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Oh, the progression that is Mob Wives! The students have become the teachers. Just a few short seasons ago, some of these women were one bitch slap from an assault charge, and now those same ladies are the voices of reason. That’s growth, y’all! 

As we return to the scene of the rat race, er, girl fight, Karen Gravano is shoulder checking Natalie Guercio into a brick wall. Kudos to Karen for an often under-utilized move! Next year, poor Big Ang will be celebrating the one year anniversary of the time that the bar’s seven year anniversary was one upped by a spandexed Natalie trying to assert her toughness. Bystanders quickly intervene, and Drita D’avanzo likens it to better than cable. Storm wonders why his girlfriend had to go after Natalie after London already admitted (and hugged it out regarding) all of her faults. At home, Drita is excited that things are going so well with Lee. While he still won’t appear on the show, they burn through their cell phone minutes. His girls adore having him home, and he’s happy to play tutor to his two daughters. Lee admits that it’s hard being on the outside, and the pair is working so much that it’s hard to make time together. He urges her to make plans for an upcoming date night.


In Philly, Natalie is still being cold to London after he tried to make amends with Karen and Storm. She left him in New York, but he’s ventured to see her in hopes they can talk. If I had a dollar for every time Natalie complains that Storm “jacked her off in front of her man” and Lee was too polite to her haters, it would be raining money this Christmas. Throw in twenty dollars every time she does the motion of her complaint with a water bottle, and I’m getting a new car. This girl is ridiculous. I wonder how much VH1 is paying London to stick around for the cameras. Lee claims to be trying to salvage their relationship, but Natalie doesn’t think he’s trying hard enough. 

Renee Graziano is actually thrilled that she wasn’t invited to the Drunken Monkey party. She’s catching up with Karen to find out what actually went down at the bar. Renee is shocked to learn that London was nice and pleasant to Karen and Storm . As Karen relays the night’s events, Renee just smirks and reminds Karen that Ang and Drita made a huge mistake inviting Natalie into their inner circle. Karen reminds Renee that Ang is just being naive, but Renee won’t hear it. It’s time for her to contact Ang to have a discussion about loyalty. 

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Ang is over all of her friends, estranged friends, and potential enemies so she’s seeking the advice of the queen of the Mob Wives, Victoria Gotti. The women meet up and have a love fest about how much of gentleman Victoria’s father John Gotti was. Victoria agrees. Mobsters these days have totally forgotten their morals and ethics. When they start talking about the dynamics of Ang’s group, both women pinpoint Natalie as a polarizing personality. Renee is also chastised for being so quick to tear down her friends. Victoria reminds Ang that bad mouthing family should be off limits, and the women should be building up one another. She advises that Ang is responsible for setting the boundaries in her relationship, People should only treat her how she allows them to treat her. Self-help by Victoria Gotti? Sign me up!

After the debacle at the Drunken Monkey, Ang and Drita are meeting with Natalie to talk her about the importance of not sweating the small stuff. Drita asserts that Natalie is lucky that London isn’t a street thug, and she should be thankful for that. Both Ang and Drita agree that Natalie hit below the belt with Karen. Her mouth was vicious. Drita likens Natalie’s tongue to her own fists. Regardless of her friendship with the ladies, Natalie refuses to play nice. She’ll say what she wants when she wants. Mature. 

Across town, Karen is giving Renee a tour of her new digs. She’s excited to be back in New York and have her daughter joining her. Karen shares that she’s recently had a big fight with Storm. She woke up one morning when Storm came in from a late night, and she startles a girl in the living room. Karen decks Storm and the girl goes running despite the fact that Storm claims she was just around for Storm’s friend. A teary Karen hopes that being silent and mulling over her feelings will help her find the right way to move forward with Storm.

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Ang is now a grandmother! She is over the moon, but it’s bittersweet because her son AJ violated parole and was sent to Rikers before his daughter’s birth. Tsk, tsk, AJ! I had such high hopes for him! Ang is sharing her disappointment with Drita, and Drita hopes that this lesson will be the wake-up call that AJ needs to turn his life around. Ang is appreciative of her friend’s pep talk. She also reveals that Renee wants to meet her to talk about their friendship. Ang is willing to give her some time, but she has little patience for Renee’s bitterness. 

In a show of tough love, Renee has sent her son AJ to live with his grandfather to learn some responsibility and respect. Over lunch with he and his serious girlfriend, she reminds him that while she loves his girlfriend, he needs to ask permission from her when he’s ready to propose. In my opinion, AJ has always been the parent in this relationship, and even when he’s acting out, he is still worlds more mature, wise, and grounded than his mother. Renee explains that she doesn’t want AJ to make the same mistakes she made by rushing into things. While I agree with her, she really just wants to parlay the conversation into a discussion about how crappy her friends are to when she’s so nice and innocent.

Across town, Ang receives a phone call from her AJ in Rikers. She’s ready for him to get home and see his daughter’s nursery. Ang encourages him to get a good job and get his life on track so he can be an example as his daughter. Meanwhile, Karen is upset that she’s unpacking her new home without the help of Storm. When he arrives at her house, she’s not willing to budge on her anger after their latest “argument.” A defensive Storm wonders why it’s so bad that he let his buddy’s girl come into his house to use the bathroom at 7 AM. Storm calls her Crazy KG and reminds her that she didn’t give him the opportunity to explain why the girl was there before she went total bat shiz on the both of them. Karen believes that him trying to make her feel crazy is making the situation all that much worse. She’s trying to be a total tough girl and won’t let him get a word in edgewise. He put her in a place where her only option was to act insane. Right? Right! As Karen screams at her boyfriend, Storm just sits passively waiting for her to stop talking. When he has a few moments to talk, he squeaks out, “You love drama.” True. She shrieks, “NO I DOOO—OOON’T!” before declaring “we done” and kicking him out of the house. When a defeated Storm refuses to leave, Karen runs out screaming about what a bad ass she is. Point taken. 

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Although their friendship has been very strained, Ang and Renee are finally meeting to settle their differences. It’s like an orange silicone infused convention. Ang isn’t good at confrontation, but that’s okay because Renee is. Renee believes that Natalie is the root of all of their problems, but Ang counters that their actual issues stem from Renee talking trash about her family. Unfortunately, the episode ends before we can see the surprise lunch guest that makes all the orange drain from Renee’s overly injected cheeks. Gotti, anyone? 


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