Jenni Pulos Says Jeff Lewis And Gage Edward Will Be “Incredible Fathers”

Jenni Pulos has been #TeamJeff since the very beginning of Flipping Out, even when Jeff Lewis wasn’t necessarily, let’s say, the world’s easiest boss. Now that Jeff and his partner Gage Edward are preparing to welcome a baby girl (via surrogate) into their lives this fall, many are wondering just how they’ll do with the whole parenting gig. Jenni, however, has no doubt that they will rise to the occasion. 

Jenni, mother to 3-year old Alianna, says that if how Jeff and Gage treat her own daughter is any indication, they will indeed be “incredible fathers,” although “different” in their parenting styles. “I think one may end up being more the disciplinarian, one may be a little more of the fun, but they both are amazing with Alianna, and she both loves them.”


Viewers have long questioned the lack of affection shown between Jeff and Gage over the years on Flipping Out. This season, in particular, has revealed pivotal moments in the couples’ lives – such as them finding out their surrogate was pregnant, and them hearing their baby’s heartbeat for the first time – that evoked a bit more softness, but not overly emotional scenes. Jenni chalks up the couples’ restrained reaction (at least, as it appears on TV) to plain old nerves.

“Overall, I think they are so elated and nervous and terrified, which is all normal. But I think they just can’t wait,” Jenni told Bravo’s Daily Dish. She adds that Jeff and Gage are the type of guys who “aren’t going to get overexcited just until the day is finally here.”

Until then, Jeff masks his emotion with his typical humor, joking that he wants his daughter to be “healthy, pretty, and smart, in that order!” 

Jenni does admit that Jeff will have a tough time letting go of his extreme OCD ways once the baby arrives. His need to control every detail might also be making him scared witless during the pregnancy process. “I think because of Jeff’s control issues that, yeah, maybe even secretly he’s more terrified than most because he’s conjuring up things that probably won’t even happen.” 

Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward

She quickly adds that this same attention to detail might have its benefits, noting how “all the things that makes him great about work will also make him a great parent.” Already, Jenni says she’s seen Jeff “soften up” in both personal and work matters. (Well, we haven’t seen that on FO yet. Because homeboy is losing it so far this season!)

For her part, Jenni is excited to have a new baby in the FO “family” and a “little cousin sister” for Alianna. “The other night she had both of her dolls, and she said, ‘This is the baby, and I am the sister.’ So, you know, I think she’s preparing for another little friend.” 

The giant hurdle Jeff and Gage need to overcome before Oct 18 (their daughter’s due date) is Valley Vista’s renovation, a project that seems to be moving at a snail’s pace. While the couple currently live and work out of the construction zone that is their future home, they’re not making any decisions about what arrangements will be made once the baby arrives. 

Jenni explains, “We’ll see how that all pans out. I think it [the baby’s birth] could cause them to make a change. Maybe early on they’ll realize, ‘No, we want the office out of the house.’ Or maybe they’ll just find a way to make it all work and balance.”

Until then, Jenni encourages her friends to not overthink things. One can’t plan everything (okay, anything!) when it comes to a baby, after all. She suggests, “First thing’s first, they need to finish their house because they’re living in a construction zone. So baby steps, if you will.” 

“That’s just what parenting and life is, really, day-by-day,” she adds. Wise words. 


Photo Credit: Bravo