Ladies of London Recap: Something Rotten in Denmark


On last night’s Ladies of London, the crew takes a trip to Baroness Caroline Fleming’s beautiful native country of Denmark. And a few of them are surprised to see just how much of a celebrity the Baroness is back in her homeland! Speaking of celebrity, Annabelle Neilson hooks up with long time friend and supermodel, Naomi Campbell, to walk the runway. Annabelle also stirs up some drama when she is asked to tell the group how she really feels about them on their trip. Spoiler alert: she’s not holding back!

Since the shooting party, the women have been moving forward with their lives. London’s fashion week is kicking off with a Fashion Relief for Ebola show in which Juliet Angus and Marissa Hermer are front row attendees. Juliet feels like she’s getting her fashion groove back on. After Naomi Campbell stomps the runway, Annabelle struts out later in a McQueen dress, looking every bit the pro she is. She’s been through a tough year after her horse accident, so this is an important moment for her. Marissa and Juliet like this lighter, fun Annabelle. She comes out post-show for hugs and humors Juliet and Marissa in some runway walk coaching. It’s light and goofy, as everything in this show should be! (More, please!)


On a more somber note, we cut to Caroline Stanbury sitting in the free-fall that is the now defunct Gift Library. She says it hasn’t been easy for her to admit failure, but she’s learned a lesson. Never hire over four people again, let alone 48. Seven years of her life is gone. Now all that’s left to do is turn off the lights and shut the doors behind her.

At a hotel suite, Annabelle and Naomi Campbell get together to chat about the fashion show. Annabelle talks about how emotional it is to wear McQueen gowns, but it has gotten easier over time. Naomi reminds Annabelle how much Alexander McQueen loved her, and how she’s there for her no matter what. They’ve both been through ups and downs. Naomi says she’s there for there in good times and bad. Annabelle jokes that people should listen to them more since they’ve been around the block a few times, but Naomi chides that Annabelle stays in the background too much among friends. Well, that might change tonight.


Remember that silly thought that we’d all moved on since the shooting party? Hahaha! Juuuuust kidding. Caroline F is still raw about Marissa’s comments, so she meets her out for tea to bring it up. Again. She feels betrayed that Marissa said something bad about her boyfriend to her sister, who Marissa is close friends with. “You have really deeply hurt me,” says Caroline. Her world is “really teenie weenie” and she wants to trust those in her inner circle. Marissa is simply exhausted with how many times she’s been forced to apologize thus far, but she does it again anyway for good measure. And because an intense Baroness in all up in one’s grill is kinda scary. Caroline still doesn’t know if she can trust Marissa, but claims to be ready to make like Queen Elsa and LET IT GO.    

Inspired by Marissa’s hot dog smile in her Top Dog ad, Julie Montagu is getting her entire body painted to do a nude art shoot as a campaign for JUB (Julie’s Unbelievable Balls). Juliet looks on as Julie hugs the wall in full body paint, blending in with the JUB logo on the wall, and is impressed that Julie “is really going for it!” Julie wants to promote self love and positive body image, and notes that she’s thankful for her eccentric, art conscious in-laws (who she hope won’t judge her…or her booty).

Caroline S is out to lunch with her sis in law, Sophie Stanbury. Caroline F joins them and they all get chatting about Caroline S’s life after Gift Library. She feels unequipped to deal with failure, especially this sort of public failure. Caroline F thinks it’s good for Caroline S to feel emotions. Because that doesn’t happen often. Conversation turns to Caroline F’s latest idea: a trip to Denmark! Yes, they’re in! She wants to open the doors to her life and heart to the group, even to Marissa. There’s been a lot of unnecessary drama, says Caroline F, and Sophie promises there will be more in Denmark. Because the “softer” American girls are always getting hurt by the “tougher” Brits.

