Uh-oh. Jeff Lewis has flipped out on every employee, friend, and contractor in the greater LA area. But on last night’s Flipping Out, he’s had it up to here with Gage Edward’s demands, like where to place couches, and is turning his ire on the ones he loves.

But first, Jeff begins by ragging on Jenni Pulos in the car about forgetting his schedule. Now that Gramercy is sold, his beloved cat Stewie has passed away, and life is a bit chaotic, Jenni surmises that Jeff’s nastiness meter has been ratcheted up to 10. He’s barking at Gage on the phone, so Gage promptly hangs up on him post-rant. Jeff calls back to order Gage that from here on out when they are speaking on the phone, Gage will say “goodbye,” dammit! He and Matt can have their own little hang ups without goodbyes, he says, but they will not engage in such crass behavior with the likes of Jeff Lewis! Dang. Jeff is on a rampage. And it ain’t pretty.


Since moving into Hollywood about a week ago, water pipe issues have surfaced, so for now it’s no tampons or number two’s in the toilet. Jenni and Jeff head out to Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox’s remodel at Camarillo. They’re talking sport courts when Brian stops by to consult. Jenni flashes Brian some outdoor shots, complete with old Brian Austin Green photos, circa 90210, scotch taped to the front. Heeee! Brian wants a Lakers-themed sport court, which is too tacky a concept for Jeff’s delicate design ears. He snarks that he’ll be running this idea by Megan, which Brian takes umbrage with. “What the f*k!?” Brian wonders, while Jeff bristles and turns his back. 

Rationing water usage back at Hollywood, Jeff watches as workmen explore his sewer line. (No, that is not a double entendre.) Bad news: all of the pipe will need to be dug up and replaced. At lunch, Gage warns Jeff that they have to get the work done that day, and even worse, the work will all need to take place through the slab under their office space. Good news: the plumber gives them the option of digging into the house from the outside first, leaving the office in place for now. Best news of all: none of this is actually Jeff’s problem yet (financially) because he’s leasing the house with an option to buy. So, what exactly did this owner do to the pipes before Jeff moved in? 


Back at Camarillo, Jeff and Jenni happen upon yet another disaster. Two water pipes have burst and most of the main areas of the house (about 30% or 2,000 square feet) are flooded. Jenni reminds Jeff of the live electrical wires still hanging about in the water, which is very kind of her considering Jeff’s demeanor lately! She’s not ready to be electrocuted with Jeff Lewis yet, which is at the top of her Worst Ways to Die list. They call Gage with the miserable news before regrouping to decide next steps. In the car on the way back, Jenni and Jeff deliver the water damage news to Brian, who takes his lumps with grace. He’s just glad no one was harmed.  

In addition to the rationing of toilet paper and water back at Hollywood, the internet is on the fritz. Which Jeff is blaming, of course, on Gage. “No one talk to me unless the house is burning down,” orders Jeff.

Over the weekend, Brian and Megan have dropped the bomb that they won’t be moving back into their Camarillo house, instead opting to buy a new one. Their options are to sell the gutted house at a loss of $500k or let Jeff finish the house and make $500k. They opt to let Jeff finish it, which is awesome because we get to see the finished product one day (I hope!). It’s a sweet property. 


Tensions are high and the “slow cooker” of Jeff’s rage is building to an all time high, reports Jenni. Gage is absorbing the brunt of Jeff’s snippiness while Jenni uses her soothing whisper-voice on Jeff whenever possible to avoid potential nuclear detonation. In this swell mood, the gang assembles to rearrange furniture in the living room.

Wanting to try a new sofa configuration, Jeff proposes the L-shape while Gage wants to go with the tried-and-true parallel couches setup. This small, even trite, discussion blossoms into an all out war about how they “never have any friends over anyway” (Gage) but “I did before I started dating you! And I’m gonna start hanging out with them again!” (Jeff). Jeff interviews that he lets Gage make most of the decisions in their relationship (that is a shocker, and I wonder about its accuracy), so he lets his resentment build up then explode when it comes to dumb little decisions like couches.


After Gage moves the couches into his preferred arrangement, again stating that they’ll never need seating for more than six people anyway, Jeff decides it’s time to hit waaaay below the belt. “I don’t know what you’re doing, but my lifestyle’s changing. I’ve been f*king hibernating for two and half years and I’m coming out. Again!” Jeff rants, “I’m gonna be lining this up with boys and I wanna make sure there’s plenty of seating. And they’re a lot younger than you.” Gage wishes Jeff good luck and exits stage left. He interviews that he would “never say the sh*t” that Jeff says to him. Never. But if that’s what Jeff wants, then go ahead and have all the boys over he wants. Jeff interviews that he feels like Gage has a leash on him and right now, and that leash is especially tight. 

Later that night, the group gathers for drinks while an obviously upset Gage silently seethes. Jeff needles Gage, saying he doesn’t understand what Gage is so upset about. Gage tells Jeff he has too much respect for him to ever say the things Jeff feels free to say to him, even though Jeff is now trying to play it off as a joke. “I would never even joke like that,” says Gage. While the rest of the group stands awkwardly around witnessing this private domestic argument, Jeff tries to rope them into the “everyone knows I’m just kidding!” vibe. And even though his toady Megan Weaver agrees, Jenni has the cojones to side with Gage on this one, stating that Jeff took things way too far this time.

Vanina Alfaro and Zoila Chavez do their best to blend into the wallpaper while Jeff nervously giggles and deflects, claiming he was just kidding. “People just don’t say sh*t like that,” reiterates a hurt Gage. But then (a drunken!) Zoila jumps in to defend Jeff with a mangled mess of words. Nothing goes anywhere from here. At least for tonight.

At Camarillo, Jeff’s team gets moving on their remodel plans, which are now geared toward selling rather than toward pleasing existing clients. Yay! This is a true flip, even though it’s not Jeff’s personal property, because Jeff has creative freedom and, I expect, an enormous budget.

Back home again, Jeff tells Gage the Hollywood owner is hemming and hawing about fixing the sewer line before escrow, which is not even close to happening. Jeff admits that he can never stop drinking unless he switches careers. Between the water rationing and the #deadbeat owners, he’s beaten down by the sh*tstorm around him. But it’s 38 minutes until cocktails, so Jeff’s just got to white knuckle it for now. And he’s got to stay sober enough to call Nastaran, the owner of his Hollywood house, to deliver the quote for the sewer repair. Thankfully, Nastaran agrees to cover the costs, so Jeff can get his drink on in 37 minutes now. And no one has to die. Today. 

To bring things full circle, we’re back in the car the next day with Jeff and Jenni. Jeff calls Gage for directions, then promptly hangs up on HIM with not so much as a goodbye. So a cheeky Gage calls him back to demand manners, as he should. And I guess that’s all we’re going to get in the way of “making up” between these lovebirds for now. #GoGage! #LitteGageIsGrowingUp #SunriseSunset


Photo Credit: Bravo 

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