On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2, there are decisions to be made and beans to be spilled. Briana DeJesus is still struggling with whether or not to keep her unborn baby thanks to the recent discovery of Luis’s cheating. Kailyn Lowry is going to start talking openly about her pregnancy after one of her friends accidentally mentioned it during filming. Just one last person to tell: ex-husband Javi Marroquin, who she just finalized her divorce from.

Jenelle Evans is still two steps forward and one step back with mom, Barbara Evans, while fiancé David Eason does his best to ruin it all. Leah Messer and ex Jeremy Calvert are co-parenting well, but it looks like everyone might not think so when it comes to Addie and how she handles going back to Leah’s house. Chelsea and Cole DeBoer are still settling into life with a newborn but Aubree and her newfound jealousy is making it harder and harder on their patience.

Leah and Jeremy seem to be having a good run. So is Leah’s new hair and makeup – she’s looking so put together these days. But hair and makeup aside, they are both throwing Addie a fourth birthday party, which you can tell Leah feels some kind of way about. I don’t blame her, it would be a lot easier and friendlier to just throw her one big, joint party. But Leah is trying to roll with the punches so Jeremy and his fiancé Brooke have a pool party for Addie.


While she swims, Jeremy brings up his concerns about how Addie never wants to leave when she is with them. He slips in there how much Addie just LOVES Brooke and gee, isn’t it weird she never wants to go back to her mom’s house. Ummm no, she is four. She doesn’t see you very often, so no, it’s not that surprising that when she does, she wants to keep spending time with you. I have to admit, while the conversation wasn’t exactly malicious, it’s annoying to hear Jeremy act like Addie doesn’t want to go back to her mom when he doesn’t spend much time with her. Of course, he uses her meltdown of not wanting to get out of the pool to leave as further proof that she doesn’t like going back to Leah. Again, she’s four and I think her tantrum had more to do with the pool than which parent she prefers staying with.

Case in point, the second Jeremy drops her off with Leah, she’s fine and happily goes to her next birthday party at Billy Bob’s Wonderland. She seems to have a great time, despite the creepy mechanical singing animals.


Chelsea has her hands full with baby Watson but he’s not the only one needing a lot of attention these days – Aubree is getting into bed with them every night with a newfound fear of ghosts. To try and get her back into her own bed, Cole helps her make Ghost Spray and Aubree walks around the house, diligently spraying everyone and everything so they are protected.


But it’s short lived and Chelsea is starting to miss sleeping in bed alone with her husband and she’s noticing Aubree’s jealousy more and more. She doesn’t want this to take away Cole’s experience with a newborn, so Chelsea tries talking to Aubree on a car ride.
When Chelsea asks Aubree why she has an attitude lately, she gives such an adult response that I think we can all relate to: “I don’t know, maybe I’m tired.” Lol. Yes, that would definitely account for my constant attitude, so I can understand. Aubree is upset that the adults get to stay up all night having fun with baby Watson while she has to do boring things like sleep. Ahhh if only she knew. Chelsea explains to her that they are the parents and this is how life works. Aubree agrees to work a little harder on her listening and attitude.


Speaking of attitude, a very pregnant Jenelle is having a small baby shower and she seems thrilled about it. That is sarcasm, because she uses her normal deadpan voice to tell Barb about it and invite her too. Seems like a good step in the right direction and Barb is really happy to be included. But much like the effectiveness of Ghost Spray, it doesn’t last long and all Barb has to do is ask Jenelle too many relevant questions at her shower to set Jenelle off again. It all starts when Jenelle says that after she has the baby, she and David are going on a vacation and Barb wants to know who is going to watch her three kids. I think that’s something anyone would ask but Jenelle bites her head off, saying she will figure it out. Sounds like a solid plan.


Things only escalate as Jenelle tries to make plans with Barb to pick up Jace and David can’t butt out for three seconds to let them handle it. Instead, he just keeps angrily talking in the background, desperate to control the situation. As they run late to pick up Jace and Jenelle calls Barb to try and meet her closer, David steps up his creepy control game and reaches over to lay his hand on Jenelle’s stomach while she talks and he drives. Of course Barb doesn’t want to go further out of her way and it sets both Jenelle and David off yelling about how they need to pick up Jace all the way over here, Kaiser all the way over there, and then Marissa back over wherever. Not really Barb’s problem but obviously, Jenelle and David don’t see it that way.


Briana is still reeling from her confrontation with Luis and considering adoption because of it. She calls an adoption agency to get some info and decides she still needs to give Luis time to think about it. He might not be fully on board, but he might be willing to hear what an agency has to say.

When Briana goes shopping with her friend Shirley to tell her about the plan, Shirley wants to know what Nova will think about all this considering Nova is so excited for a baby sister. Briana still isn’t convinced adoption is the right choice but she does know her life is a hot mess and I think we can all agree.


Later, Briana gets a text from Luis, saying he misses and loves her. Brittany remains unimpressed and Briana doesn’t seem to care either. I guess they think that now would be a good time to bring Nova, a child, into her adoption decision making process and Briana asks her if she wants to be a big sister. Yes, she does. Then Roxanne asks if Nova would want to help other families who really need a baby and give them this baby. No, she doesn’t. Briana tries again and asks Nova is she doesn’t want to help other families get a baby, is she really ready to share Mommy and Grandma with a new baby? How on earth is this appropriate to be asking a child? I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure this is not the type of responsibility that should be placed on a kid.


At Kail’s house, Jo drops off Isaac and sits down to talk to Kail. She tells him that she is going to start talking about her pregnancy on camera now. Not like she really had a choice since her friend blew up her spot. Kail worries about the backlash Jenelle got for having three different kids with three different dads but she wants to get her side out, even though she hasn’t told Javi because she’s worried he’s going to sell the story. Jo urges her to tell Javi and reminds her that it doesn’t seem like she thought this whole “having another baby thing” through. Obviously! Kail tries to justify it by saying in one breath that she was told she couldn’t carry any more kids and would have to do fertility treatments and IVF and then in the next breath, that she wasn’t preventing because she knew it would be worse if she waited and the guy she was sleeping with knew she wanted a baby. OK, so I’m no medical expert and of course it’s perfectly reasonable to think that there are things about Kail’s medical history that we don’t know, but why would an early twenty-something with two healthy kids be told she couldn’t have any more kids after one miscarriage? And then actively try to get pregnant anyway? Does that make any sense to any of you? I think Kail just wants to downplay her reasoning for moving so fast. Even Jo looks dubious but says he supports her no matter what.


Back at his house, Vee is feeling much less supportive and frustrated that Kail doesn’t think about anyone else she’s affecting with her decisions. Vee mentions the last thing Kail needed to do after finalizing her divorce is to get pregnant by someone else and who can really argue with that?


When Kail goes out to dinner with Jo and the kids, Jo is concerned about how Isaac is handling the news. In Kail’s mind, it’s all fine because Isaac isn’t acting concerned. Jo points out that he’s only seven, so Kail takes his advice and asks if Isaac is happy. He immediately gets teary and leans into his dad, saying he wishes they were all together. Kail assures him that they live close and he can always talk to her when he is with his dad. Lincoln comes over to comfort Isaac and they hug. Thank goodness the boys have each other.


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