Mob Wives Recap: The Return Of Ratalie

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Were you prepared for that little twist on last night’s Mob Wives? Fraudalie? Ratalie? Who to believe? Why do they even care? That’s the biggest mystery! As the episode begins, Natalie Guercio is meeting Drita D’avanzo for lunch. Did Drita borrow that third eye cut-out sweatshirt from Tamra Judge? Big Ang arrives very fashionably late in long white coat that looks like it was stolen from a 70’s pimp or that abominable claymation creature in that Christmas show about the Land of the Misfit Toys. Is that Alpaca? Ang is rehashing the holiday party and how much Natalie DiDonato gets on her nerves. All Nat D. wants to do is bitch about First Natalie. Does she ever ask anything about Ang’s life? No. Ang doesn’t have time for that, and she reveals that New Natalie now has beef with Drita. She wants to talk to Drita about her inability to choice sides. No one likes a fence straddler. 

Speaking of sides, the battle lines are clearly drawn as Karen Gravano and Renee Graziano convene at Fraudalie’s house to complain about Ratalie. Of course, everyone wants to discuss why Drita wasn’t in attendance at Natalie 2.0’s party. What’s with her loyalty to Original Natalie? Nat D. believed that Drita was no nonsense, but she’s clearly a flip-flopper. Renee admits that she’s finally in a good place with everyone and her friends can work out their issues on their own time. Finally, Renee is speaking some sense! Karen and New Natalie bond over how tough it can be to have younger boyfriends. Natalie finally had to ditch hers because he was too thirsty with other girls and she tended to get violent when they fought. She’s glad that’s over with, for sure! On cue, her ex-boyfriend bursts into the backyard and accuses her of lying to him. As they scream at each other, New Natalie starts pushing him and threatening him. Renee halfheartedly yells “you shouldn’t be doing this” from across the deck. After seeing Natalie D. go after her boyfriend, Renee is a tad worried about Drita, who is usually considered the fighter of the group. She may have some competition!


The following day, Karen is visiting Renee who is pleased with her new zen persona. Renee has rid her life of Junior and addiction, and after watching Nat D. and her boyfriend she was taken back to that negativity. She just can’t have it in her life, and she’s decided to get re-baptized to affirm her faith and cleanse the negativity. Renee asks Karen to be her god-sister, and Karen is honored by her friend’s request. 

In the city, New Natalie is shopping with her mother Denise. Over red wine and fur coats, Natalie tells her mom about the recent episode with Ronnie. Denise is not a Ronnie fan at all, and she can’t give him any more chances. Whenever she’s watched her daughter cry over this slime ball, Denise wants to rip his heart out and squeeze it. Natalie wishes that her mother could see what she see in him when things are good…perhaps she shouldn’t have told her all times when things went sour then!

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Karen has invited Drita and Ang over to share the news of Renee’s baptism, and she hopes that they will be equally supportive. Of course they will. Moving on with no segue (from me or from Karen!), Karen reveals that Fraudalie is wondering why Drita didn’t even RSVP to her party. An eye roll from Ang confirms that this is not the conversation she wants to be having. If New Natalie has such a problem with her, Drita wishes she’d say something to her face so she could then pummel Fraudalie’s. In her apartment, Ratalie is complaining to an old friend about how over she is of New Natalie’s drama. She’s glad that her new friends continue to stick up for her when Natalie 2.0 talks trash, but she hates that they are put in the middle of their unnecessary feud. 

Still trying to find ways to shorten her father’s prison sentence, Karen has called upon her cousin Rena for support. She knows that Rena will understand her plight as her father is also incarcerated. Karen shares that a new law has been passed that can decrease the sentence for prisoners serving time for certain non-violent drug offenders. She’s ready to have his lawyer file an appeal. Rena urges her cousin not to get her hopes up given that no court is going to perceive Karen’s dad as a non-violent offender. Karen disagrees. Sure, in the past he’s been charged with murder and extortion, but this particular conviction stems from a non-violent crime. Rena hopes that Karen recognizes that she is now the matriarch of her family, and she needs to focus on being there for her mother and daughter more than a long shot which may get her father’s sentence reduced. 

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I think Ang made her fur coat into a sofa. She and Drita are chatting about just how toxic Nat D. has become to their group. While Drita found her to be nice and fun in the beginning, she now sees that Fraudalie’s only goal was to taint Ratalie’s friends against her. Ang stands firm…her loyalty is to Natalie….G. Drita has every intention of meeting one-on-one with Natalie 2.0 to put this insanity to rest. She only wishes that it could take place in a boxing ring. Drita is fully confident in her ability to kick Nat D.’s arse. 

Karen is happy to finally be in a good place in her relationship with Storm, and she is able to open up to him. The pair is going through the mail, and Karen receives a letter from her father which she shares aloud. She is so ready to have him back home, and she’s not going to give up until she has exhausted all of her efforts. The following day, a bright-eyed Renee is ready to rid her life of demons and find peace through her baptism. She needs to let go and let God. As she shares her new outlook with Ang and Karen, she realizes that Drita is M.I.A. It seems that Drita has decided she can’t go to Renee’s baptism until she has cleansed herself of the Nat D. drama, so she’s set up a little meeting with her new nemesis. Drita lays out her way of doing things…she isn’t taking sides. She has heard out both Natalies when they have talked crap about the other, and she goes off facts instead of emotion. She also likes to beat people’s faces in and laugh while she’s doing it. We good?

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Ahh, Natalie 2.0 seems to have something up her sleeve. She is not fazed by Drita’s lecture, and she’s pulling out her phone. Has someone been holding on to evidence and is ready for a big reveal? I think so! New Natalie’s friend secretly recorded a conversation with Original Natalie, and Drita can’t believe her ears. She’s clearly not going to make it to Renee’s spiritual rebirth, because it’s going on as Drita hangs on every word of the recording. As viewers, we are not privy to a recording which was obtained without one party’s knowledge, but Drita is stunned. She sums it up as Natalie admitting that she is, in fact, a rat. Drita feels sick from this betrayal. I can’t remember at this point who Natalie ratted out, but I think it was calling her boyfriend’s parole officer to get him in trouble. Drita plans to drive through Natalie’s house and rip off her limbs. No one lies to Drita, and no one makes Drita feel sorry for them in the course of that lie. This seems a little excessive, no? Natalie 2.0 is super smug at this point, and the two women plan their revenge. 


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