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Mob Wives Series Finale Recap: Guilty As Charged

With every new episode of Mob Wives, we’re one week closer to the series’ end. It’s time, especially in light of the crushing loss of Big Ang. I find it’s even more time to call it quits when we get a brief preview of the ugliness to come later in the episode before VH1 flashes back to what leads up to the insanity. It’s Drita D’avanzo versus Karen Gravano as newbies Marissa Jade and Brittany Fogarty to go at it. Lovely. We’re transported back to two days prior as Karen, Carla Facciolo, and Marissa descend on Renee Graziano’s ballroom dance recital. If only the entire episode could focus on Renee’s lighthearted new hobby. Renee crushes it and is grateful for her friends’ support. 

Drita goes to check on Ang who is happy to be cancer free but still struggling through the recovery from her surgery. Drita then unloads on Ang about Karen talking smack about Marissa and her boyfriend and Karen and Drita and Lee and all the drama. Ang reveals that Marissa denies saying that Karen ever said anything, claiming that Drita has selective hearing. Drita erupts into a volcano of cursing and bleeping, and Drita and Ang agree that Karen, Marissa, Drita, and Brittany need to have a sit down. Ang can’t be sure, but if she had to guess, she thinks that Marissa is stirring the pot just a bit. God, I love Ang, but she’s holding the spoon here too, although I believe she has the best of intentions.


The situation with Drita is weighing heavily on Karen. As she teaches Karina to drive, she ponders the fact that her daughter and Drita’s daughter are in school together. She’s not going to let their feud trickle down to the next generation. As Karina proves that she’s not ready to for Staten Island roads, Karen complains that her daughter views her as more of a buddy and less of a mom. I wonder where Karina got that idea! That evening, Drita calls Marissa who tries to pretend she’s reading. Marissa starts the conversation off with some fun quips before Drita unleashes her fury. Drita demands a meeting with Marissa, Karen, and Brittany. As Drita’s temper escalates to “gangster status” (her words, not mine), Marissa makes it worse by keeping her cool. She’s entertained by Drita’s tirade of swearing, and Drita promises the production crew that if anyone tries to intervene when she goes after Karen, she will cut them. Classy.

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Brittany and Drita are en route to “the meeting” and Drita is still being bleeped like it’s her job. Please just stop. You have daughters. As the restaurant staff preps for the ensuing brawl, Karen fills in Marissa on what is about to go down. Karen is a mom, and while she’s known Drita for a long time, she’s fine getting in a physical fight. Elsewhere, Carla, Ang, and Renee wonder if this is exactly what these two need to do to get their issues out of their systems, but Carla is worried that someone is going to get seriously hurt. I love that they are meeting at a traditional vegan establishment. It’s not technically irony, but it does make me giggle. 

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Drita is a twitching, lock jawed, tense ball of anger. Marissa is wearing Chuck Taylors, so she’s clearly more ready to fight than when she showed up dressed as a Victoria’s Secret model to her beef with Brittany. As Marissa and Karen enter the restaurant, Drita greets them with screams of “Mother Effer” and “RAT!!” Before Karen and Drita can get into their shiz, Brittany starts in on Marissa. Drita doesn’t really seem into talking things out, and before I can type a word, she and Brittany are being carried away by security who are going to be super sore tomorrow. Karen and Marissa are cool to finish the conversation as the producer tries to smooth over the debacle. The women are spewing poison at one another across the kitchen, and both of these ladies are going to be missing their voices tomorrow. When the producer realizes it’s a lost cause (especially when Karen is yelling about Lee’s infidelities), everyone is separated. 

HOLY CRAP! IS POP STAR DRAKE MOONLIGHTING AS A MOB WIVES PRODUCTION ASSISTANT? (Yes, I totally took a picture of my television with my phone to capture this moment…)

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A few days later, Karen is at a photo shoot for Karina which she hopes will jump start her daughter’s modeling career. Karen has no desire to speak with Drita ever again. She’s upset that she entertained a friendship with someone who isn’t loyal. Karen wants to focus on the positive, and she wants move forward with her friendships with Carla and Renee while continuing to fight to get her father out of jail. Likewise, Renee is in a great place, and she’s learned a lot through all of the ups and downs. We’re treated to highlights from the past seasons. So, with twenty minutes left in the finale, we’re already starting the wrap-up portion? Call me crazy, but something happened we didn’t see at that meet-up, and (THANKFULLY) producers thought better of capitalizing on the violence in light of Ang’s death. 

Carla wants to make sure she keeps being the best mother she can be to her twin tweens. While she doesn’t regret growing up in this lifestyle, she wants to spare her kids from all the drama. Carla pledges her loyalty to those who are loyal to her. Drita also wants to make family her main focus while leaving her anger in the past. Lucky us, we’re finally treated to a peek of Lee….or at least he legs and torso. Drita realizes there is too much history with this group to move forward in any positive manner. Fast forward to Ang spending time with her beautiful grandchildren after starting chemo and radiation for her newly diagnosed brain cancer. She’s sporting her short hair and has rid her life of everything that causes her stress…including husband Neil. Ang ticks off her bucket list, and my heart breaks. 

TELL US – WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THE MOB WIVES SERIES FINALE? DID YOU WATCH THE TRIBUTE TO ANG? (I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t get more than 5 minutes into VH1 reality stars sharing stories.)

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