Ladies Of London's Caroline Stanbury And Juliet Angus Think Julie Montagu Is Trying Too Hard To Be 'Queen Bee'

Ladies Of London’s Caroline Stanbury And Juliet Angus Think Julie Montagu Is Trying Too Hard To Be ‘Queen Bee’

It’s no secret that Caroline Stanbury has been the unchallenged HBIC on Ladies Of London since its debut season. But is Julie Montagu trying to rip the Queen Bee crown from her perfectly coiffed head this year? Caroline and perpetual hanger-on Juliet Angus seem to think so. Although Caroline argues that she did not give herself the royal status on Ladies of London – the viewers did!

Caroline argues, “I do not think you can orchestrate a title like that. If Julie wants my title, take it. I didn’t set out to be Queen Bee. That’s something that’s been given to me by the viewer and [with] my personality.”


Although she goads Julie into taking her title, Caroline snarks to the Bravo’s Daily Dish, “I’m sure someone will knock me off my perch. Do I think it’s gonna be Julie? No.”

For all of her extreme, exhausting panic about running her husband’s crumbling estate, Mapperton, Julie would be better suited at a yoga retreat than at the metaphorical head of Ladies Of London drama. But when tension reached a boiling point at a dinner she hosted this week, Julie placed herself in plain opposition of her nemesis: Caroline.

But, can Julie handle the position as leader of the pack, should she gain ground within their friend circle? “Can you imagine Julie leading these girls?” joked Caroline. To which Juliet snarked, yes, but “on a tandem bike through the fields.”

Juliet, ever the Caroline sidekick (does she even have a storyline this season, other than this role?!), supports Caroline’s status within the group. “And you do have a title, by the way. It’s f***ing Queen Bee. So there you go,” she says, mocking Julie’s supposition that Caroline may be jealous of her future Countess title.

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Though they are decidedly at odds now, Caroline admits she really did like Julie in years past. In fact, she says, “I actually was an advocate of Julie.” Last season, Caroline even attempted to help Julie with business advice (albeit, in her usual icy manner). And some have argued that Caroline’s own failed Gift Library business has added to her disdain of Julie, who is trying to make a real go of her health-inspired products and cookbooks.

After taking aside both Sophie Stanbury and Adela King – both formerly close allies of Caroline’s – to win them over, Julie seems to be gathering some sort of anti-Caroline army these days.

But Caroline says that she doesn’t think Julie’s actions have any rhyme or reason. “I actually don’t even think she knows what she’s doing, these passive aggressive jabs she does. I don’t think she’s a master manipulator; I think she just does it out of insecurity. And she pokes and she pokes.”

“Why do you have to take them from me? Why can’t we just share? Why can’t we all get along?” asks Caroline, who simply seems Over. It. All. With her impending move to Dubai, Caroline’s status on the show remains a question mark too. So, is she simply giving up on resolution with this group? Maybe so. But more drama between Julie and her is sure to rear its royal-ish head until then.


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