Mob Wives Recap: Friendsgiving

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Clearly, VH1 is trying to prove to us that the Mob Wives are just fun people who hate brawling and enjoy each other’s company. Sure, we’ll go with that. I don’t know how to explain last night’s episode where Renee Graziano acted (dare I say) normal, Drita D’Avanzo’s focus was on a family trip, Karen Gravano was trying to bring her immediate family together in Arizona, and Big Ang, well, Ang is always the voice of reason regardless of circumstance. Natalie Guercio is going to need to learn when to push and when to put on the brakes. At least some things never change…

We begin with Renee channeling her inner goddess with a photo shoot for her Mob Candy brand. I must say she looks fabulous. A bob is a good look for her, and she’s happy with where her friendships are at this point in her life. From Mob Candy to Lady Boss, Drita is having her weekly conversation with Lee since he refuses to be on camera. She’s thrilled her daughter is excelling at soccer given that she was a soccer star back in the day. The couple decides that a Disney trip needs to be in the works for their family…now that Lee is allowed to cross state lines. Win!


Meanwhile, Natalie hosts Ang at her New York apartment, and Ang hopes to get to the bottom of all the drama surrounding the Karen/Natalie brawl. Natalie is happy to be laughing again, and I credit Ang’s scarlet studded trucker cap for this revelation. Ang asks about the sea hags comment, and Natalie is floored. She would never talk shiz about her friends! Ang is placated by Natalie’s admission. Old Natalie doesn’t even know new Natalie, so she’s confused as to why her friends are pulled into the newbie’s gossip. Natalie knows she needs to chat with Drita, and Drita lays it all out on the table. When Drita brings up the sea hags comment, Natalie is hurt that Drita is listening to a nobody that she doesn’t even know. The answer? Drita trusts no one. As Natalie cries about how good a friend she’s been to Drita, the Lady Boss cracks. Clearly, this Natalie is Drita’s friend. Drita now relates to Natalie’s situation. She was once in a place where everyone was against her. Natalie tells Drita she wants to be friends with Renee even after all the drama. Friendsgiving? 

In Arizona, Karen is ready to head back to New York. She’s upset that daughter Karina hasn’t had time with her father, and she’s voicing her frustrations to her brother. Karen reminds her brother that even though her their father was a schmuck on the streets, his priority was still to be a good dad. Her brother went through a similar situation. Karen’s heart is broken that Karina’s dad can’t afford his daughter the same luxury. Complaining to her brother, Karen breaks down. Why can’t her daughter’s family experience be the same as hers? Her brother urges her to make the best life possible for her niece regardless of her father’s stupidity.

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Speaking of cute kids, Drita is having some quality time with her two girls. She reveals that they are going on a family vacation, and her daughters are over the moon. Drita’s girls are looking forward to a fun time, and Drita is excited to distance herself from the ladies’ drama. She questions whether her daughters will behave and she’s greeted with a “maybe.” I think she should be happy with that! Renee has taken it down several notches and she’s happily planning the one year anniversary of Mob Candy. I have to love when Renee has a project. Ang and Drita arrive, and both women are happy to be able to support their friend. Renee asks Ang is she plans to invite Natalie to her Thanksgiving feast, and Ang confirms the invite. Renee shares that she will probably attend if it’s okay with Karen. Karen doesn’t think that Natalie is a threat the their friendship, and she’s fine with Renee attempting to play nice and/or make amends…as long as Renee knows that Karen won’t follow suit. Are we all grown-ups now? Apparently!

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I think I just saw a ghost! So did the ladies of Mob Wives! Carla Facciolo waltzes into Renee’s party as if she hasn’t been absent for two+ seasons. I love it! Renee admits that, despite their past (which is violent), she invited Carla to let bygones be bygones. To be honest, Renee didn’t think Carla would show. Drita peaces out quickly, but she’s insulted that her friends think she’s leaving due to Carla’s arrival. She totally has to go to prep for her family vacay. Carla isn’t cool with Drita’s departure, and she tries to get Renee and Ang on her side. Despite the prior drama, the women enjoy the evening.

Ang is hosting her Thanksgiving dinner, and Natalie is the first to arrive. She’s hoping to patch thing up with Renee. When Drita arrives, Natalie jokes that Ang’s dining room table is too heavy to flip, so the night should be drama free. Drita opines that Renee should be fine with Natalie given the fact she’s buried the hatchet with Carla. If Renee can be friends with Carla, the ladies agree that she can be friends with ANYBODY. On cue, Renee arrives, and she’s jonesing for an apology from Natalie. However, she’s willing to play nice…until she kicks Ang and Drita out of Ang’s own kitchen for some one-on-one time with Natalie. Renee starts the conversation by saying she doesn’t like being made fun of to which Natalie counters that she doesn’t either. I wish that Natalie would just play nice and keep her mouth shut. It’s not hard. She is the outsider, and all of these ladies’ beef is so ridiculous, what’s the harm is saying, “My bad. Sorry!” It would serve Natalie well.

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As Renee puffs on her cigarette and demands an apology (calmly, I’ll give her credit for that), Drita and Ang freeze on the patio. While Natalie isn’t willing to admit she’s wrong, Renee keeps an even keel. Natalie won’t say  “sorry” but she will recognize that she says hateful things when she feels threatened. If that’s an apology, Renee will take it…with a caveat. Now that everything is cool between Renee and Natalie, Renee wants to make peace between Natalie and Karen. Right now, her relationship with Natalie is based on respect, but not friendship. If Natalie really wants to prove her loyalty to Renee, she needs to play nice with Karen. In case you didn’t know, Karen is Renee’s family.  Wait, did the show just end on a slightly positive note? I’ll take it!


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