VIDEO: Dance Moms’ Christi Lukasiak Accuses “Someone” Of Trying To Sabotage Chloe; Plus, Check Out Chloe’s Campaign For Just For Kix!

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I really, really got so heated when I was reading up on Chloe Lukasiak’s departure from Dance Moms. It was bad enough when I thought the horrible Abby Lee Miller called her “washed out,” but to learn that Lifetime had dubbed over what she really said makes me absolutely sick. Shame on these adults (all of them–the moms aren’t innocent either!) for putting these girls in this situation. No wonder Christi went off on Abby the way she did. Sure, she’s certainly done it before with less instigation, but still. Abby’s lucky, Christi didn’t poke her in the eye, just for good measure. I probably would have…

Thankfully, Christi and Chloe’s contract is up, and they are leaving the show. While I will certainly miss Chloe’s sweet nature and tremendous talent, but she needs to get away from that horrific dance teacher. Hey, if we’re lucky, Lifetime will get rid of their moneymaker and not renew the show. Am I the only one who wouldn’t miss it? Not surprisingly, Christi is still getting her digs in on the Twitterverse!


After the finale aired, I was so heartbroken to see poor Chloe tearfully telling her mother she’d overheard what Abby said about her. Now that I know what Abby actually said, I have to commend her for her maturity. She has such poise for a thirteen year old who has been constantly bullied by a hateful dance teacher. Christi revealed the real story on her Twitter, telling followers, “Actually, Abby actually made fun if Chloe’s face caused by a medical condition there, NOT HER DANCING!” So, so shameful.

She also joked with her best frenemy Kelly Hyland who was booted from the show last season after an altercation with Abby got a bit physical (I think Abby’s hair was mussed!) and is now suing Abby. Christi tweeted Kelly, writing, “Hey @dancemomkelly, I hear if I hang out with you, I’ll get kicked off the team. Wanna go to lunch??” to which Kelly responded, “Absolutely!” I kind of miss their banter and antics!

Of course, Christi isn’t all jokes and revelations, and she recently tweeted a cryptic message implying that someone (I wonder who!) was trying to sabotage opportunities for Chloe. She fumed, “So tired of a certain person trying to blackball everything Chloe does. Find something better to do. What? Afraid of what might happen??” Could she be referring to Chloe’s new gig as the face of Just for Kix’s new self-esteem initiative? 

Christi shared Chloe’s wonderful message, beaming, “So proud of Chloe for using something so ugly and making it positive. That’s my girl! #TeamChloe #nobodyisYOU” Check out the video of Chloe’s amazing talent in a promo for the #nobodyisYOU campaign below!




[Photo Credit: Twitter]