13th Annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational Day 3

Like confetti on your clothes after a Lady Gaga concert, Bruce Jenner is in every crack and cranny you look in these days. Jenner has been all over news and gossip websites lately in the wake of his Diane Sawyer interview about gender identity, but now the February Malibu car crash Bruce refused to comment on during that interview is bubbling back up to the surface.

Kim Howe, who died in the crash, is survived by two adult stepchildren who are seeking restitution (Kim had no other living relatives). They are jointly filing a wrongful death lawsuit “claiming Bruce was ‘careless and negligent’ when he slammed into Howe’s Lexus on PCH  back in February, causing it to careen into oncoming traffic where it collided head on with a Hummer,” according to TMZ. The crash itself is still being investigated by the LA County Sheriff’s Department who will send their findings to the LA county DA for possible prosecution, but sources say “it’s unlikely prosecutors will file.”

TMZ formerly reported that video footage of the crash reveals Bruce being an inattentive driver (specifically: not looking at the Lexus when he hit it), basically laying the blame at Bruce’s feet for the accident. The lawsuit adds that Bruce was speeding before the onset of the accident, but law enforcement formerly reported that Bruce’s vehicle was, in fact, under the speed limit that day.

As for Kim Howe’s stepkids, they are claiming “loss of affection” as one of the damages, but sources tell TMZ that Kim and her stepchildren had virtually little to no relationship and “any damages they claim for her loss might be extremely hard to prove.”


Photo Credit: Judy Eddy/