Teen Mom 2 Recap – Season 8 Episode 6: Academic Angst

Tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2 brings a lot less drama than the last few episodes, but the moms with big decisions looming are starting to run out of time.

Our first case is Briana DeJesus, who is now 24 weeks pregnant and trying to decide if she wants to give her baby up for adoption. Baby Daddy Luis still isn’t on the same page and is firmly against it but Briana pushes forward with meeting an adoption case worker anyway. Briana hopes getting more information to bring back to him will help to slowly change his perspective but it sounds like a lost cause – Luis wants none of it and Briana needs to make a decision soon, one way or another.

When Briana meets with the adoption case worker, she explains all the different types of adoption Briana could decide on and that things would be a lot easier for the process if the father is on board. Briana wonders out loud what would happen if he’s not and the case worker tells her that she would try to counsel him but if all else fails, he would be served a letter and have thirty days to take action and keep his parental rights. She does point out a crucial part of all this – the father would have to be involved for emotional and financial support during this whole process. Briana doesn’t look so sure since Luis talks a big game but can’t even take off work to attend the meeting.

When she meets up with him to tell him what the case worker said, he can’t stop rolling his eyes and looking annoyed in general. He just can’t understand why things can’t work out between them. Yeah, he did a bad thing, he argues, but it wasn’t so bad that Briana has to go taking drastic measures. All of this just makes Briana realize more and more that Luis doesn’t see how she doesn’t want to go down this road again and he’s being selfish with what he wants. No surprise that the guy who couldn’t keep it in his pants for a few short months might be selfish.


Chelsea DeBoer is still dealing with the fall out of ex Adam Lind’s failed drug test and what that means for visitation with Aubree. For now, Aubree is going to go with Adam’s parents for visitation and Chelsea worries about how long Adam’s drug use has been going on and how it has affected Aubree. It makes her sad because the last thing she would want for her child is to have a drug addicted father.

Taylor comes over to talk about what happened and how it all played out. They both are thankful Taylor went to court to get the mandatory drug testing because if not, who knows what would have happened. Despite Adam’s current girlfriend claiming the failed drug test was a fluke, Taylor and Chelsea had a feeling for a long time and their suspicions proved right. Always follow your intuition, Mamas!


Jenelle Evans finally has her house ready and is moving in. She just couldn’t wait one more second to get away from the traffic and the people and have some privacy (with TV cameras still following her everywhere). Fiancé David Eason wanders the house, marveling about how the next ten generations of their family could live in this house. Jenelle just wants to unpack.

It’s fair to say it’s a stressful time having a newborn and moving into a new house and it’s starting to show – Jenelle loses it in the car when Kaiser has a tantrum and keeps calling David to make it better. When David doesn’t stay on the phone, Jenelle resorts to yelling “stop crying” over and over, only causing Kaiser to cry harder.


Apparently, Jenelle is feeling pent up from her lack of gym time. She’s not happy with her body and complains to a producer that Ensley is too young to take to the gym’s daycare. Plus, David wants to go to and I guess they have to go together? On top of that, David is getting overwhelmed with all the clutter so despite Jenelle having no time to herself, she is going to spend the morning trying to clean up so David is less grumpy.


It doesn’t work because later in the car, when Jenelle complains again about lack of gym time, David snaps that she should make a plan and not lay around the house on her phone all day. I guess he’s forgetting she’s also caring for a newborn but never mind that, David can’t finish his sentence and resorts to yelling. Maryssa picks her nails in the back, trying to disappear as the fight escalates and Jenelle and David scream at each other.


Kailyn Lowry seems to be back on track with her baby daddy, Chris. To clarify – her current baby that she is pregnant with in this episode. Kail is all giddy because Chris is not a people person and he actually said hi to her friends in the car when he called. How nice of him. She takes this as a positive sign of him being involved and praises how great it is that he’s not all about the spotlight but still willing to be in her life.


Things with Chris might be on track but between the new pregnancy and divorce drama, Kail has fallen behind in school and is struggling to keep up. She has lots of extra work to turn in and goes to her Academic Advisor for help. The Advisor tells her about all the extra work that needs to be done and praises Kail for being so dedicated to making everything happen. She also reminds her how many people are pulling for her and want to see her do well. It’s a nice pep talk and clearly something Kail needed to hear. She has a big project due and kicks it into high gear, making sure it’s her best work.

When she goes to present it to her teachers, she’s so nervous, she thinks she’s going to throw up, but it goes off without a hitch. The topic was personal branding and she gives a highlight reel of how she has progressed from Teen Mom, complete with a video montage and all. When she’s done, the teachers tell her how well researched and edited it was and she leaves happy, believing she will graduate in two short months.


The outlook on school is decidedly less positive for Leah Messer, who is already having an issue with the almost 3 hour per day commute just to get to classes. She plans on talking to her Advisor and maybe doing some online classes.

Before making any moves though, Leah decides to call Kail and get some advice. Leah already feels like she is neglecting her kids with her workload and Kail reminds her that she has to do things for herself that will better her position in the long run. Kail then suggests she just try online classes before giving up completely and tells her they can both defy the statistics of Teen Moms by completing college. Leah doesn’t seem so sure, even after this pep talk.

When she meets with her Advisor, he tells her it’s no problem to withdraw for the semester and start online next semester. He does want her to know that online classes are no cake walk – they come with their own set of challenges and you have to be very dedicated with your time. The he hits Leah with the reality of her decision to go online: it will take her about six to six and a half years to graduate. Leah’s eyes glaze over, then she quickly dissolves to tears, overwhelmed with the road ahead, but determined to be the first person in her family to go to college and not make excuses for herself. Her Advisor tells her how she is smart enough and determined enough to make it work. Let’s hope Leah believes him.


Photo Credit: MTV