Mob Wives Recap: Word For Word!

mob wives ang

Hey, remember that time Natalie Guercio and Karen Gravano got into a knock-down-drag-out fight where both ladies ended up with scratched faces and handfuls of hair? Yeah, me too. Do you also remember that time that the always breezy and light-hearted Big Ang became a force to reckoned with among the Mob Wives? No? You must have missed last night’s episode then! 

As Natalie and Karen are separated, Drita D’avanzo and Ang wonder why their friends are so insane. Renee Graziano is proud of Karen’s showing. Karen attempts to approach Natalie again, but she’s deterred. Natalie casually puffs on her cigarette before being escorted away. Drita is livid. If there is another altercation, she plans on being in the thick of it. Ang knows that once you talk about family–and draw blood–there is no return. At their New York apartment, London comes home from the gym and questions what happened to Natalie’s face. She rehashes the argument, promising she tried to watch her mouth. However, when Karen lashed out at her, Natalie won. London is fine with his girlfriend fighting as long as she’s defending herself. Natalie believes that she may still have a bond with her once biffle Renee who didn’t assist Karen in the beat down. Natalie, like Karen, can’t wait for round two. There are some things worth going to jail for, as Karen so eloquently puts it.


Renee isn’t snooping in AJ’s room, she just happens to be looking on his dresser and finds a letter that Junior has written to AJ from prison. She calls her friend to read the letter, and while I don’t think that she should be reading his personal mail, I agree with Renee that Junior shouldn’t be burdening their son with his past crimes…which he is in said letter. Renee goes crazy as only Renee can, and she wishes Junior dead as she calls him every name in the book. Already stressed out by her friends’ brawl, Drita needs some downtown with her precious daughters. She enlists them to help her choose the photographs for her Lady Boss calendar. Drita is planning a party to launch her calendar, and I’d say that’s a fabulous plan given what happened the last time Drita tried to host a business-related soiree.

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Karen wants to meet with new Natalie Denato to discuss her table flipping incident with the cop caller. Is it just me or does new Natalie look totally different every time she gets camera time? She looks twenty years older in this scene. Natalie 2.0 hopes that Karen showed Ratalie who’s boss. Karen expresses her disappointment that Drita and Ang refused to mediate, and Natalie 2.0 questions their loyalty. She wishes that Drita and Ang knew that Ratalie was calling up new Natalie’s man to talk about the washed up seahags she hangs out with in New York. Natalie’s boyfriend even put Ratalie’s call on speaker so she could hear it, so you know it was a legit conversation. She heard it word for word. Word. For. Word. Holy $#!+! There’s a shazam app for your phone where you can shazam how many times the ladies are bleeped. People will [email protected]*^ing pay for anything! Hold on one second…downloading… 😉

On a date with Storm, Karen shares her grand aspirations of owning a yacht. Now that she’s put Natalie in her place (I love that both women consider themselves the victors), she needs to focus on her goals. Karen has her eyes set on the medicinal marijuana business. Storm can’t wait to see what she has to offer…he needs medical weed. According to Karen, he’s the East Coast Snoop Dogg who knows all about pot. She throws around names for her potential strain, but Storm vetoes Gravano Green (not all weed is green, duh!) and Gangsta Ganja. Both sound like they’d be great for glaucoma. After hearing from Karen that cop caller is talking smack about her, Drita goes to the boxing ring to hear about it from Nat D. She’s super impressed that new Natalie likes to cage fight. New Natalie rehashes the seahag conversation, and Drita swears to high heaven that if it’s true, she’ll bleeping crack Ratalie’s scull wide open. It’s one thing for Ratalie to call her enemies such names, but talking about her friends like that is unforgivable. Natalie swears to high heaven that if she’s lyin’ she’s dyin’. She heard it word for word. I think they should just keep the swears to their potty mouthed vocabulary. 

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Renee and Karen are shopping for something fun to wear to Drita’s calendar party, and Karen drops the news that Junior has been sentenced to eleven years. Renee is overwhelmed, but she feels like she can finally stop looking over her shoulder in fear. Karen then heads to Arizona for the opening of her brother’s new restaurant. She also hopes to learn more about her latest passion for pot. Hey, she’s been involved in drugs on the illegal side, so she feels like she’ll already have a leg up if she decides to open a dispensary. The family gathers together to celebrate, and everyone teases Karina (she’s grown into a gorgeous young lady) about being the selfie queen as Karen’s mom regales in stories of Karen and her brother’s bad behavior as teens. Karen then shares that wants to be the next big thing in medicinal marijuana. Her mother is appalled. Both Karen and her brother were indicted in an ecstasy ring, why would she want to associate their family name with more drugs…even legal ones? 

Back at home, Renee is concerned about AJ who has been very quiet since Junior’s sentencing. AJ doesn’t want to discuss it, as he thought his father wouldn’t serve any time. Renee believes that Junior is paying for the time he took from other family’s, and AJ counters that he hasn’t seen his dad for half of his life–he almost doesn’t seem real any more. I can’t tell if AJ is angry or upset or trying to protect his mother by not sharing that he misses the man she so violently hates. Renee hates that  AJ has been deprived of a good and doting father, and she’s in tears. Poor AJ knows that its father’s fault for making such bad decisions. I just adore AJ. 

It’s the night of Drita’s party, and Renee is ready to celebrate her friend and a chapter closed in her history with Junior. Karen is still in Arizona, so she’s missing the festivities. Drita wonders if Nat G. is attending as they now have some seahag business to discuss. Renee refuses to sit across from a cop caller, but Ang just thinks Renee needs to learn to forgive. Drita intervenes that forgiveness is important with family and old friends, but Natalie isn’t important enough to Renee to warrant forgiveness. She’s tired of sticking up for Natalie. Ang is sick of everyone ganging up original Natalie, and she’s disappointed that Drita has jumped on the bandwagon. Hold the phone! No, seriously, Renee is holding her phone when she gets a text from the cop caller herself inviting Renee out for dinner and drinks–Ratalie’s treat.

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Ang thinks that Natalie sincerely misses her friendship with Renee, and Ang accuses her of being nuts. On cue, new Natalie arrives to hear about the texting drama. New Natalie takes the opportunity to tell Ang that the friend she’s so loyal to is calling her “word for word” a seahag behind her back. That’s so my new insult! Ang shrugs it off, saying Natalie likely didn’t mean herself or Drita, but Natalie reminds her she heard it…say it with me, folks! WORD FOR WORD! Drita is questioning why it’s okay for someone to call them that. New Natalie wants her new friends to know that she’s not just coming into their circle to stir the pot. Ang pointedly, but oh so quietly, admits that’s exactly what she thinks new Natalie is doing. I am loving this combative Ang! Ang is so sick of talking about Natalie. She wants to celebrate Drita’s business. She storms off to enjoy the Lady Boss calendar, leaving a befuddled Drita in her dust. 


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