Former Dance Moms’ Star Paige Hyland Finds Success With YouTube Channel

Dance moms paige

While Kelly Hyland’s behavior always left a lot be desired when she appeared on Dance Moms, there is no denying how adorable daughters Brooke and Paige were on the Lifetime reality show. Of course, it wasn’t very entertaining watching the girls belittled by the dance teacher who had been in their lives since they were toddlers. Abby Lee Miller certainly had decades old beef with teenage rival Kelly, and she often took out her frustrations for Kelly on the two girls.

Knowing that, it’s no surprise that Kelly was kicked off the show (and arrested) for assaulting Abby (read: flicking her mile high bangs–Abby totally provoked her in my opinion) which was quickly followed with lawsuits from both Kelly and Paige. Thankfully, Paige isn’t making litigation her eighth grade hobby. She’s now a middle school YouTube sensation.


The peppy talent was recently interviewed by the International Business Times, and she explained her reasoning behind her new found love of internet tutorials. Paige reveals, “I used to watch YouTube videos a lot so I thought that it would be a good way to interact with my fans and for them to see what I’m doing now,” adding that she hosts question and answer segments, room tours, and breaks down her daily routines. As for inspiration, she shares, “I do a lot of what they tell me to do!” 

While she has over one hundred thousand subscribers, Paige also counts her friends among her biggest supporters. She admits, “I didn’t think that they would watch them but they actually do. I go to school and my friend will say the line that I said and I’m like, ‘Oh, gosh.’ But I think they like them… It’s fun for them to watch.”

Her mother is also excited about her YouTube popularity and sometimes makes cameos. Kelly states, “I like that the fans get to see Paige, not how she was on Dance Moms. They get to really see her personality and see who Paige is,” asserting that her time on Paige’s YouTube channel is fun. “It’s good mother-daughter time. I would definitely do some more!”

As her daughter’s channel gains subscribers, Kelly assures the site that education comes first, saying, “In our house, school comes first. They have to keep their grades up with school before they are allowed to do all this extra stuff.”

Don’t worry, Paige hasn’t given up on her first love. She shares, “I dance, but I’m not in a studio right now. I’m just taking different classes at different places. Different teachers teach different ways, so it’s nice.”

Paige also is trying to coordinate a YouTube segment with sixteen-year-old sister Brooke who is busy focusing on school and getting her driver’s license. We’ll have to keep checking her channel (new videos premiere each Tuesday at 8PM) for that duo! As for making it back on our small screens, Kelly isn’t in a hurry to her girls back in the reality realm. She counters, “I guess it depends on what it was for. I would like something positive for the girls to do. They loved being on television. They loved having their fan base and things like that, they just didn’t love the negativity.”

Paige agrees, gushing, “I think it would be nice to go back on TV, but for right now, I’m sticking with YouTube!”


[Photo Credit: Twitter]