Next thing we know, the entire group is packed and meeting up at Heathrow (because the editing on this show is so schizophrenic!). All of the ladies have signed on for the trip, but Annabelle is running a bit late. Caroline S notes that it’s totally typical for Annabelle to keep everyone waiting and worrying until the last minute. Annabelle shows up in time, though, and delivers kisses all around. Julie and Caroline S skulk off to discuss how weird it was to wait around for Annabelle, wondering whether she was coming or not. It didn’t seem like a big drama, really, but apparently it was to these gals. Hmmm. 

When they land, the Baroness wants to show her friends around Copenhagen before she takes them to the castle for a relaxing weekend. (Just like I do when I’m hosting a girls’ weekend!) Juliet is taken aback by the paparazzi who descend upon Caroline F as soon as they exit the airport. She’s kind of a big deal here, in both the royal and celebrity circles. She tells the group that “there will be absolutely no privacy” after this, as word will travel fast that the Baroness has landed. #royalpeopleproblems

As they get unpacked at the hotel, Annabelle confesses that she’s going through “something” right  now and would have preferred staying home from the trip. She wishes someone would ask her what’s bothering her, and is disappointed no one has reached out to her yet. Ugh. Haven’t we all had friends like this? They’re frankly exhausting human beings.

The ladies take to the streets of Copenhagen next, with Annabelle lagging behind. They check out the statues around the city, one of which – Niels Juel – is Caroline F’s great (times 9) grandfather, an important Danish admiral. He’s the reason Denmark isn’t Sweden, claims Caroline. For his battle efforts, he was awarded castles as payment, one of which has been in Caroline’s family for 10 generations. She’s proud of her family’s heritage (who wouldn’t be!?) and enjoys schooling her friends on it. Man, this makes the upcoming trip I’m taking a herd of students on to Chicago look a bit pedestrian. Perhaps I’ll tell them I’m related to the Bean? 

They pay their respects to Grampa Juel before heading off to buy furs. Julie isn’t interested in fur, so she wants to grab a coffee. Annabelle takes umbrage to this snub, calling Julie’s behavior “rude and childish.” Juliet doesn’t see it that way, instead joining the group to live the “fairytale” that’s become her life. The ladies enjoy their shopping adventure, sans Julie, without much gossip about her absence.

As they get ready for dinner later that evening, Caroline S’s makeup artist, Luke, warns Caroline F and her that Annabelle is going to be “in a funny mood” tonight. We see a scene 45 minutes prior with Julie, Annabelle, and Marissa in which Annabelle is warning the rest of the ladies to stay away from her tonight. Is this about Julie wanting a coffee earlier or what? Caroline F doesn’t want the drama to spill over into her family’s castle – god forbid! – so she plans on clearing the air tonight.


At dinner, the ladies assemble around a gorgeous candlelit circular table. Caroline F notes that this is her favorite restaurant, and she can get whatever she wants here. Because, did you hear yet? She’s a very, very big deal. Marissa is put off by Caroline’s bragging, but the party is going well thus far despite the semi-obnoxious beginning. Until…the Baroness demands that each woman get anything off their chest right now that’s bothering them, before they head to her family’s home tomorrow. Juliet is called upon first, but wisely (for the first time ever?) refuses to start the drama cyclone. She has no beef with the group. Nor does Caroline S, Sophie, Julie, or Marissa. Annabelle, however, speaks up.


Juliet is first on Annbelle’s list. She wants her to listen more and go to her angry place less. Annabelle tells Caroline S to tone down her snark, as it comes off as more hurtful than funny at times. To Julie, Annabelle advises that she seal those loose lips. The ladies can’t believe they’re in the middle of an Annabelle smackdown-cum-therapy-session, but there we have it. Caroline S isn’t going to take this sitting down, though, retorting to Annabelle that she can be a bit isolated within the group at times. She says she prefers hearing things to her face, not behind her back (wait – isn’t Annabelle speaking to her face right now? What’s the prob?). Annabelle knows Caroline is just trying to get under her skin. But, has she? 


Photo Credit: Bravo