as she hates to admit it, Christi agrees. Chloe hates the pressure and feels like she’s heading into the competition with everyone against her. She would be correct on that assumption!

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The following day, the ALDC arrives at Nationals to a crowd sporting apples. Has Cathy paid off half of Hollywood to come intimidate Abby? It seems so. Chloe is determined to do her best. Back in the dressing room. When Abby learns that Cathy is using Chandelier, she and Melissa are both livid. They scream at Cathy about Maddie’s bond with Sia, and Abby encourages Maddie to allow her to enter her Sia solo in lieu of one of her friends. Maddie declines, and Abby is beyond frustrated that her protege is so worried about hurting her friends’ feelings. 

Kendall performs first, and her expressions are fabulous with spot-on turns. I don’t love the choreography though. Chloe follows. She is flawless, but it is evident that she is lacking that light she used to have when she performed. Kamryn is phenomenal, and her choreography is leaps and bounds above Chloe’s. However, I typed too quickly as poor Kamryn trips and falls. My heart breaks for her as she was doing such a beautiful job. Like a consummate professional, she doesn’t miss a beat, and Abby is beyond proud. She engulfs her in a bear hug while beaming about her great save. Holly can’t believe it. If any of their girls had fallen during Nationals, Abby would have been spitting fire.

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A Candy Apple mom wanders into the ALDC dressing room playing Chandelier on her phone in an effort to psyche out Abby’s girls. Maddie, in a total bad ass move, breaks into her Sia routine—that has gotten her on multiple talk shows, so there!–as the offending mother skulks away. As Cathy’s group takes the stage for the copycat number, Maddie seethes backstage. It’s a great routine, but it doesn’t hold a candle to that freaking video. The select team also has a beautiful routine, so the original moms are a bit concerned about Amber Alert. The dance is terrifying. Amazingly creepy. The elite girls did a tremendous job. During the awards ceremony, Jill is livid at Kendall’s ninth place finish. Chloe and Kamryn tie for fifth, but Chloe has the edge with the judges because of a more technical routine. I guess Christi should eat her words about her daughter’s simple choreography. In the group numbers, Cathy’s Sia knockoff takes fifth, with Abby’s select team placing second. The veteran girls are the National champions with Amber Alert!

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Of course, the group win is overshadowed by none of the solos placing first. Abby is pissed that Kendall is crying, and Christi brings it to Abby’s attention that Kamryn got coddled and praised by Abby when she was teary after her fall. Jill doesn’t even have an opportunity to stand up for her own daughter because Christi has totally lost it. She reminds Abby that the elite team made her a household name thanks to this show (true). When Abby retaliates by calling Chloe “washed up,” Christi snaps and bursts into tears. She tries to compose herself as the girls join the moms, but Chloe quietly reveals that she heard what Abby said about her. Heartbreaking. Christi gathers her daughter’s things and heads out before facing Abby again. Abby then dismantles the select team, claiming they did what they were formed to do: motivate her originals. I am in tears as a sobbing Chloe says she doesn’t want to dance with Abby anymore, and she hates that feeling because she loves her teammates. Lifetime, please stop this madness. Please. 


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