Caroline Stanbury Is Exasperated With Petty Drama, But Happy For Julie Montagu’s JUB Success

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After this week’s Ladies of London found Juliet Angus and Julie Montagu arguing over…arguing, Caroline Stanbury has had enough of the ridiculous drama surrounding her “wipe the floor” comment heard round the world. What began as a joke, says Caroline, got typically blown out of proportion once Julie started spreading the word to other members of the ladies’ inner circle, namely Annabelle Nielson, that Caroline had threatened Juliet. But, of course, Juliet originally told Julie – so she’s patient zero in the end, I guess! 

“I was exasperated, it was a flippant comment,” defends Caroline. “I had simply had enough. New Year’s was at least a week before, and I was done with this topic. But Juliet being Juliet just wouldn’t let it go. I was going through the biggest crisis at work that I have ever had to go through, and I just didn’t have the head space to discuss these things anymore. I wanted her to stop calling me. She had already blown things up with Jules; it was just typical.”


Setting minor differences aside, Caroline says she is pleased for Julie, who successfully pitched her JUB (Julie’s Unbelievable Balls) business to investors this week. Caroline comments, “I was happy for Julie, she deserves it. Small brands only succeed when the owner is passionate. Julie truly deserves it.”

As for Julie’s mention of Caroline in connection with her success (in thanking her for business advice), Caroline admits, “It was nice to be of any help at all and nice for her to say I mentored her. All I had done was give her a push, she has done everything on her own.”  

What Caroline still doesn’t quite understand is why Julie felt the need to extend a “kale” olive branch to her, given the fact that Caroline had basically put their yoga squabble behind them (at the time of sister-in-law Sophie Stanbury’s party).

Caroline claims in her blog, “I was confused a little bit. Again because it has been such a giant topic for her, she has spent so long apologizing for it, and has come with a gift in the other hand. I’m just going to take it, say thank you, and move on. It’s easier to be friends than to fight again. I just want to let go of all the drama to be honest.” 


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