OK Viewers, you’re in luck – tonight, MTV threw in another surprise episode of Teen Mom 2 at the ripe old hour of 11 PM. So if you missed it, I’m here to fill you in on what happened.
Briana De Jesus is still undecided about what she wants to do with her current pregnancy. Does she want to give her baby up for adoption? Co-parent with Luis? Punish herself for the rest of her life by staying together? So many choices but she really does have to meet up with Luis and see if he is still open to the adoption idea since they kind of both have to be on the same page to make it happen. Nova’s dad is supposed to come over and spend time with her but he’s way late and they can’t get a hold of him so Briana sees her future flashing before her eyes (again).

At lunch with Luis, she wants to know if he would at least talk to the adoption agency and he says he would for her, but his mind is made up and he doesn’t want to go that route. OK, so that would be pointless then. He doesn’t understand why they can’t just co-parent and well, Briana doesn’t want to co-parent with a cheating dog that screwed her over and left her hanging while pregnant. She doesn’t say that but rather says that she doesn’t want to deal with a toxic relationship. Devoin still not showing up for Nova while they are out to lunch isn’t helping her mood and she asks Luis why he had to go and be a big ole cheater.


Back at the apartment, Devoin finally shows up to see Nova with a simple “What’s up, Shorty” then plops down on the couch. Briana comes home and Devoin leaves, despite the fact that he was only there for less than two hours after showing up almost six hours late. Roxanne reminds Briana that she is going to have to have a talk with Devoin since Nova is old enough to start noticing this stuff. Pretty sure Nova is old enough to understand it all  since you guys sit there and talk about it right in front of her……

Newborn life is good for Chelsea DeBoer and she has husband Cole take Aubree to the father daughter dance that Adam could have, but didn’t bother responding too. Chelsea wonders if she even still has the right number for him but either way, Aubree was thrilled to go with Cole and he even brought her flowers, like a true gentleman.

Later that night, Cole comes in, carrying an exhausted Aubree and she tells Chelsea how much fun they had dancing until the lights came on and they had to go home. Chelsea knows how lucky she is to have found a guy like Cole, who will always be good to her kids.

Leah Messer is super busy with school and all of the kids’ activities. She has homework due, so tries to put the kids down for bed early, which we all know is impossible. She’s quickly interrupted by Addie, who is thirsty and asking for water. She gets her back to bed and realizes that not only does she still have to finish, but she has to be up again at 5 AM the next day to do it all over again.

The next day, when Leah gets home from class, she has a text from ex Jeremy Calvert, asking to talk. He’s out working but she calls anyway to find out what’s going on. Apparently, his fiancé Brooke broke up with him after going through his phone and seeing he has had some long conversations with Leah and assuming that he is always out there cheating with other women. She threw his stuff out and he packed up and went to stay with a friend. Leah lectures him to just stay single for a while so he doesn’t have women coming in and out of his daughter’s life all the time. Addie sits at the table, watching and listening to the whole thing. Honestly, I’m starting to wonder if all these adult conversations in front of their kids are worse than what’s actually going on with the adults.

Ugh, onto Kailyn Lowry, who is possibly on again with her new baby daddy, who recently text her that he wants to work things out, along with a gif of a gorilla kissing a pregnant belly.
Javi Marroquin recently found out from a “little birdie” that Kail is three months pregnant and he is pissed. She should have just told him herself, and not that it would have changed his reaction but I think it might have helped matters slightly. He puts it all together and now knows the guy she got pregnant with is the same one who he caught over at his place before the divorce was over and she must have gotten pregnant a month after it was finalized. Javi claims he doesn’t care but it’s doubtful – he knows he looks stupid since she was running around behind his back and he didn’t know anything about it when the rest of Delaware did. He says he’s mad she put the boys in another bad position and he’s tired of defending Kail.
So that puts these two back on the outs and apparently, after Javi found out, he text Kail a bunch of nasty messages and threatened to come over, even when she told him he couldn’t. Kail decided to get a protection against abuse so that there are restrictions around his drop offs and contact with her. She says people don’t know the real Javi and she has kept her mouth shut this whole time but doesn’t feel safe anymore.

Javi drops off Lincoln without coming in and quickly gets back into his car, not even exchanging a hello with Kail.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason’s new house is almost done but won’t be done in time for the baby’s arrival so they set up her room and Jenelle is feeling anxious that the baby could come any day now. The next day, they leave the doctor and while the baby is doing great, Jenelle is a wreck, saying her stomach hurts and she is so ready for the baby to come. It doesn’t help that the doctor wanted to talk to her about practical things like birth control once the baby is born, which Jenelle doesn’t want to be on but also doesn’t want to get pregnant again. But David does, telling her he wants to have two babies before they are married. Jenelle doesn’t even blink and says she sent him ring ideas. Maybe he could work on that first. Or they could just have this baby first before planning the next. Maybe Jenelle should just take her birth control for now.

Luckily, Jenelle doesn’t have to sit with her anxiety long because she goes into labor a few days later and Ensley Jolie is born healthy and beautiful. Once home, the producers marvel at how much she looks like both Jenelle and David.

David pulls the producer outside, saying he has a surprise for Jenelle and wants them to meet him at a specific location in the mountains when he takes her for a walk. The producer wants to know what he has up his sleeve, like it isn’t super obvious already, but he refuses to tell and she agrees.

On the designated day, they leave all of the kids with David’s mom and sister and David can’t stop goofy smiling and acting weird on the car ride up. Jenelle seems to be oblivious and genuinely looks surprised when they are walking along and he gets down on one knee. Her response is “thank you”. Hahaha! But for all you traditionalists, he does ask her to marry him and she says yes, after the thank you and admiring the ring. Then they say a million “I love you babes” and hug.


Photo Credit: MTV

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