Mob Wives’ Renee Graziano Thanks Carla Facciolo For A Second Chance At Friendship


I don’t know what’s up with this new Renee Graziano, but I like her! First she impressed me to no end with her humor and cooking skills on chopped. Now, her Instagram is like a love fest! I guess if I just ignore her behavior on Mob Wives, she’s a really sweet lady!

Of course, Renee has had beef with almost everyone ever cast on Mob Wives. She is still reeling from Natalie Guercio’s delicious betrayal last season, and she was once mortal enemies with Carla Facciolo. My how times have changed! Renee and Carla are now mending fences…so much so that Carla has appeared on two episodes of the show this season…with more to come, I’m sure! We have to get to the bottom of Drita D’avanzo’s sudden aversion to her former bestie!


So, you may be different, but the thing I love about Instagram is that I can forgo the rants I’ve become accustomed to on Facebook and just enjoy an endless stream of pictures. Of course, some people love a caption, and if you’re Renee Graziano, you apparently love the fact that Instagram, unlike Twitter, doesn’t make you express your feelings in 180 characters or less!

The reality star posted the above picture of herself and Carla on her Instagram with a sweet rambling rant caption about celebrating friendships and learning to forgive. I’m not going to attempt to correct the tween text abbreves or make sense of the parts that don’t make sense. I am just going to applaud Renee for realizing that grudges only hurt the holder.

Renee begins, “It feels good putting the pieces of your life back together when you sincerely mean it .. Not only did @carlafacciolo and I talk rationally #nohate honest and true and decide that we are able to forgive dead it and move on .. BUT today we had lunch not planned until literally 30 min B4 So u have no clue who’s gonna call you and a GOD WILLING a call came from someone who actually made us friends when we kids, that I haven’t spoken to in a couple years and the 1st thing she did was say say hello and when I heard his voice I wanted to cry cause I missed my friend I miss the people who NEVER hurt me BUT because I was on defense didn’t believe or #trustNO1 and thats real shit .. imagine being paranoid sober and clean that is like godzilla on steroids!!!!”

Concluding, Renee gushes (screams?), “SO IN CELEBRATING STRONG WOMEN I SAY THANK YOU TO @karengravano for saying what you did about carla that day!! I told her n I trust u and look at all these gifts i got & CARLA THANK U FOR BEING ABLE TO GIVE FRIENDSHIP A 2ND CHANCE OR LIKE 15 Chances BUT HEY WHO’S COUNTING!!! And Hand 2 GOD I’m done battling the people who care !! #ifeelgoodalittlesensitivebutgood #INBALISWORDSIFULIKEITILOVEIT #freeyourmindandtherestwillfollow”

Does it sound to you like Renee is turning over a new leaf?


[Photo Credit: Instagram]