Ladies of London Recap: The Cougar In the Room


Is the royal court of RT ready? Let’s do this! On last night’s Ladies of London, the cougar comments aimed at Baroness Caroline Fleming at last week’s bowling party have landed Marissa Hermer in the hot seat. Since Caroline’s reaction to Marissa’s gauche behavior was to royally ice her out, how does Marissa know Caroline is truly upset, we wonder? From a hot bath, of course! Taken with one “Loose Lips” Julie Montagu, who just can’t seem to keep a lid on the gossip swirling around her exhausted, addled head. Meanwhile, Caroline Stanbury is trying to rally after accepting the bitter truth about her failed business, the Gift Library. And Annabelle Neilson displays her #uppercrustcred as the group goes out for an old fashioned pheasant shoot – rifles, dogs, wellies, and all! 

We begin with Sophie Stanbury and Julie as they’re shopping for the pheasant shoot Julie’s hosting. Although she married into aristocracy, which comes with shooting parties and lots o’ meat-eating, Julie is an American vegetarian who doesn’t fit the “Lady” mold – nor does she aspire to. Juliet Angus joins the ladies to get her outfit together. Sophie claims the shoot is a very civilized event and they’ve got to look every bit the part. It’s tweeds and wellies and…oh, who the frig knows? Shooting parties are hard to come by here in the States, after all. Since someone’s gotta keep the drama train chugging along, Juliet tries to bring up Marissa’s cougar comments from bowling night, but Sophie shuts her down before she can spill any tea.  


Over at the Baroness’s home, she’s cooking and entertaining a visit from Caroline S. Since she’s been dating a younger (30-year old) man, it’s all giggles and roses at Caroline F’s house. Caroline S reads a note attached to the enormous rose bouquet the Baroness’s lovah has sent her: “You kissed my soul,” it reads. And we all take a moment to gag right along with Caroline S as she laughs out loud for us. 

At Marissa’s, she updates her husband Matt about her cougar comments to Caroline F. “It wasn’t my fault!” she defends. Although she thinks apologizing and moving on should work, it may not. Before that night – after Sophie’s party – Marissa was apparently pushed out of a car that Caroline F and her young beau were in, which doesn’t bode well for Marissa’s future relationship with the man. Or his paramour. (And let’s not forget Marissa referred to him as “douchey” last episode!)   

Caroline F is not happy about Marissa’s comments, which ran along the lines of “lock up your children,” then another snipe about liking young boys afterward. Her sister has known Marissa for a few years (their husbands are “best friends”), so Caroline F initially felt compelled to give Marissa a chance. But now she’s not so sure. 

It’s night time as Annabelle and Julie roll up to the absolutely breathtaking estate of Stoke Park, the venue of their shooting party. Juliet and Gregor arrive, but he’s got to leave in the morning. Caroline S and Cem, accompanied by her bestie/makeup artist, Luke, arrive next, followed by Marissa and Matt. Caroline F shows up solo, but with boarding school bed-making skills that she puts immediately to use in re-making her hotel bed in front of a nonplussed bellhop.

The best part of an English shooting weekend at a country estate is the murder mystery that ensues. Oh, wait! No. It’s actually the dinners, says Julie. As the group gathers for night, Sophie notes that Caroline F is giving Marissa some slightly dirty looks. But no shots are fired yet. 

Off at another table, Juliet is not looking forward to shooting tomorrow, but she’s up for the rest of it. Annabelle asks if Marissa and Caroline F are okay. No, they are not, but Marissa says it was all a misdirected jab; she meant to insult Caroline F’s boyfriend, not Caroline herself. Hmmm. Does not compute. Annabelle thinks Marissa’s behavior was stupid and crass, but Marissa argues that it was just her subconscious hatred of the boyfriend at work! Juliet astutely points out that when Marissa does something sweet, she takes credit. But when she does something nasty, it’s suddenly her “subconscious.” Good call. 


