90 Day Fiance Couple Jorge And Anfisa

Exclusive Scoop! 90 Day Fiance Couple Jorge And Anfisa Spotted Together; Did They Actually Get Married?

TLC’s juggernaut of a reality TV series, 90 Day Fiance, is the beautiful gift that keeps on giving. (If by beautiful gift, we mean horrific, bloody, no-survivors trainwreck.) And one of the ill-fated couples that has everyone scratching their heads this season comes in the form of Jorge, a “legal” marijuana distributor in LA, and Anfisa, his Russian mail order bride fiance.

Anfisa has become somewhat of a reality TV anomaly, in that she is NOT playing any head games with the so-called love of her life. Her demands for a $10K monthly allowance and a $45K wedding gown – not to mention the $70K Jorge has already spent on her – are clear, concise, and served up straight. As for Jorge, he seems up for the frank negotiation, if it includes making Anfisa his wife at the end of their 90-day K1 Visa term, which dictates that a couple must marry lest the foreign-born partner be returned to their homeland.


But lately, rumors have been circulating that Jorge and Anfisa didn’t actually make it down the aisle at the end of their 90-day term. Starcasm reported last week that, according to sources close to production, “there are at least three couples this season that don’t tie the knot.”

Most viewers guessed that Jorge and Anfisa were among the three doomed couples – and with good reason. Between Anfisa issuing constant threats about returning to Russia if Jorge doesn’t pay up, and Jorge’s sketchy financials, the couple seemed destined to fall apart. (Although I’d actually argue that Nicole and Azan are this year’s MVPs of pathetic dysfunction.)

But we might not want to assume the worst about Jorge and Anfisa after all, as Reality Tea has gathered our very own intel from a source who lives nearby Jorge and Anfisa’s current stomping grounds in Irvine, CA!

The source claims they saw “both of them together as recent as this week, so rumors that she’s returned to Russia are false.” Yes – Anfisa is still in the country, people! She’s free to force-cuddle cats, shop for knockoff Chanel bags and shut Jorge‘s iPhone 6 down at will!

The source adds that Jorge and Anfisa were spotted a second time “sitting in an older Mercedes (were Jorge’s nicer cars leased?) arguing in the parking garage” and once again just this week “in the parking garage wearing work out clothes.”

Well, who knows about the parking garage or the workout clothes. But arguing in a janky car? Yup. Sounds like our perps!

In another twist, The Inquisitr is actually claiming that Jorge might not even be – well, Jorge! According to their sleuthing, Jorge’s real name may be “Andrew Lopez,” a name that seems to match his Facebook profile. They also assert that he might not be as rich as he claims he is, something that’s become increasingly apparent as the season rolls along.

Although there have been photos of Anfisa posted online since filming of 90 Day Fiance wrapped, Anfisa hasn’t posted any photos of herself and Jorge to her social media accounts lately, and Jorge hasn’t posted any of her. One could surmise that the couple was instructed by TLC production to keep the status of their relationship mum until the season finale. But in the mean time, the rumor mill churns on.


Photo Credit: TLC