Dance Moms Recap: Bollywoodn’t

Abby Lee Miller was notably absent on last night’s Dance Moms, but apparently her attendance isn’t required for ridiculous drama.

After Abby’s “resignation” on last week’s episode, the veterans and newbie moms are unsure of their direction, having relocated to a new studio. As the elite team and their mothers ponder their next move, Nia breaks down over haters on social media. Gia is taking over for Abby, and she’s not really the pyramid type. In lieu of solos, Gia has opted for duets. Kalani and Nia are thrilled to be paired together. Minis Peyton and Alexus are recycling a duet originally danced a few seasons ago by Chloe and Asia. Brynn and Kendall will be dancing the final duet, and Ashlee interrupts to ask if Brynn’s choreography will be more difficult than Kendall’s moves. Um no, Gia reminds Ashlee that they will be doing the same dance. As the moms bicker with Ashlee, Gia realizes that a group dance featuring the elites and the minis is going to be a lot harder than anyone anticipated. 


The guest choreographer wants to know if we recognize him from So You Think You Can Dance. That’s a negative. In the viewing area, the original moms hound the mini moms about why they still want to compete without a leader. Jill reminds them that the elite team follows Gia because they are a true ALDC team…the minis are not invested. They are all distracted by the hot mess that is the group Bollywood routine. Holly recognizes that Abby has truly set them up for failure with these circumstances. 

As the minis practice, Alexus‘ mom Tiffanie is concerned about Peyton’s ability to pick up the choreography, not to mention she feels as if Peyton’s mother Kerri is a ticking time bomb. Kerri is, indeed, peeved that she is here for Abby’s direction, and she’s stuck with Gia. As the Bollywood dance crashes and burns around the minis, Holly reveals that Debbie Allen has requested Kalani and Nia come to a class at her famed studio. Holly is over the moon, and she’s able to escape the fray before Tiffanie and Kerri go head-to-head.

dance moms holly nia kalani debbie allen

Across town, guest teacher Ieasha has arranged for Nia and Kalani to participate in an African dance class with Debbie. The girls are excited to be working with such a legend in the industry as Holly fills in Debbie on Abby’s latest antics. Debbie graciously offers the ALDC to come train with her in the interim. She heaps on the praise, and Holly can’t help but notice how receptive Kalani and Nia are to this approach after always being belittled by Abby. The following day, Holly excitedly relays Debbie’s offer, but Melissa isn’t biting. She wants her girls to dance for the ALDC, and she doesn’t want to alienate Abby in the event she returns. Jessalyn agrees with Holly…they would be crazy to turn down the opportunity to train with Debbie Allen.

The women are quickly sidetracked by the mini-moms who had their own stand-off over practicing at the hotel. Jill hopes that the mini moms won’t reflect poorly on the guest choreographers…that’s her job! As the elite duets rehearse, it’s clear that Kendall only has one facial expression…cheery. She doesn’t know how to play a dark character. Kalani and Nia work on their duets, and both girls are completely drained. Melissa claims that Kalani admitted to be the most stressed out she’s ever been. Ashlee quips that it must be hard for Kalani to have to work for something given that most choreography comes easily to her. Melissa dismisses her dig and questions whether Kerri is as worried as everyone else about Peyton’s ability to grasp the choreography. Without question, she is. 

dance moms holly

On the day of competition, the veteran moms notice that the minis mothers are very tense. It turns out that the night before, Kerri reveals that she almost called the cops on Tiffanie for filming (or so she thought) her interactions with her daughter. Kerri calls Tiffanie and not so nice name, and Tiffanie bursts into fake sobs. Jessalyn can’t contain her glee while watching the exchange, and she accuses Kerri of cracking under the pressure of her daughter’s inability to learn the dances. When Gia offers a critique to Peyton, Kerri grabs her daughter and storms out much to the producers’ dismay. Holly and MacKenzie rush to the rescue to support Peyton and convince Kerri to return. Peyton and Alexus‘ duet goes off without a hitch, although they are no Asia and Chloe!

dance moms nia kalani

Kalani and Nia totally rock their duet, and Holly is beyond proud of both girls. They are the definition of professional, hard-working dancers. Brynn and Kendall? Not so much. Kendall is sporting a leather bustier, a purple mohawk, and a big ol’ smile. Ashlee is quick to cite Kendall’s inability to play a dark character, and Jessalyn interjects to shame Brynn’s late turns. Jill wants to know why the moms need to be talking about anyone’s daughters anyway…again, that’s her job! Kerri is worried that if the group number is a bust, all the moms are going to blame her child. Well, duh. The Bollywood costumes are amazing, and the minis aren’t nearly the hot mess they were in rehearsal, save Peyton watching every move of the child next to her. The moms feel redeemed, and the elite girls totally saved the dance. 


When it’s time for the awards ceremony, Alexus and Peyton score the top spot in the mini duet category. Kendall and Brynn’s number garners third in their division, and Kalani and Nia’s duet wins first place for the teens. The mini mothers are terrified that their girls will be the cause of a lower place, but luckily the ALDC scores the overall highest group number. Kerri apologizes for her erratic behavior as the elite moms urge the mini mothers to work together as a team…just like they do. How did she just say that with a straight face? 


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