Caroline S is not having this wake-up-at-seven-am-and-shoot-birds-thing, so she’s staying in bed the next day while Cem and Luke head out. It’s all she can do to show up at these events, considering what’s going on with Gift Library right now, she says. The rest of the group gathers outside in their best green and mustard colored gear, except for Juliet, who looks like Stephen Tyler. If Stephen Tyler wore fedoras and wellies. 


Speaking of Juliet’s wellies, she’s not thrilled with getting them covered in three inches of mud the minute they get out to their pegs. Nor is she thrilled about shooting anything. Neither is Julie, for that matter. But everyone is game for a good time, nonetheless, as they watch Annabelle expertly take down her targets. This is why no one messes with Annabelle. She’s got good aim. Juliet snarks that Marissa is only trying out a rifle because she’s a wannabe Brit, which…maybe so. But at least she’s getting in the spirit of the day. 


After Annabelle’s grace under pressure is praised by all, Caroline S tramps out in Chanel boots to ferret everyone to the pub. She doesn’t need to explain herself to anybody, she muses. Plus, it’s time to drink. The gang heads out for an “elevensies” pub lunch while Annabelle heads back to the estate to cook the pheasant she’s shot. She notes the rest of the group is here for the posh side of a shooting party, while she’s here for the actual shooting. 


Later that evening, the ladies get prepped for dinner, minus Julie and Marissa, who have weirdly decided to take a bubble bath…together. Julie gets messy immediately, confessing that Juliet told her that Caroline F told everyone that if Marissa brings up the cougar comments tonight, CF is going to “let her have it.” Marissa is shocked! (Why?) Julie admits she’s a gossip, sighing that people need to just stop telling her things. “Let’s get ready to rumble,” says Marissa as they toast in the tub. 


Downstairs, Caroline S asks (read: prompts) Caroline F if she’s going to talk to Marissa about their issue. Caroline F doesn’t seem to keen to start a public argument with the likes of Marissa, but she does admit being miffed by her comments. As they head to the dining table, Caroline S is fed up with waiting for the other girls, barking that she’s ready to order dinner NOW. Marissa and Julie roll in late to a hangry Caroline S, who immediately snarks, “I would expect you to look a lot better for the amount of time you’ve taken.” Heee! Love her or hate her, Caroline is the master of shade. All hail the queen.

Caroline F is doing her best to ignore Marissa, but she’s also itching for a fight, notes Annabelle. When the Baroness leaves the dinner table for a moment, Caroline S tells Marissa that she needs to set things right. Because news has circled all the way around the group, and all the way back to Caroline’s family back in Denmark, who she’s having a tough time with at the moment. Marissa confesses she’s talked to Caroline F’s sister about her dislike of the new boyfriend, and suddenly: it all becomes clear. This is what the Baroness has her knickers in a wad over, not the mere bowling alley comments on their own.

Marissa decides to run after Caroline F as she heads to the bathroom, which is not something Caroline is up for. Since she is unable to escape through the window, she complies. Marissa says, “I’ve gotta fix this with you, and I was under the impression that I had.” Caroline F tells Marissa she’s fallen in love with a younger man, and the facts are what they are. She accuses Marissa of “blurting it out to the whole wide world,” and now it’s gotten back to her parents, who are already not pleased with the Baroness’s past divorce. Marissa defends her comments at the bowling alley as having nothing to do with age, but with her beef with Caroline’s boyfriend pushing her out of a car. Caroline, frankly, doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Marissa apologizes for hurting her, but not for talking to their mutual group of friends about the issue. Mmmmkay.

“Are we okay?” Marissa asks at the end of their awkward exchange, and Caroline F says yes. They re-enter the dinner party arm-in-arm to the applause and relief of all. Julie and Juliet are just happy to be drama-free tonight, but Julie admits being a little bit bored with this subdued Juliet right now. So, Sophie grabs a funnel and pours shots down Juliet’s gullet to spice things up! 

Upstairs in their suite later, Caroline S asks Caroline F if things are truly resolved with Marissa now. It’s a new friendship, and Caroline F isn’t sure if she can trust her yet. She’ll handle this back in London. And, from the looks of next week’s previews, perhaps in Denmark too! 


Photo Credit: Bravo