Did the Kardashian Clan Wash Their Hands of Scott Disick?


Former resident bad boy and Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy, Scott Disick, is seemingly not a welcomed guest at the famed family’s abode.  According to an unnamed family insider who spoke to New York Post’s Page Six, Scott was not present and accounted for at the Kardashian clan’s much-talked-about Christmas party.

As a matter of fact, Scott’s name is reportedly not even uttered by the Kardashians which can’t be a good sign.  According to the insider, “When he’s not there, no one’s thinking about Scott. They literally don’t talk about him. Everyone has their whole thing going on . . . I don’t think anyone cares if [Scott and Kourtney] are together or not.”

The unhitched pair are the parents of three young children and have been separated since last July.  The paid-to-party gigster, was said to have been kicked to the curb after Kourtney got wind of his July 4th weekend philandering ways.  According to published reports, Kourtney got miffed after seeing PDA pics of Scott and ex-gal pal Chloe Bartoli in Monaco.  Bartoli, on the other hand, swears nothing happened between she and Scott, whom she considers a “brother.”

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Scott, who is no stranger to rehab jaunts is known for his endless partying that has oftentimes spiraled out of control.  Despite the fact, Scott has appeared on the ever-so-long running “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” as a regular, he has been conspicuously not present this season.  Perhaps as a punishment for his wandering eye and party til he drops tude?

The douchey ‘Lord Disick’ can dish it but he certainly can’t take it!  Meanwhile it is also rumored, Scott is peeved about the rumblings involving Kourtney and recording artist Justin Bieber.  The source told the news outlet, “The Bieber thing was definitely a bump in the road. He was super pissed about it . . . when that came out. Hearing she’s partying with this A-list superstar with way more money than you, whether [it’s romantic] or not, it’s embarrassing!”

Oh well, the perhaps now sober Scott is at least keeping busy having just shot a music video with singer Chris Brown but don’t get it twisted, he’s still very much a fixture at the hottest L.A. clubs despite being on the outs with Kourtney.


(Photo credit:  E! Entertainment)