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Caroline Manzo is a petite force to be reckoned with–opinionated, tough, mom/wife ALMIGHTY but will the star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Manzo’d With Children be able to withstand all of the harsh criticisms she’s receiving on her Instagram page about her new chopped locks?

Caroline recently posted a photo of herself with her latest haircut: a short, dark pixie cut.  The photograph depicts her in a church wearing a black sweater, next-to-nothing makeup and black framed specs.  The selfie has been fodder for throngs of wannabe style critics far and wide.

terryrod66 “Change is always nice but you do look older.”

angie7777777 “The short red hair you had in season 1 was so sassy and sexy. This not so much.”

[email protected] “Agree! Too flat and no body, needs a little lift or waves!”

Caroline, who appears to be less fussy about her appearance than her way overdone RHONJ castmates, probably won’t give two hoots about the negativity on her Instagram site.  As evidenced on both her reality shows, Caroline is certainly not afraid to go bare, sans the war paint and done do.  As she has stated time and time again on her shows, the only opinion that matters about what she does in her life is hers.  So to those folks who don’t like what they see on Caroline’s social media page and feel compelled to criticize her, your comments are quite possibly an exercise in futility!

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